Infowars’ Alex Jones blasts Apple, Google, others; warns on internet censorship

In a video posted via Twitter, Infowars‘ Alex Jones responds to the removal of links to his podcasts by Apple, saying, in part:

Apple has officially moved to China and is letting the government basically run Apple; and that, of course, is iTunes. Google is building a huge censorship search engine for them [China] and whistleblowers from inside Google say they’re preparing to use it here in America. In fact, they’re beta testing different parts of the system for China on American conservatives, nationalists, and Trump supporters…

This is 21st-century warfare. It’s happening right now. And it’s designed to silence the Amercian people and other populist movements around the world who are trying to struggle free from this corporate totalitarianism.

I’ve had a lot of top lawyers call me today and say, “Alex, we need to sue Apple. We need to sue all these groups that clearly are involved in cut and dry antitrust activities, working with other companies to delist you and block you from the marketplace of ideas, so, then when they demonize you, you don’t have a way to respond to them and they can destroy you and then, with that model, move on against everybody else.” — Alex Jones, August 6, 2018

Direct link to Alex Jones’ video via Twitter here.

MacDailyNews Take: Again, the inherent danger of censorhsip is that you make the censored more alluring by elevating their musings into ideas too “dangerous” to hear.

Obviously, this could be a slippery slope. For example, CEO Tim Cook, and by extension, Apple, are very big environmentalists and proponents the reduction of carbon footprints, multinational treaties in service of dealing with anthropogenic climate change, etc.

What happens to podcasts of anyone questioning the usefulness of certain treaties, datasets, estimates, projections, or the amount of human contribution to climate change?

As always in circumstances like these, where’s the line? Apple can certainly determine what constitutes “hate speech” for their service(s) and act accordingly, but as censorship increases, usefulness and breadth will naturally decrease.

Note also that’s The Alex Jones Show and other podcasts are readily availble elsewhere via Stitcher and other outlets.

Unlike Apple, it seems, we trust the intelligence of our readers to be able to listen to what they want and decide for themselves who to ignore and who to follow.

I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it. — Evelyn Beatrice Hall

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  1. i’m sorry but this isn’t just disagreeing. the guy basically calls for anarchy and reports mis-truths to elevate his position. he admitted in court that it was an act but people believe it. he’s poison. it’s not just apple. linkedin (MS), facebook, google, youtube have all removed him. Bye Felicia…

    1. MDN said:

      “Apple can certainly determine what constitutes “hate speech” for their service(s) and act accordingly”

      No Apple can’t determine what’s hate speech for their services. That’s like saying Apple can determine what’s murder for their services, or anti-trust for their services, or fraud for their services. These are all legal terms in law. It’s not up to Apple.

      Apple can censor as a corporation to a point. But they are subject to litigation as their decisions and behaviour can be challenged via litigation. As soon as Apple takes your money they have a contract with you. For Developers, they have a contract with you. They owe you certain duties of care and other things under that contract.

      They cannot just arbitrarily remove your content: people/companies spend money to develop for Apple and are damaged if their wares are removed arbitrarily.

      If Apple can defend its position on Alex Jones, fine. If not, they could be liable for remedies to the injured party.

      And the application of your Bill of Rights could eventually apply to corporations: this whole censorship thing is becoming a problem and it’s possible new precedent will be set at common law barring censorship by corporations and forcing them to comply with the First Amendment.

      1. Our Bill of Rights already applies to corporations. The First Amendment gives them the same freedom from government interference as is enjoyed by natural persons. I understand that things are probably different in your country, where the government has greater control.

        1. TxUser:

          The First Amendment only applies to government actors, however. Corporations and private citizens are free to censor speech taking place on their property.

        1. This has nothing to do with free speech. Apple is not the government. When you sign up with Apple to use their services to distribute your content, you are agreeing to their terms. If you violate those terms, Apple has every right to revoke your privileges. It’s no different than, “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service.”

    2. Jones and his followers want to turn this into an abstract discussion of censorship. That is over-complicating things. This actually presents a very simple question: Should Apple be expected to promote Alex Jones and his mission by publishing links to his podcasts? Since he has plenty of alternative means to promote and monetize his message, this is about Apple’s freedom, not his.

      I live in Central Texas. I have followed Jones’ career for twenty years. I have friends who have suffered at his hands, who have been threatened by his followers and placed under police protection. I have personally witnessed situations that he utterly distorted and transformed into completely fictitious conspiracies. If he has done this in every case where I have personal knowledge, I can only assume he does it in all the others. The most charitable way I can express my judgement is

      Alex Jones is evil.

