Dow jumps more than 250 points, Nasdaq hits 8,000 as President Trump announces The United States-Mexico Trade agreement

“Stocks jumped on Monday as the United States and Mexico closed a new trade deal,” Fred Imbert, Michael Sheetz, and Ryan Browne report for CNBC. “The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 260 points as Caterpillar outperformed. The Nasdaq Composite climbed 1 percent to an all-time high, breaking above 8,000 points for the first time, as Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Alphabet rose. The S&P 500 gained 0.8 percent to hit a record high with materials and financials as the best-performing sectors.”

“President Donald Trump said the deal would be called The United States-Mexico Trade agreement, leaving behind the 24-year-old NAFTA name,” Imbert, Sheetz, and Browne report. “‘The name NAFTA has a bad connotation because the United States was hurt very badly by NAFTA,’ he said. Trump added that the deal with Mexico is also very special for farmers and manufacturers. U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer said the deal must be approved by Congress before being implemented.”

“Dan McMahon, director of equity trading at Raymond James, said the positive trade news ‘allows for more room to run’ in the market, but noted that equities are also benefiting from a typically slow time in the year,” Imbert, Sheetz, and Browne report. “Global markets were also buoyed by comments from Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell. He said he sees ‘further, gradual’ rate hikes ahead.”

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MacDailyNews Note: Currently shares of Apple Inc. (AAPL) are trading at $217.97, up $1.81 (+0.84%).

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    1. Derail it? He not only put the train back ON the tracks, he rebuilt the tracks to handle higher speeds.

      Geeze, the economic ignorance that is shown around here….

      1. So he can drive the train tracks into a wall. I have several vendors hit hard by these selective steel tariffs. These firms manufacture in the USA and will be forced to jack their prices by 5-10% or lay off workers to cover the added expense. Meanwhile, their competitors who manufacture overseas have no such added expense and, because these are finished products, face no import tariff. He just fed these US manufacturers a double whammy.

        1. So let me get this straight, your vendors had no issues with ObamaCare driving up medical cost, keeping many if not most employers from hiring anyone “full time” so that people needing full employment couldn’t get more than 30 hours a week, which had the snowball effect of high turnover leading to more training time and higher customer dissatisfaction.

          They had no problem with the tax codes or the vague economic promises. They had no problems with budgeting future expansions while trying to read the tea leaves of a non-business socialist who never once instilled confidence in the economy other than through quantitive easing.

          Your vendors had no problems with any of these issues that were being put into place permanently and would STILL be in effect had Hillary won but they are scared to death of a temporary measure to strengthen our hand in trade?

          Just like the Chinese are to out exports, I don’t buy it….

          1. Deflection at its finest. The subject is trade, not healthcare.

            This PROPOSED agreement is essentially just more smoke and mirrors by Trump. Trump is just parroting the terms the auto lobbyists are pushing for to ensure they can quietly push more work to low cost Mexico. Trump is too stupid to see it. What precisely does the USA gain from this proposed deal? Read it. It’s a NOTHING SANDWICH.
            Then Trump has the gall to threaten hiking tariffs on Canada. He has lied left and right about Canadian trade and is now attempting to railroad Canada into a deal that would be bad for everyone. Canada, before Trump, was America’s biggest trade partner. There is real risk that Trump will push Canada to forge more favorable trade with Europe and China instead.

            You trumpanzees haven’t read the proposal and with every post here are showing that all you care about is scoring political attacks. Name ONE economic benefit in the proposed deal that is going to make a bit of good for the US worker. If trade with Canada implodes, the result will be very bad overall. If carmaker lobbyists get their way, Mexico will win more jobs and carmaker stock prices will gain. Yippee. How does this make America great?

            1. The discussion is the economics of the Obama Administration as started by R2.

              If your reading skills are this bad on a comment thread I doubt they are much better anywhere else.

        2. Tell me about it.
          We currently have parts from the EU – the only source, in tariff limbo. We just can’t afford the excess on top of a gut wrenching tight budget or get them until legal sorts out ‘their’ interpretation of what constitutes an exemption under scientific instruments and the crazy stuff in the appeal forms that the Commerce Dep want in order for the case to be considered. Like disclosing precise functionality of the instrument, it’s components and IP data that would land us in court both here and in several other jurisdictions. Who can afford that risk level? Dumbest move ever that threatens future projects at the cost of illegal disclosure. Our yearly company literature stresses cooperation and trust regarding our foreign ‘partners’. Suddenly the sky fell in.
          My job is on the line.

