Facebook teams with Republicans and Democrats to fight fake news fight, but falsehoods still rampant

“Facebook Inc on Wednesday said it would team with two U.S. non-profits to slow the global spread of misinformation that could influence elections, acknowledging that fake news sites were still read by millions,” Joseph Menn reports for Reuters. “The largest social network, under intense pressure to combat propaganda, said it would work abroad with the International Republican Institute and the National Democratic Institute, created in the 1980s and funded by the U.S. government to promote democratic processes. The institutes have informal ties to their namesake U.S. parties.”

“Improvements at Facebook might have been driven by changes to formulas, including the increased emphasis on postings by family and friends and reduced spread of so called ‘click-bait,’ advertising-heavy news headlines, the researchers from Stanford University and New York University said,” Menn reports. “But the fake sites still are widely viewed. ‘Even after the sharp drop following the election, Facebook engagements of fake news sites still average roughly 70 million per month,’ 15 times the engagements from Twitter, the research concluded.”

MacDailyNews Take: Fakebook.

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MacDailyNews Take: If you’re doing something worse than Twitter, not to mention 15 times worse, uh…


    1. a nut-roll that is. Those collaborating Rushkie spies and GOP’ers are at it again…roaming the streets together like MS-13’rs. Lock your doors and hang up your phones.

      Meanwhile, there are solid reports that our girl, Hilliary, contracted with a “business” that relied on erroneous opposition research info from Russians that was used for a document that propelled the current Special Council formation.

      Time will tell the actual truth, but there’s little question the current facts, at least, equal-out the sensationalism on both sides. At least.

      Meanwhile, BJ sit kneels perched at his window, wary of the non-existent collaborators, while CNN headlines roll in the background.

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