      He is a moral degenerate who has metaphorically and literally fattened himself by exploiting human frailty and credulity. He may have followers who are very nice people. Many of those I have met locally, those who have confronted my friends and me, are not nice at all. They are pathetic failures who have refused to take any personal responsibility for their situation because it is easier to blame it on a grand conspiracy of minorities, immigrants, women, Muslims, Jews, atheists, homosexuals, elitists, and anybody else who differs from themselves.

      Why should Apple be expected to facilitate that enterprise?

      1. Thanks for making this point so eloquently. Alex Jones is a televangelist of conspiracy theory, knowingly preying upon others. It took these platform owners far too long to excise his cancer.

      2. I still haven’t seen any evidence of a what you charge Jones with. All minds of accusations.

        This is about Jones’s freedom: freedom from corporate censorship. And you’re on here blasting Google about censorship in their search but make excuses for Apple.

        1. Google Alex Jones most outrageous claims, or his most debunked theories and you’ll get plenty of links to plenty of his utter BS and incendiary bloviating.

        2. Pardon? I just gave evidence—my eyewitness testimony. More is being given in an Austin courtroom even as of this writing.

          You, on the other hand, have no evidence I ever blasted Google. I wouldn’t, for the same reason: they are a private business that should not be subject to government interference. I know things are different in your country, but this is America

            1. TxUser posted a cogent set of inputs. You attacked him, dswe, but posted no evidence of your own to refute any of it.

              It is not the responsibility of the people on this forum to provide a thorough education on every topic. Your ignorance is your own fault, especially given the fact that you clearly have access to the internet, dwse.

              I despise it when doubters call for evidence, produce no credible evidence of their own, and refuse to consider any other data than their own fervently held beliefs. That kind of circular illogic leads to disaster (current Administration).

        1. Uhhhh…no.

          If you are seeking biased “news” driven by a sociopolitical agenda, then the key players include Fox News, Breitbart, Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh, etc. All of these players have one thing in common with televangelists – they preach the Word, but kneel to the almighty dollar. None of these players live in poverty.

          1. Replace all of the above with CNN, MSNBC, WAPO et al and you are right, again.
            Money represents merit. In and of itself is not evil nor good. Money does not care who it belongs to.
            Have you ever heard of the term Poverty Consciousness?

      3. Once again, you write concisely and eloquently, TxUser. People like Jones will twist and distort and fabricate things to suit their viewpoints, then cast blame on everyone else with accusations of the same.

        If all of this stuff is “…designed to silence the Amercian people and other populist movements around the world…,” then it is doing a darn poor job. Because Jones is still able to spew his BS worldwide.

        People who cry “censorship” and “persecution” are not always the victims. I see those words (mis)used a lot in this forum, for instance by people who should know better.

        1. Yet, it’s funny how nearly every MSM network predicted the election going to Hillary… while Alex predicted Trump. He also exposed the deep state in ways no other reporter would touch.
          Alex has a right to be heard and if you believe his ban will serve free speech, I feel sorry for you.

    3. Yep. With the advent of the internet came the troll. Jones is a troll. Websites have been battling the trolls ever since.
      Nobody is stopping Jones from posting on his own websites. Post on someone else’s site you have to follow terms of service.

  2. So much whinning.

    I think it’s fake news as I don’t really think that Apple is officially moving to China, at least not until I read it at a reputable news source.

    Now letting the government run Apple, that sounds a delicious nothing burger. what government is he talking about. Usually when someone from Apple’s home nation talks about government it’s about their government. If Apple is letting Apple’s home nation run Apple well that’s going to be a nightmare, you can kiss those MacPro updates good by. Now if it’s China’s government, well that pretty horrible as well, but not as bad as the alternative.

    Mmmm whinning, fake news and a nothing burger, some of the best exports Apple’s home nation has to offer.

      1. You missed all the uranium needed to make those atomic bombs. If it wasn’t for Canadian uranium, you’d have no Enola Gay and you’d be speaking Japanese, oh sorry, whining in Japanese.

        1. Oh I’m sure they could’ve scraped up some from other sources, just handy that Canada had it.

          But more interesting is you stating we would’ve lost WWII to Japan without the bomb. Besides the fact this is completely wrong (but don’t feel bad, most Liberals don’t understand history any better than you. It was that hot, boring class right after lunch when you were so sleepy….) most uber-leftisit claim we dropped the bomb even though the war was basically over but the US Army is a bunch of meany-cats so they did it just for fun (which is just as childish as your notion we would be speaking Japanese if not for Canadian uranium).