        1. Please explain why you think the US health delivery system was better before 2008.

          The Affordable Health Care Act was a terrible conglomeration of compromises. Everybody will concede that. However, where is the evidence that the medical financing system we had in January 2017 was worse for most Americans than the non-system we had before the AHCA? Yes, premiums went up for most of us, but that was happening already for the diminishing number who could get coverage at all. What has improved since January 20, 2017?

          Let’s not celebrate the new NAFTA until we (1) see what it actually contains, and (2) see if the US and Mexican congresses will approve it.

          1. ACA was a total bomb and put more people OUT of insurance than in it. It raised rates faster than they had ever risen. It was NOT designed to ease cost and anyone who studies it or knew anyone in the health field knows this. It was crap, shit, amateur, worthless, useless and a drag on the economy.

            It made finding a doctor for poor people harder, it made regular doctor visits more expensive because of all the paperwork and overhead.

            The money blown on that disaster could have been used to BUY insurance for the millions that didn’t have it….the same millions who STILL don’t have it.

            There is no comparison. There is no equating, not even near, close or even in sight. It was a political money and power grab and one it is finally killed off they can begin to do what they should have done 10-20 years ago, make insurance more competitive between states, keep an eye on lawsuits, get the doctor/pharmaceutical kickback alliance outlawed and cut as much of the paperwork as possible.

          2. Yes, the Affordable Care Act was an abomination and the worst federal law ever passed.

            As is your MO, you faintly acknowledge a huge Democrat MISTAKE, then immediately PIVOT to caution or dump on everything Republican.

            “What has improved since January 20, 2017?”

            The IRS will not come after me for lack of expensive mandated medical insurance that is totally UNNAFORBALE for financial burdens of millions of Americans.

            What else? The unemployment rate, record numbers of low unemployment for Blacks and Hispanics, low poverty and welfare numbers, stock market records off the charts, GDP numbers consistently high, consumer confidence and spending growing, lower taxes, factories coming back, jobs coming back, more corporate investments with tax money coming back to the U.S. (Apple classic example) to name a few.

            I don’t expect you to honestly agree because of your partisan politics and IGNORANCE of what is really evolving in the U.S. I remember your post awhile back that said you would not give credit to President Trump — no matter he does. How intelligent, how fair. Well, if you can’t deal with partisan success, why trust your opinions on anything else?

            Lastly, we can all appreciate (exception TxUSER) all
            the efforts of the president’s hard work to come to a tentative trade deal with Mexico and moving on to other nations. NAFTA was bad law, just like ACA, and the giant sucking sound of union jobs and other jobs out of the USA.

            Bottom line: With that kind of serial blindness, dishonesty and bias, you would be better suited posting on CNN and MSNBC that would applaud your leftist drivel …

            1. Please, if you want to tell lies, don’t tell them about me. I have never said that I wouldn’t give credit to Trump. I quite specifically said that I would praise him to the rafters if he ever did something I agreed was in the best interest of the United States. I haven’t seen that yet.

              His only legislative accomplishment in the last 19 months has been to pass a revenue bill that raises both my individual taxes and the national deficit, while abolishing the individual mandate that makes it possible for my diabetic wife to get any insurance at any price. (If you don’t need insurance, or qualify for Medicare, bully for you.) Trump’s major economic accomplishment has been not to screw up the recovery that had been underway for years before he took office.

              If the Co-Conspirator-in-Chief has reached a deal with Mexico that improves on NAFTA for more Americans than it hurts, that would certainly be worth praising. It is simply too early to be celebrating an agreement that isn’t even in writing yet, much less signed, ratified, and observed in operation.

            2. “Please, if you want to tell lies, don’t tell them about me. I have never said that I wouldn’t give credit to Trump.”

              YOU LIE. Not once, more than once. The rest of your tedious post I did not read, not worth my time …

        2. “Barack was an economic genius”

          ROTFL. Possibly the most clueless economic description in years. Guess you forgot about the adverse affects of the ACA and overall economic numbers that you did not mention …

        3. Obama didn’t put 1/6 of the economy at risk. He proposed decoupling the quality of the healthcare you receive from the salary you earn, which is basically how corrupt American healthcare had become. Executives and congressmen get Cadillac care from their employers, workers are treated like cattle at hospitals.

