iPhone Xs/Max LTE speeds up to 266 percent faster than iPhone X

“As we head towards the release of the iPhone XS, the first speed tests are teasing what we can expect when it comes to LTE speeds across the major carriers,” Andrew O’Hara reports for AppleInsider. “According to results from SpeedSmart.net, iPhone XS and XS Max will boast quite the improvement from last year’s iPhone X.”

“Of the three major carriers — AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile — AT&T looks to be the fastest with average download speeds of 72.24Mbps,” O’Hara reports. “That figure compares to average recorded iPhone X speeds of 27.67Mbps.”

“Verizon was the second fastest in this test, with average downloads of 62.20Mbps, up from 26.08Mbps. T-Mobile came in a close third with 59.92Mbps on the iPhone XS, compared with 29.82Mbps on the iPhone X,” O’Hara reports. “When looking at the increases, the new iPhone XS and XS Max show a 233-percent average bump in download speed across the three networks.”

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