Real-life speed test: Apple’s iPhone Xs Max beats Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9

“The iPhone XS marks what is undoubtedly the smallest year-over-year upgrade compared to the iPhone X from 2017, but ‘S’ phones are typically designed for people who upgrade every two years or even every three or for years. For them, the iPhone XS and XS Max will be a complete reimagining of the iPhone experience. For people who do have an iPhone X from last year, all the iPhone XS really has to offer is a new gold color, a new option with a bigger display, and improved performance,” Zach Epstein reports for BGR. “The good news, however, is that the aforementioned performance improvements are massive.”

“Benchmark tests… only show how phones handle being pushed to their limits. Since people don’t actually spend much time pushing their phones to the limits, these real-life speed test videos give people an idea of how a phone will perform while they’re using it. And what to people do most on their phones? Open apps, use apps, and switch apps,” Epstein reports. “YouTube channel SuperSaf TV pitted the new iPhone XS Max against the 128GB Galaxy Note 9 with Samsung’s Exynos SoC…”

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MacDailyNews Take: As time passes that wannabe iPhone from a South Korean dishwasher maker using a re-skinned OS from an privacy-trampling ad tracking peddler will have slowed down considerably further. Android is a cruft magnet. The iPhone Xs Max will be just as fast as it is today, if not faster, thanks to regular iOS updates that the iPhone will actually receive.


  1. I’ve been watching a few Youtube videos about these two smartphones and even if one is faster than another, it doesn’t seem to be enough to actually brag about. I wouldn’t think it would be meaningful enough to make consumers switch from one brand to another. As far as I’m concerned, they’re both fast.

    I was happy to see, this time around, when it came to battery longevity tests and the iPhone XS Max did really well against Android flagships with much bigger batteries. That 7 nm A12 Bionic chip must really do some great power management. Apple did a fine job this time around in stretching battery life despite using a smaller battery when compared to the Android flagships.

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