          There were switching costs to implement a new minimum standard in healthcare insurance, and certainly low-information voters who think they are bulletproof would prefer to go insurance free rather than contributing funds in their working years to a healthcare system that they will GUARANTEED be sucking from in their twilight years.

          But as usual, faux news and corrupt congress obstructionists made sure that funding and staffing of a working healthcare system were derailed. And insurance companies were allowed to continue to gouge customers as they always have.

          What have the genius rethuglicans replaced the ACA with? NOTHING. Healthcare costs continue to spiral out of control and millions of Americans are sick and not seeking treatment because they have inadequate insurance. Those who do have decent insurance through their employers are often prevented from changing employers or starting a small business because purchasing their own insurance is totally unaffordable.

          Amazing how much spin the extreme right can put on the ACA, which was a republican plan originally.

      1. Get a life…
        Some people just like to blindly worship… to what avail other than ignorance …i dont know!
        Obama ( the divider and the planted puppet of all talk no walk )
        And Steve… regardless of the misreable soul he was , regarded as diety… etc…

        Seems this is the the new trend for liberal minded people… pretend you are elite( use big words,, ya thats it .. lol )….., continue ignorance, blindly worship, be intolorant, , act bigoted, lie, deceive, support anarchy….
        Be a Lemming !…. and stick to ‘my way or the highway’ ……..(.well u know where that leads for lemmings)

        Hey Neo-Libs ( fanatics) …..Dont shoot yourselves In the foot or throw the baby out with the bath water becouse of your dogmatic , intolorant, bigoted misguided idealisms…

        Boths sides have good to offer… balance is key, not my way or the highway and anarchy ……open your closed minds!

        Division is the biggest threat! Do u get it or is it above your delusional elite capacity. …..sigh (elite my arrs )

        1. Obama is a divider????? You are blind. Trump, when not golfing or watching Faux news, is insulting people on twitter nonstop. He is the least decent, least truthful, most divisive president America has ever had. Stop lying to yourself.

          1. “Obama is a divider?????“

            Absolutely! You had the Blue team in power and their voting blocs (unions, teachers, blacks, gays, celebrities, media) and other loyalists were all Democrats EVER care about. Not just Obama, look behind Hillary’s sexist campaign slogan, “I’m with HER.” Sinking in, yet?

            You are living proof of that mentality in eight posts early this morning and counting. Take your own advice, “stop lying to yourself” …

    2. “Good on him for not derailing the Obama economic boom”

      Obama economic boom?!? ROTFL! Wow, just wow. When you are rock bottom of a record recession, common sense dictates numbers only go up. Obama had nothing to with it.

      An accurate “boom” measurement is comparing economic numbers like employment, GDP, stock market, welfare and poverty numbers, etc.

      If you watch too much MSNBC, it will ROT your brain …

      1. Nobody doubts that the absolute numbers are better now than on Election Day 2016. That’s mathematically inescapable when the economy is improving, which everybody can see it currently is. However, anybody whose brain hasn’t been rotted by Twitter can also see that the RATE of improvement has not improved at all under Trump from the rate under President Obama. At best, we can say the current president hasn’t done anything to derail the continued recovery from the Great Recession.

        Said nonrotter will also note that most of the benefits of the expansion, like the benefits from the tax “cut,” are going to a relatively small slice of wealthier people. Real wages for the average American are actually falling, because payrolls are expanding at an impressive 2.8% YOY, but the CPI is up 2.9%; in many places, housing costs are rising by double digits. The huge increase in the federal deficit is pumping the money supply and devaluing the dollar. Worse, the deregulation binge has removed most of the safeguards put in place over the last decade to prevent another economic crash.

        None of which has much to do with Apple, which is still in the crosshairs of the dispute with China.

        1. “the RATE of improvement has not improved at all under Trump from the rate under President Obama.”

          Right, gee what a surprise.

          You still REFUSE to acknowledge the REMARKABLE economic gains and recovery under President Trump because your daily partisan mission is to put him down.

          We ALL got it long ago …

            1. Is it likely a carbuncle on the a**hole of society could read? Or GoeB for that matter. I mean his every response is a half-witted irony free projectile_vomit_laden lie. I see more intelligence in woodlice.

            2. Goeb obviously cares very much , he spends every waking moment trolling for trump. One cannot point out a trump lie without goeb going on the political warpath to insult anyone who isn’t fellating trump.

