How to share files stored in your iCloud Drive

“You can share files you’ve synced to iCloud with friends and colleagues who have an Apple ID,” Tim Hardwick writes for MacRumors.

“Whether you’re sharing from a Mac or an iPhone, you’ll be able to give people one-way access to the file, or allow them to modify the document if you’re collaborating on a piece of work,” Hardwick writes. “The sharing options you choose automatically sync across your devices, so you could, for example, share a file on Mac and change access permissions on your iPhone or on at a later time.”

Hardwick writes, “The following steps assume Mac users are running macOS High Sierra or later and that iPhone or iPad owners are on iOS 11 or later. ”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s a useful sharing tool, for sure!


  1. Apple’s walled garden doesn’t allow sharing with people who don’t rent Apple servers. Sorry, but iCloud isn’t worth the limitations.

    This is the proper sharing procedure:

    Step 1: download your files from the Apple/Google iCloud to a server that you manage.
    Step 2: cancel iCloud account
    Step 3: share.

    UNIX / macOS already offers file permissions controls and your Mac has built in file sharing capabilities. You don’t need to rent iCloud.

    1. … anything to use my iCloud space – limited as it may be – or my Apple ID. Not a penny!
      What you say about Unix options may be true – IF you happen to be a Unix guru – but few possess such skills. Seriously? You think your neighbor-the-playwright is even AWARE there’s a “terminal” program out there, never mind how to use it?

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