          Yeah, you’re that silly.

          1. Japan did not have the manufacturing, naval or air abilities to continue on with the war. They had lost everything except their homeland and had millions of citizens willing to defend it.

            Plus you would be silly (and historically ignorant) no matter where you lived…

          2. True but there was a race by the Nazis to build the bomb so maybe just maybe if you did not have such a handy resource of uranium handy, maybe we’d be speaking German instead of English. I use that cause it’s a lot less arrogant and more historically accurate as a conjecture than what is usually said by those from Apple’s home country: “it if wasn’t for us you’d be speaking German.”

            All my historical comments are indeed conjecture, what a presumptuous step to attach an ignorant attachment to it, but then again I’m just silly, you are a citizen of a terrorist nation.

            How’s that historical accuracy paying off for you with finding that weapons of mass destruction program over in Iraq by the way? Your government sure shoved that idea down the world’s throat. Not only is that ignorant, the fact that country hasn’t found it for over 15 years, but it’s fatal, in numbers that Hitler would be proud of.

            I wonder just what is the tally of Iraqi’s your country has massacred over the years searching for that oh so historically accurate weapons of mass destruction? I’ve read some estimates put it near a million deaths. Must make you real proud to be a citizen of such a historically accurate terrorist nation. Don’t worry, I’ll be so apologetic when you do find that so historically accurate weapons of mass destruction program and then you’ll be able to gloat.

          3. Tower Tone,

            True but there was a race by the Nazis to build the bomb so maybe just maybe if you did not have such a handy resource of uranium handy, maybe we’d be speaking German instead of English. I use that cause it’s a lot less arrogant and more historically accurate as a conjecture than what is usually said by those from Apple’s home country: “it if wasn’t for us you’d be speaking German.”

            All my historical comments are indeed conjecture, what a presumptuous step to attach an ignorant attachment to it, but then again I’m just silly, you are a citizen of a terrorist nation.

            How’s that historical accuracy paying off for you with finding that weapons of mass destruction program over in Iraq by the way? Your government sure shoved that idea down the world’s throat. Not only is that ignorant, the fact that country hasn’t found it for over 15 years, but it’s fatal, in numbers that Hitler would be proud of.

            I wonder just what is the tally of Iraqi’s your country has massacred over the years searching for that oh so historically accurate weapons of mass destruction? I’ve read some estimates put it near a million deaths. Must make you real proud to be a citizen of such a historically accurate terrorist nation. Don’t worry, I’ll be so apologetic when you do find that so historically accurate weapons of mass destruction program and then you’ll be able to gloat.

            Yes I’d be silly and ignorant no matter where I was. Fortunately you might have to option of leaving your pathetic terroristic nation, so there is hope for you.

          4. Again your lack of historical knowledge is…expected.

            The Germans lost the race for the atom bomb because their attempts to develop heavy water were sabotaged to the point had they gotten it figured out still would’ve been too late to finish with the enrichme…..oh, what the Hell. You are just a typical basic knowledge Leftist, why do I waste time trying to educate the uncaring?

            Germany couldn’t built enough bombs to stop the Russian hordes let alone the Allied offensive.

            What a knave.
            “But I heard on the playground that blah blah blah…”

            Put the Huff Post down,
            put the bong huff off,
            open a REAL history book,
            and read the words.

        2. Agreeing with TT is admittedly a bit painful, but truth must prevail against Road Warrior BS.

          Prior to the use of the two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the U.S. had already mostly chased Japan back to its home islands in WWII. Incendiary bombing had already started and, when combined with a ground assault, would have eventually led to much greater death and destruction than the two early atomic fission bombs. That does not justify the use of such weapons, and I truly regret that circumstances led to their use. But the end result is much the same in many respects – innocent people killed and maimed and families destroyed. Were the firebombing campaigns in WWII or the chemical warfare in WWI and since any less horrific?

          Anyway, your facts and logic are terribly flawed, Road Warrior. I support your right to hate and denigrate the U.S. But I will not back down from refuting any false narratives used to fan those flames. The historical actions of Bush and Trump are more than sufficient to paint the modern U.S. in a very poor light.

  3. The Internet is not censoring him; certain companies are independently censoring him from their specific platforms. The Internet is not preventing him from developing his own form of communication and distribution. This “slippery slope” is no different than Apple not selling Windows-based computers or Android-based phones in their retail stores. Apple is just curating podcasts, as it does for every app on the App Store. I can understand the potential problem and I fail to see how it applies here.