              Of course, goeb doesn’t actually bring any facts, he’s just a shrill yappy dog snipping at his imaginary enemies. If he thinks pasting labels like “liberal” are convincing reasons to trust anything that arrogant idiot liar trump has to say, then goeb is not using his brain. Any intelligent person, conservative or liberal, should demand facts and see through the trump smoke and mirrors. The fact is, trump uses conservative rhetoric on social issues to cover up for his disastrous liberal approach to budget, diplomacy, and military. Trump is clueless on all those fronts.

    3. You are completely full of baloney.

      How do astronomical, non-competitive corporate taxes and oppressive, expensive, idiotic regulations create an “economic boom”?

      1. Cite your facts. Obama didn’t hike taxes. Taxes in America were lower overall under Obama than they were for any prior administration going back at least to WW2. Now, the trump tax bill loads up American debt for the promise of trickle down. Corporations have , true to form, bought back their own stocks to enrich the executives even more. The flood of wage raises aint coming. The sudden sucking sound of jobs returning from Mexico aint happening either. No, trump is spending $4.7 billions in agricultural welfare in a political attempt to soothe the devastating tariff fallout among his base. Hey rethuglicans, aint welfare liberal????? How come you take trumps welfare????

        1. “Taxes in America were lower overall under Obama than they were for any prior administration going back at least to WW2.”

          Really, you just throw out opinions as facts? And you post I NEVER have any facts? Fact: Bill Clinton, “guess I raised your taxes too much.” Fact: The Affordable Care Act was ruled a tax by the Supreme Court in order for it to pass. Fact: Under Obama, 11,000 IRS agents were hired to collect the tax.

          So where are your facts under Obama taxes were the lowest since WWII, hmmm? …

        2. You are completely full of it. Corporate taxes have gone from 35% to 21%. The 20% “pass through” deduction has been added. Hundreds of looney and expensive regulations have been axed.

          All of this is stimulation.

          Today – Consumer confidence at highest level since 2000.

          Two weeks ago – Small business confidence record level.

  1. How CNN reports on a trade agreement when Trump is involved…

    “…(CNN)The central appeal of reality TV is voyeurism. We get to go to places — bedrooms, boardrooms — that cameras normally aren’t allowed. We get to see how other people live, love and lust, without having to reveal any of our own personal secrets.

    That reality TV ethos — and appeal — animates how Donald Trump approaches the presidency. From turning Cabinet meetings into live-for-TV events to hyping up a live prime-time reveal of his next Supreme Court nominee, Trump’s years as a reality TV show producer have quite clearly never left him.
    Which brings me to Monday morning. And specifically Trump’s decision to make the announcement of the outlines of a new trade deal with Mexico with the press watching and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto kind of, sort of, on the phone….”

    How Wall Street Journal reports on trade agreement…

    “President Trump said he reached an agreement with Mexico to rewrite portions of the North American Free Trade Agreement and threatened to remove Canada from the three-country accord if Ottawa failed to make concessions.

    Mr. Trump said the agreement should be renamed the U.S. Mexico Free Trade Agreement, dropping the Nafta name because it had “bad connotations” for the U.S. It wasn’t immediately clear if the Mexicans—let alone the Canadians—would agree to any renaming of the regional trade pact.

    Mr. Trump immediately sought to use the agreement with Mexico as a way to pressure Canada in future negotiations, saying “we’ll see” if Canada can also join a proposed trade deal between the two other Nafta signatories. The president, hinting at affixing tariffs on auto imports from Canada, among other measures, added that negotiations with Canada would resume soon.

    The core of the deal with Mexico overhauls rules for building cars across the continent, aimed at ensuring a greater portion of the vehicles are built in the region, and more locally-produced steel is used. The accord also has new provisions aimed at raising wages and offering new rights to Mexican labor unions. Those measures target longstanding complaints by Nafta critics in the U.S. that American workers have been hurt by having to compete with cheaper labor across the border.

    U.S. officials said the deal would also beef up regional content requirements for chemicals, steel intensive products and other industrial materials. They also touted moves to strengthen rules governing supply chains in the textile and apparel industries.

    President Trump called Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto on the Oval Office speaker phone, and congratulated him on the deal. Mr. Nieto responded, in part, by saying he hoped Canada would remain part of the agreement.”

