Ming-Chi Kuo: First-weekend demand for the new Apple Watch was ‘much higher than expected’

“First-weekend demand for the new Apple Watch was much higher than expected according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has a reputation for accuracy, particularly when it comes to predicting new products,” Waverly Colville reports for CNBC.

“Supply is somewhat constrained by the capacity of the companies building the watches, and Kuo doesn’t expect shipments to really pick up until November,” Colville reports. “He also raised his 2018 shipment forecast from 18 million to 18.5 to 19.5 million units.”

“The large iPhone XS Max is also outperforming its expectations and is selling over three times better than the XS,” Colville reports. “The gold and space-gray colors are more popular than the silver.”

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MacDailyNews Take: YKBAWID.

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  1. This has been a really bad decade for Apple haters. Year after year, insult upon injury, and now this. I wish I could feel empathy for the haters, in their fruitless crusade to blacken Apple, to expose it as a company more crass, manipulative and self-serving than any other company, but I can’t bring myself to forgive their excesses. Mea culpa.

    1. Ha ha! Including a bad couple of years for MDN’s snark-fest of remarks against Cook and all the other Tim Cook haters that post here! Cook is a phenomenal success as CEO of Apple. Go Tim!

      1. He has been true and was the ideal replacement for Jobs back then, a safe pair of hands in an inevitably rocky period navigating the naysayers, however I am not convinced about him now that stability is a current given and th doom merchants increasingly a distant memory. He is good at squeezing everything from what’s there but is he strategic enough to anticipate new opportunities or be decisive in exploiting them as Jobs be ones less and less of a guide. Eventually that could catch the company out, expecially if it starts to get that ‘safe’ tag that went from a bonus to an anchor for the likes of Microsoft.

        As for the the haters they will be back they must be on their third generation by now after all, and even though the thought that they have the capacity to breed seems totally counter intuitive based on what we see here, I am sure there is some form of Artificial insemination technique they can adopt to keep their kind swinging through the trees until they find a cave to decorate.

        1. Haters don’t readily reproduce because their personalities are so repellent. Thus, there do not exist generations of haters. Instead, there are waves of haters, based on current memes. That is to say, people who are dissatisfied with their own lives seek expression on the internet, and happily join movements of like-minded, equally disgruntled losers whose last stab at dignity consists in joining a chorus of condemnation. It matters little who’s condemned; the joining is the whole point. It establishes a sheltering social group.

  2. The watch I want to trade my Series 3 for is not in stock at any Apple store near me and online orders are about a month wait. Just checked and it says October 23-30.

    40mm Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Sport Loop

    Sales must be pretty strong.

  3. Picked up the S4 44” space gray GPS last night from fashion island, Newport Beach. I’m impressed. This version is so much faster than my series 2. Series 2 takes about an hour to setup. This bad boy took 10 minutes. Yep, you read that right. Power on to restore, 10 flipping minutes. This thing is bad ass.

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