  4. I personally think Infowars is garbage, but it raises sn eyebrow because we are currently in the midst of a trend that conflates all conservative voices and seeks to silence them, and Silicon Valley are indeed some of the biggest offenders in this regard. I can’t support flat-out censorship. However, this is a private company that is free to make its own rules. Perhaps we should reconsider giving such entities power that extends to such heights. I don’t know that Apple or Netflix should be in the position of being the arbiters of literally everything. We ourselves have empowered them to do this.

    1. If there is a trend to silence conservative voices, why is the Fox News Channel the most watched out of 80+ cable channels? It has 6 of the top ten shows and 14 of the top 20. “Paranoia strikes deep; into your life it will creep.”

      1. Simple mathematics.

        All of the other major “news” outlets are center-left or outright leftist. Only one major outlet, Fox News, offers center-right viewpoints in the U.S.

        The Dem/Lib/Progs aren’t very smart. Not being businesspeople, they’ve never understood simply supply and demand. They all compete among themselves for roughly 50% of the audience (CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, Wash Post, NYT, etc.).

        Roger Ailes was smart (obviously, he was conservative). He simply took 50% of the audience for Fox News by serving them instead of constantly denigrating them.

        1. These so called “leftist and center” people are tuff capitalists who run conglomerates like Apple that is the biggest computer company in the world and like Disney that is the biggest media company in the world.

        2. You’re forgetting, e.g., Sinclair media – forcing its ultra-conservative and Trumplican editorial policy on the news departments of local media markets.

          Plus the whole talk radio empire and numerous other internet outlets – video, audio and written.

          So it’s hardly “just Fox,” and most of the broadcast/cable nets give plenty of time to conservative guests, panelists, and some hosts.

          It’s easy to stay inside one’s filter bubble these days – right, left, or in shrinking environs where producers and consumers are longing for a center that’s evaporating like morning dew.

        1. I had to chuckle a bit, Fwhatever. You post your assertion as if the far right has never called for boycotts of so-called liberal businesses or platforms. Is there a trend to silence liberal voices, as well?

          In truth, most people tend to try to silence/suppress those who disagree with them. That is the strength and beauty of the U.S. Constitution – when properly administrated, it promotes the individual rights that enable people like you to spout BS with wild abandon. You have the right to be a complete and highly vocal idiot. And I defend that right, no matter how much I dislike you or disagree with your incredibly skewed diatribes.

          The far right has a talent for accusing others for what they, themselves are doing. It is an old and proven tactic – if you are a liar, preemptively accuse others of lying. If you are a criminal and surround yourself with criminals, then accuse others of corruption.

          Richard Nixon was “not a crook” right up until he was nearing impeachment. Then he resigned. People forget how incredibly close Watergate was to being swept under the rug…how close Nixon was to covering it all up and his cronies were to getting away with the original crime. If not for the fourth estate – public media – Watergate would have faded into obscurity.

          Now, as then, the POTUS claimed complete innocence, lied, attacked the media, financed coverups, attacked the Justice Department, and attempted to create separation between himself and anyone who became a potential threat. Nixon’s fall occurred because he was loyal to his corrupt aides. Trump will fall because he is *not* loyal to anyone but himself and his immediate family. Anyone else is expendable. Manafort, Trump hardly knew you! You were just one of many. And the “great guy” Manafort is now a “pathological liar.” It is far too easy to follow this Trump trail, and it inevitably leads to the same end as Nixon (except Trump is actually far, far worse). Nixon actually believed in the rule of law. Trump believes in the rule of…Trump.

    1. I don’t know. Anything seems to be allowed on twitter. In the same way you would have to wonder how Donald Trump still has a twitter account. He is ultra divisive like Alex Jones and is a follower of that idiot. Not so long ago he was goading a dictator into launching nuclear weapons. Fortunately, for Trump, Kim Jong Un wasn’t batshit crazy enough to do it. Trump probably knew what he was doing all along, but doing it via Twitter, I would have thought should have been unacceptable to that company.

  5. Sooo, I haven’t listened to any of his videos… I saw a transcription of him making child rape accusations and figured this must be one of those sites someone here spoke of some time ago where folks go for the lols that come with discussing child sex trafficking rings (I still don’t see how anyone would consider that lol-worthy).