        1. Pot. Kettle…and so so Black.
          Extreme irony-fail much?
          Your extreme volatile record speaks for itself in that everything you repeatedly accuse any differing opinion as a lie and yet never in memory have you ever…repeat EVER had the decency to back up your mendacious allegations – with proof!
          Dare me…I’m out fishing and they ain’t biting so I’ve time on my hands….

    1. An intelligent person would realize that the truth is found between the extreme spinsters on the opposite ends of the bipolar propaganda game. But not the regulars here. They believe Faux News and Breibart anre beacons of pure unadulterated truth. Ha! How naive can you be.

  2. Much of what was said by Trump was not factual. He clearly lacks understanding of what’s being negotiated. And his inability to parse 3 consecutive sentences makes this “get out of the McCain shadow” charade that much more cringe worthy.

    Factually, Mexico has not agreed to anything yet, especially moving on without Canada. In the end, Congress will need to approve any changes made to the original agreement. That will be in 2019.

      1. They didn’t reach a deal. Nothing has been formalized. Proposals have been made, which are half-baked (who knew trade [sic] could be so complicated?). 😉 Anyhow, any agreement will ultimately require Congress’ approval.

        1. I’m sure this will be a huge feather in the President’s cap, like the amazing deal with North Korea that has denuclearized the region and won him a Peace Prize, or the just and durable peace he has brought to the Middle East from Turkey to Yemen, or designing the marvelous new healthcare program that has replaced Obamacare.

          1. All are things Obama didn’t do a goddam thing to fix and in fact made them worse and harder to reconcile.

            EVERY THING ON YOUR LIST was made worse by Obama.


            How you can be so smug while typing idiotic crap like that is beyond me.

            1. “How you can be so smug while typing idiotic crap like that is beyond me.”

              Smug, condescending, snarky, elitist and clueless to reality. After lying about being a “straight white male conservative” I would not put anything past him.

              This kind of dishonesty only happens at the highest levels of the Democratic Party. Thankfully, facts always win. Oh wait, not today in the selective liberal biased media over 90% of the time working against the president daily. USER is just the MDN version …

            2. We’ve been waiting a decade for the republican proposals for immigration reforms, healthcare cost reform, end to wars, denuclearization, … and all that has happened is the party put a buffoon in the white house to distract low information voters from the fact that the ONE thing rethuglicans actually will do is enrich their corporate overlords. The corruption is plain as day unless you’re stupid. McCain appears to be the last intelligent and honest republican. Damn shame what happened to the previously pro-trade, financially responsible party. Now just the party of rich oligarchs’ greed.

          2. Did I miss the news that Obama is President again? If so, we can blame him for all the changes for the worse that have occurred since January 20, 2017. Hell, why not blame some other former President?

            Millard Fillmore even looked a lot like Alec Baldwin, so he would be easy to do on Saturday Night Live. If you study Fillmore’s platforms, there are some eerie similarities to Mr. Trump’s principles. Maybe Millard is responsible for ruining bilateral relations with our allies, sucking up to dictators, pushing budget deficits that a tax-and-spend Democrat could only dream of, insulting our POW/MIA national heroes, and dismantling an admittedly bad health system without providing a replacement..

            As the sign on Harry Truman’s desk said, “The buck stops anywhere but here.” Yeah, Millard Fillmore… there’s the culprit.

            1. Obama spent his entire Presidency blaming Bush for his own failures.

              When you take over a business or anything else, you are then responsible for what happens under your watch, but at the same time no one with any sense expects a miracle overnight for all the stupid shit your predecessor (Obama) did.

              You mention North Korea as if it should already be solved when in fact we are closer than at anytime since 1953. Neither Obama nor Clinton did anything that remotely helped the situation (except to the NORCOMS)

              You mention Turkey to Yemen when in fact the Middle East is more stable than at anytime in the last 20 years. Not only that but some of the BS that has kept trouble going like the Palestinian funding and “refugee” status are finally being changed, not to mention Jerusalem FINALLY becoming the recognized capitol of Israel, ISIS being all but defeated and Iran being squeezed until they remove Hezbollah and arms from Gaza, Lebanon and Syria.

              And thanks to a certain late senator the changes in health care have been put on hold until the Republican CONGRESS (not White House) finally gets their shit in order. If they actually bring out a plan next year that fixes it along with curbing the IRS then Trump will have done more than any President since FDR to change our course (and for the better at that….)

