Robert Mueller spotted at Apple Retail Store Genius Bar appointment

AppleInsider last week detailed how former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort’s misuse of iCloud helped lead to his downfall,” Stephen Silver reports for AppleInsider. “It turns out the man who prosecuted him, Special Counsel Robert Mueller, is an Apple user himself.”

“Journalist Kelly Cohen of the Washington Examiner posted a photo to Twitter Wednesday of Mueller getting his MacBook Pro looked at by an Apple Store associate, along with a woman who appears to be Mueller’s wife,” Silver reports. “It’s not clear if it’s an older model being serviced, a new one being set up or a personal laptop being used to configure new portable devices. It appears that a wrapped Apple Watch and at least one other item are on the table as well.”

Silver reports, “Cohen identified the Apple Store location as the Georgetown store in Washington, D.C., and said that the photo was a screenshot posted to Instagram by a friend of a friend.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: “So, there’s this guy who never stops tweeting. How do I block him?”

More free publicity for Apple!

How iCloud helped convict Paul Manafort – September 24, 2018


  1. So much for MacDailyNews being my escape from the current political craziness. Interesting article, but I just had to read the comments. The only scandals I’m interested in when I open the MDN app are how come the only Mac mini options at the Apple store are not as powerful as my 2011 model. I wish someone could get a warrant for Apples plans, release schedule and specs on desktop options. Sure, I could replace with an iMac, just not going to fit in our rack very well.

  2. So if the encryption keys are generated per device and data is encrypted for transit and on their servers (except for Mail for some reason), how can they get to your data? Does Apple actually have decryption master keys?

  3. The guy has a life away from Trumpovgate.

    And to the detractors, he is a lifelong Republican, a Vietnam veteran, a Marine, a Ranger (yes, Marines sometimes go to Army Ranger School and he credited it with him coming home alive), an Attorney, a US Attorney and an FBI Director.

    I didn’t always agree with his stuff as FBI director, but he is a straight arrow and is a prime example of a high quality public servant. His conviction record on Trumpovgate is sterling and it is not over.

    Anyone trying to fly that he is doing a political prosecution is either a propagandist, a tool or a fool. He did not need the headache and did this as an act of public service.

    Mr Trump, if he is smart, will leave him alone and let him do his job. If Trump obstructs justice, that Marine will chew him up and spit him out.

    As to his being in an Apple Store, the setup is free and it might be a gift. All is speculation because as we know, he knows how to keep his mouth shut.

    1. … like Michael Bloomberg is a Republican. Mueller is just trying to dig up dirt on Trump any way he can, even if it entails blackmailing anyone who’s ever known Trump.

      1. Agree totally. I also noticed the LEFT around here are faster pulling the Republican trigger than anyone on the RIGHT. That’s because we know better and are not fools knowing full well he is the quintessential RINO …

    2. “His conviction record on Trumpovgate is sterling”

      Two convictions were many years old before they worked for the president, so he had nothing to do with it. Flynn is the only one I recall that lied during the campaign. You are practicing guilt by association we see in the liberal media everyday.

      Also, over two years this is dragging on and no Russian collusion wasting millions of dollars and tearing the country apart. I would not call that “sterling” more like a failure the longer it drags on …

      1. Paul Manafort has confessed on the record under oath to being an unregistered foreign agent for multiple clients associated with the President of the Russian Federation. He was also the manager for a US presidential campaign.

        In one, the other, or both of those capacities, he facilitated a meeting between clearly identified representatives of the Russian Government and high campaign officials (including members of the candidate’s family). The announced purpose of the meeting—as all the participants agree—was to discuss an illegal campaign contribution from the foreign government, in the form of valuable opposition research. In other words, it was part of a conspiracy to violate Federal law.

        The participants in the meeting—and the candidate in a public speech—made it clear that they would welcome the Russian assistance. The assistance was, in fact, provided when the Russians illegally hacked the private accounts of multiple US citizens and released the information via WikiLeaks.

        That overt act in furtherance of the conspiracy was just one facet of a multi-pronged attack on the United States and its electoral system. The attack also included fake stories, bogus social media accounts, attempts to hack election systems, and the like. These actions have been the subject of multiple federal convictions, pleas, and indictments against both Americans and foreign nationals, all of which were pursued by Republican prosecutors.

        Despite all that, you argue “No Collusion!”

        1. As soon as I posted it, realized a Manafort lapse. Was going to go back and add his name, and honestly my first thought, I wonder if USER will correct me. You did not DISAPPOINT! …

        2. “Despite all that, you argue “No Collusion!”

          You mean like Obama caught on a hot mic promising Russian leaders he will do MORE for them after the election!!!

          I have long given up you have a shred of moral equivalency, fairness and always practice partisan hypocrisy fluently …

      2. Way more than 2 convictions.

        187 criminal charges in active indictments or to which individuals have pleaded guilty
        Another 23 counts against President Trump’s former deputy campaign manager Rick Gates were vacated when he agreed to cooperate with Mueller
        Thirty-two people and three businesses have been named in plea agreements or indictments
        Six guilty pleas from five defendants, including Gates, former national security adviser Michael Flynn, former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos, businessman Richard Pinedo and lawyer Alex van der Zwaan
        Former campaign chairman Paul Manafort faces 25 criminal counts
        Van der Zwaan served about four weeks in prison and has been deported to the Netherlands, his home country
        The indictments include charges of conspiracy against the United States; conspiracy to defraud the United States; conspiracy to obstruct justice; conspiracy to commit wire fraud and bank fraud; bank fraud; obstruction of justice; aggravated identity theft; failure to report foreign bank accounts; and tax fraud
        52 counts of conspiracy of some kind
        113 criminal counts of aggravated identity theft or identity fraud
        Four guilty pleas for making false statements
        25 Russian nationals have been charged with crimes along with three Russian business entities. Those individuals were charged in two indictments, one focused on Russia’s alleged effort to foster divisiveness on social media (indicted in February) and one focused on alleged hacking (indicted Friday)
        13 individuals believed to be linked to Russian intelligence agencies have been charged, including Manafort’s longtime associate Konstantin Kilimnik, a resident of Ukraine
        Four individuals working directly for or acting as advisers to Trump’s 2016 campaign have been indicted; three have pleaded guilty

        1. Never said that’s all there is and thanks for the detail. Obviously this is very important to you. While the Obama’s administration, Hillary selling uranium to Russians and laundered money through the Clinton Foundation and Bill’s $500,000 speaking fees for Russians. All perfectly fine, right? …

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