Apple’s surprising iPhone XR is the affordable premium iPhone we’ve always wanted

“Straight up, I’m probably going to buy an iPhone XS Max when it comes out (and yes, even with my reservations about that tone-deaf name),” Leif Johnson writes for Macworld.

“But I can’t deny that for several minutes yesterday, I was seriously entranced by the call of the new iPhone XR. It’s packed with the same chip as the iPhone XS,” Johnson writes. “It comes with almost all of the same internal features. It’s got at least one camera that’s shared with the iPhone XS, and it comes in a variety of appealing colors.”

“All this, and for a comparatively agreeable price of $749,” Johnson writes. “I don’t think I’m alone in feeling this tug. In fact, I feel pretty confident in saying that Apple will sell a ton of ‘em.”

iPhone XR comes in six new finishes: white, black, blue, yellow, coral and (PRODUCT)RED.
Apple’s A12 Bionic-powered iPhone XR comes in six new finishes: white, black, blue, yellow, coral and (PRODUCT)RED.

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MacDailyNews Take: The iPhone Xs doesn’t hold much allure for those of us who are already packing iPhone X, but that iPhone Xs Max. Oh, boy! There’s our iPhone for the next year!

As for the iPhone XR (another awful name), we agree, that’ll be the mass market iPhone, as Apple intends. They’ll move untold millions of them and, in the process, move 100+ million iPhone users from the antiquated Home button control paradigm into the gestural promised land.

Apple introduces powerful, yet affordable iPhone XR – September 12, 2018


  1. Apple’s sure going to sell a lot of these phones and watches over the next while. I think a lot of people will be getting something like that under the Christmas tree.

  2. Although the price is a bit high for the average person, agreed.

    What I am most disappointed about is Cook killing another popular Apple product — the small form factor iPhone. Sad …

        1. that in a few years (maybe two or three) the tech will advance enough to allow that XR to be the entry level phone at a price point of $400-ish. It will be the entry level iPhone that is free with a contract, just as the SE is now. The only question is when.

          I’m a huge fan of smaller phones and love my SE but I am beginning to find that it is a bit too small. My kid has an iPhone 8 Plus and it’s not as huge as I thought. Something in between the 8 Plus and the SE might be pretty nice. I’m very interested in the XR.

          1. Agree with your forward thinking and I will cross that bridge in the future. For now, my beloved SE is the perfect size. Dislike larger phones that don’t fit into my pockets. Think about it, 11 years later and for the first time no upgrades to the small phones. When Steve introduced the original iPhone in 2007 it was the smallest of them all time and remembering him saying something about the perfect size. The SE is slightly larger and should be upgraded …

        1. Agreed.

          I’ve kept my iPhone 5s since new. I’m definitely not obsessive about “keeping up with the Cooks.”

          All of Apple’s hype machine is designed to get people like me to upgrade each year. I’ll probably upgrade when my 5s stops working.

    1. It wasn’t described as an affordable ordinary phone, it was called an affordable premium iPhone, which is exactly what it is.

      That’s not to say that it is affordable by everybody, but it’s a realistic price which a lot of people would be prepared to pay for an iPhone of that quality.

  3. New in 2020 all iPhones discontinued and now all iPads are phones get your new 10 inch iPad with phone for $1995 for 64 gig!
    Sorry but my SE is a great phone and a perfect size.

  4. I was thinking about this last night. Users of old phones can still buy an iPhone 8 if they feel these new ones are too expensive. Although now a year old is hardly lacking spec wise, and with iOS12 should remain usable even longer. by the time they upgrade that then these will be available at lower prices. Existing iPhone 8 owners might not be upgrading this year anyway so it’s a moot point.

    Apple may be increasing the cost of devices, but perhaps they’re accepting that people might be upgrading every three years rather than two. Spec wise all the available models are already great, these new ones are better but the jump is not as huge as it was year on year with early models.

  5. The term affordable is relative to income vs. living expenses. Unfortunate Apple has priced my family out of their products. Even at $450 for for a ow outdated iPhone 7. The need to keep a roof over the family and food on the table out says the “want” of an iPhone. It seems to me that there is a lot of talk about the price of the phone, which is important, but there is little mention of the “total cost of ownership”. The phone, Apple Care or insurance through the carrier, and monthly service. My monthly plan for four phones with unlimited data exceeds either of my car payments. I am at a point that I simply can not afford to pay the Apple tax. Sorry but when my SE dies I’m now force to abandon Apple, as Apple has abandon me

        1. He explained his financial situation very clearly like an adult. Simply, Apple is now out of his budget and soon will be out of mine. That’s NOT BLAMING ANYONE. So grow up false accusser and “petulant child” …

            1. I did not detect crying at all — just being economically practical. What can I say, guess we see it differently. I have been been consistent raising the issue of high cost phones since the X launch a year ago. This year it is worse. I mean, how much money does Apple need? Their stubbornness to NOT make low cost phones for developing countries and low cost computers for education and average consumers is inexcusable. Two words: EFFETE ELITE …

      1. I bought a used iPhone 5s in 2016 and it works great. Three years of use. Need to replace the battery now. I will then resell and pick up a used iPhone SE for cheap.

        I have no need or the money to keep up with bleeding edge phones.
        Too many people have hardly anything in their savings accounts.

  6. This is the first year that I want to buy every new iPhone model: I want the X[s] Max for the display, the X[s] for the body size, and the X[r] for the colors. Sadly, I’ll have to settle for the X[s] Max in gold.

    Apple is going to do very well this holiday season.

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