              Wallow in that liberal pity all you want to undo in your mind what the rest of the world sees is changing. Makes no difference to me.

            2. @ Towertone: you claim Obama complained about his predecessor. Well, mr. partisan, please point to any speech where Obama misrepresented the truth about his predecessor. Bush left an unmitigated financial disaster and Obama SHOULD HAVE made more political hay out of the horrid decisions the Bush administration ( and prior administrations as well ) made to create the biggest financial mess of the last 3 generations. If anything, Obama was very restrained.

              Meanwhile you cheer for a twitter addicted whiner who blames EVERYONE and can’t keep an honest cabinet member for more than a year. I will happily post proof of the nonsense trump spouts & why it is wrong, but obviously you have chosen to fly the banner and no amount of truth and decency will get you to turn in your red cap. Sad.

            3. I’m not cheering for Trump, I am cheering for the things he is doing that I have waited 40 years to see done.

              As far as the Bush economy, apparently you have no understanding of the underpinning issues that caused it, because of course it was from the Democratic agenda under Clinton of making housing affordable by not checking credit. Plain and simple banks were made to make loans they knew were no good and pass the “buck” on to Uncle Sam. It all came do (with a little push by Soros & Co.) at the perfect time to get another economically ignorant Democrat elected. Blame Bush all you want, anyone who has studied the causes knows different.

              As far as a speech misrepresenting the truth, I’ll do you one better…..point to ANY speech of Barry’s and I will show you the lies in it.

              Go ahead, find one. Better check carefully before you commit though. He is very sly with the lie…..

            4. TowerTone, the late Senator McCain did not vote “to put changes in the healthcare system on hold.” He voted against repealing the existing system until somebody—anybody—had come up with something—anything—to replace it. If anybody had written a bill that had even a serious shot at passage in the Republican-controlled Congress, McCain would have been glad to support it. He had initially voted against Obamacare and intensely disliked it.

              Still, even that flawed system (patterned on Mitt Romney’s Romneycare) looked better than returning to a nearly unregulated insurance market that could charge as much as it wanted for as little coverage as it pleased. After running on a platform that named replacing Obamacare as Job One, Trump and his Administration never, ever offered any concrete proposals for consideration. He famously observed that it was a bigger problem than he had imagined.

              The secretive small group in Congress that tried to fill the leadership vacuum never came up with a bill that even their own party caucus could support. In desperation, they proposed to simply repeal the existing system without any replacement in view. I guess the notion was that the heavens would open then and Congress would be handed the perfect healthcare bill written on golden plates by the finger of Trump Almighty.

              Senator McCain doubted that would happen. More likely, most Americans with preexisting conditions, mental health issues, or “women’s troubles” would be priced out of the insurance and private-pay markets when their current policies expired. Quite apart from the morality of that, American taxpayers would be hit with a huge bill for uncompensated emergency room care for people with preventable health crises. So the Senator turned thumbs down on the repeal bill. He died still waiting for Trump, McConnell, or Ryan to offer a replacement for Obamacare.

            5. “Did I miss the news that Obama is President again? If so, we can blame him for all the changes for the worse that have occurred since January 20, 2017. Hell, why not blame some other former President?”

              You mean like Obama blamed Bush for eight years? You mean like Clinton blamed 12 years of the previous presidents before him for years?

              I have come to expect of you: No moral equivalency, no sense of fairness or honesty. Like CNN and MSNBC, just pump out the same partisan garbage day after day. Do you even know what hypocrisy means or don’t you care?

              Deflection coming in 3… 2… 1…

  3. This is just like the North Korea deal – no deal – every businessman knows there’s no deal until the ink is dry. Rumper Dumper is a fake businessman. Also, Mexico must pull out of their Canada deal and Congress has to approve – no way it’s coming up for a vote before 2019.

  4. MDN used to be really good about AAPL stock highs, but it missed this one and another one earlier this month. I thought those notices were an automated thing, but apparently not:

    In Nasdaq trading today, shares of Apple Inc. (AAPL) hit a new all-time closing high of $217.99. Apple’s previous all-time closing high was $217.58 set on August 17, 2018. Today’s all-time closing high is Apple’s 23rd such record in calendar year 2018.

  5. Oops. MDN got the closing price right, and I got it wrong. $217.94, still a record. (I was looking in the wrong row at an after-hours number instead of the actual close.)

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