I went to an Apple store to find out if the employees are stupid like Samsung claims

“To market its new Note 9, the Korean handset maker is again mocking Apple’s Geniuses and suggesting they’re not bright,” Chris Matyszczyk writes for ZDNet. “They don’t seem worried about it.”

“As the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 launched last Thursday, Samsung released two more ads that showed Samsung fans going into Apple stores with the apparent express purpose of showing up Apple employees,” Matyszczyk writes. “One mocked the iPhone X’s alleged lack of power when compared with the Note 9 — and the employee’s attempt to define power.”

“I asked my Apple store employee — let’s call him Horace — whether he’d seen the ads. He admitted he had,” Matyszczyk writes. “‘Don’t you feel a little insulted?’ He laughed, then said: ’90 percent of the people who come in here are complaining about something. And the people in those ads…where else are they going to go? A Samsung store? Are there any?'”

“I must admit Horace seemed perfectly bright to me,” Matyszczyk writes. “He told excellent stories, he knew Apple products and he didn’t try to force me into buying a phone.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Salvish copier Samsung’s increasing desperation warms our hearts.


  1. Samsung is nothing without Google’s Android OS, and this leaky, virus infected Android OS is propped up by revenues from Google ads. So any websites that has annoying Google ads is directly and positively helping Desperate and Bastard Samsung

  2. sometime back I received a strange email from a friend of my wife’s with an attachment. I didn’t open it because I was suspicious so I asked my wife to contact her friend. Her friend sheepishly admitted that her Samsung phone has been hacked and that she had lost all her personal information . So now the hacker was pretending to be her and sending emails with malware attachments to her friends pretending to be her. Imagine the embarrassment and pain for this Samsung user Who had been hacked, not only did she have to contact other friends to warn them to ignore messages from ‘her’ but She has permanently jeopardize her ID as well.

    i’m not saying this would not happen to an iPhone user but it must Be Way Way, rarer as Android is a malware mess or ZDnet has called it a “toxic hell-stew”.

    lesson is don’t get a Samsung or android phone get an iPhone even if you can’t afford a new one get a refurbished one from a certified reseller .

    what is stupid is an android phone user

    1. And a typical ignorant Fandroid response to that is “Apple is just as bad” with no proof whatsoever plus the oft-stated mission of Apple and proven efforts to keep users data private. While nothing’s perfect Android is far from perfect by design.

  3. if samdung thinks those two ads will get me to switch from an iPhone, they are sadly mistaken.

    I only know one person that switched from an iPhone to an android phone. The real reason for this is that he got poor customer service from Apple. It all started because he NEVER wanted to plug his phone into the computer and use iTunes to backup his phone and move either songs or pictures to and from his dell computer. I will admit that is the most unpleasant thing you have to do in the Apple world. What started him down the path to switching was when pictures attached to messages basically filled up his phone. Neither he nor I understood that this could happen, and Apple straighten it out, this episode started him to switching. He did not want to delete messages because he never saved them to photos or photo stream.

    No matter how big files get, people absolutely refuse to think about file sizes now a days. One way to give customers what they think they want is to put a huge SD card into a phone. You and both know a sd card in a phone with 512GB of stuff will, at some point, be an even bigger mess. It is just hard to understand that Apple just puts stuff where it should go. And you have to spend some time “cleaning up” your phone every 3 or 4 months.

    1. So let me understand your friend: He didn’t want to back up his iPhone (to either iCloud or iTunes), but had he lost his iPhone or had it been stolen he would have — without any doubt — cried like a baby and threatened to sue Apple because he would’ve lost all of his contacts, text messages, photos, etc. Can you tell me how Apple recommending that he back up his iPhone is somehow “poor customer service”? Did someone at Apple forcibly make him back up and/or sync his iPhone? It must have been awful.

      Is the “friend” in your story actually you, or do you openly admit to having such dense friends? (Asking for a friend.)

      1. I guess I could have been clearer: HE THOUGHT Apple gave him poor customer service. I thought they did a pretty good job.

        And, I was trying to illustrate how foolish HE WAS and how this foolishness led him into switching. And, the end of the story is he now has security problems.

        In general, I think Apple’s approach to all this is very good. No doubt iTunes requires an overhaul. What I would do is have three columns: iPhone, computer and from/to. You’d put the songs/photos/books/movies/apps/etc you wanted to move in the from/to column and press the button “move from my iPhone to my computer”. “sync” almost does the same thing but it is counter intuitive- after all these years, I really can’t tell what is going to happen until after it happens.

        In addition, Apple needs to update their entire Mac line twice a year.

        As for my friend, he isn’t “dense” he just doesn’t want to screw with his phone. Like a lot of people.

  4. I was just at an Apple Store and asked the sales person (was a girl but I say person to be correct…) about the new MacBook Pro with the updated keyboard and processor… she had no idea.

    1. Not every Apple employee is a walking encyclopedia of Apple tech. And then some employees are in the process of being trained. I am sure she was knowledgeable enough to steer you to the correct table or to someone on staff more familiar with your request.

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