How is your macOS Mojave experience on your older Mac?

“New macOS versions usually mean better performance on Apple’s latest hardware, but they’re rarely optimized for anything older (even last year’s models),” Brett Terpstra writes for Lifehacker. “So what’s the consensus on macOS Mojave, Apple’s latest operating system, when it comes to older machines?”

Just as a reminder, Apple says that macOS Mojave is compatible with the following desktop and laptops:

• MacBook introduced in early 2015 or later
• MacBook Air introduced in mid 2012 or later
• MacBook Pro introduced in mid 2012 or later
• Mac mini introduced in late 2012 or later
• iMac introduced in late 2012 or later
• iMac Pro (all models)
• Mac Pro introduced in late 2013, plus mid-2010 or mid-2012 models with a recommended Metal-capable graphics card.

Terpstra writes, “As for how well macOS Mojave performs on older Macs, we’ve seen a number of reports that users with older systems (2012–2015) are experiencing smoother performance and less lag using the latest version of macOS.:

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MacDailyNews Take: Let us know on which Mac(s) you’re running macOS Mojave anyhow they’re performing vs. previous macOS installations!


  1. Performance so far has been very good on my Macs.

    Canon drivers for multi function printers on the other hand have been a real pain in the backside. Corrupted preview windows, locked settings, missing functions etc.

  2. It’s running exceptionally well and fast on my Mid 2012 MBP. I hadn’t updated in about 2.5 years because OS X seemed to be getting more buggy with each release. However, they nailed it on this one. So glad I finally updated. This is a solid release.

  3. I am using an early-2015 MacBook Air, and I seem to be noticing some lags in launching applications and even within an application when first opened. Everything is working and smooth, but a bit of a delay is noticeable.

  4. Can’t load it on my 2010 Mac Pro. Can’t load it on my 2011 MacBook Air. Both are otherwise working fine. Still waiting on Apple to give me a good upgrade option for either device. First time in my Apple experience (since the Apple II in 1977) that I have been road-blocked from moving forward for so long. (And I love – and can afford – buying new Apple stuff! – I just hate to lose functionality unless there’s a compelling reason to do so).

      1. Thanks. I thought of that, and I would, if I wasn’t hoping to drop some coin on a new Mac Pro sometime in the near(ish) future, and hadn’t just replaced my old card when it died last spring. But I’m starting to believe that we won’t have a new Pro announcement until WWDC next June. So you might be right.

        1. Be aware that unless you buy one of a few very specific cards, you will lose your boot screen and thus have difficulties troubleshooting. There don’t appear to be any NVidia Metal-compatible cards with Apple EFI roms, and only a handful of AMDs like the 7950 and 7970. I’m weighing my options at the moment, also hoping for a new Pro soon…

  5. AOK on two 2012 minis. I installed it on a 27″ iMac mid-2010 using the macOS Mojave Patcher that got popular the other day. It ran fine, but yup, video card problems. The sand dune was blue, instead of yellow. Reds were not red. Greens were OK, though. When you dragged windows it left a trail of rectangles behind that went away when you clicked the mouse again. Those sorts of things. Interesting experiment, but had to go back to HS.

  6. Running very well on my Late 2015 iMac. Might even be a little snappier than High Sierra was – it definitely boots faster but I did a clean install, I’m sure that co tributes as well.

  7. Mid-2012 11-inch MacBook Air 8Gb RAM running smooth, seems like more RAM is free running the same operations as before, no lags, all the apps run as they should. So far quite happy. Stacks are great, Screenshot is very useful.

  8. Thank you for asking! Mid 2012 Macbook Pro 512GB SSD and 16GB Ram. MOHAVE is AWESOME! Best macOS in over 2 years. A couple tiny glitches i noticed but couldn’t repeat them. This is like a newer MacBook Pro until I can afford one!

  9. On my 2013 27″ iMac it runs great. It seems to run even more quickly and smoothly than High Sierra. Apple’s under-the-hood work seems to have paid off.

    Not bad for a 5-year old computer….

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