    But, did he really say he wants the GOVERNMENT to take over? Maybe I’m making a HUGE assumption that he considers himself a conservative… but if so, WHY would he make the biggest liberal crybaby move of ALL!? This is the VERY definition of a conSnowflake.

  6. So what is ‘Hate Speech’?

    Everyone is tossing that statement around and using it to support their individual positions, but it is purely emotion as defined by the first word in the statement.

    Censorship is Censorship, period.

    Leave the podcasts( and all other content) alone, the people will decide what they want to read, watch, or listen to, and what they believe.

    It is elitist to believe that you know better than all other human-beings on any topic.

  7. Anyone in this country has the right to say anything they want which is not intended to incite unlawful behavior, and which does not directly threaten the physical safety of others (“fire” in a theater rule).

    If Jones wants to put things which are not true on his podcasts, then others can counter those podcasts with ‘casts of their own. Eventually, the marketplace of ideas will select the winner, and in the history of the USA it’s done a pretty good job of it.

    Despite usage agreements, companies which provide what amounts to a public forum should be restricted in their legal ability to censor it. I propose “prior restraint” simply to protect these companies; if courts find that this situation is the proper way of looking at it during a lawsuit, their damages could be far higher than the costs of such restraint.

    Long-term, and for the greatest number of people, responsible free speech is ALWAYS the best idea. Anything else winds up being a sword that can be used against you.

    1. Fortunately free speech is not a monopoly limited to a singular nation.

      The 2018 Press Freedom Ranks Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Finland, and Switzerland among the top 5. Apple’s home country is about 45, so really not the experts to go on about Free Speech if you look at it from that perspective.

      But hey, please go on, speak your mind freely. After all responsible free speech as you said, is always the best idea though private companies, like Apple should be able to do as they please, they aren’t a government.

    2. I haven’t heard anybody suggest that Jones should not be free to put out his message. I have heard people saying that other people and companies should not be forced to assist him in putting out his message. Apple isn’t censoring his podcasts, just removing their links to it.

      Apple does not run a public forum. Its terms of use are perfectly clear on that. That some people believe otherwise does not make it true, any more than an honest belief that the Sandy Hook shootings never happened makes it true.

      Your solution, that Apple needs to file a lawsuit and demonstrate economic damages before it can engage in what you call prior restraint on its own Podcast service is outrageous. Are you suggesting that you would need to prove monetary damages to stop me from sending a pro-Communist letter to your local newspaper over your signature?

    3. “Anyone in this country has the right to say anything they want”
      You don’t need to go any further, you can stop right there. Anyone can say what they want, it’s just that all things you say come with consequences. Sometimes, the consequences are that folks think you’re a great person, sometimes you’ll get a kiss, sometimes you’ll get punched, sometimes you’ll have your show canceled, sometimes you’ll get thrown in jail.

      “what amounts to a public forum”
      No, it doesn’t amount to a public forum. A website ran by the FCC or other government agencies is a public forum. A website set up specifically by a private business that wants to make money by showing targeted ads to a broad number of people all over the world is a private business. And, they’ll do whatever their metrics say will yield them the most money. They absolutely do NOT amount to a public forum no matter how much your liberal heart desires it to be so.

      1. Wrong Again, your post was really great…right up to the end where you used the term “liberal heart.” Why do you feel the need to sabotage perfectly logical and reasonable arguments with your political leaning?

        Your argument was sound in and of itself. Your argument was pure and untainted right up until the point at which you implied that only a liberal would disagree with it. You might want to reconsider your compulsion to do that.

  8. Many people warned that this is a slippery slope, but naysayers bashed that.

    It only took 24 hours.

    Facebook has banned a Republican commercial for “shocking, disrespectful or sensational” content. So they jumped from Hate Speech to “shocking, disrespectful or sensational”. Hell, that could get many of CNN’s videos banned.

    Good luck with this snowflakes. You can’t deal with reading different view points, what makes you think you will survive in the real world?

  9. Alex Jones is still absolutely free to speak loads and loads of bullshit. He has not been arrested. He is still broadcasting on his website. His free speech has not been violated.

    He repeatedly violated the terms of services of private corporations. That’s all.

  10. Alex Jones by his own lawyers admission in legal proceedings said he is playing a character and that his show in entertainment- “performance art” – not news or political commentary. Otherwise thefKe wrestling of the infotainment world.

    The shit he says is provably false over and over, is designed to incite the poorly informed and willfully ignorant and is the podcasting version of click bait.

    If Alex Jones does not take himself seriously and admits his shtick is just BS he pulled out of his backside, why should Apple or anyone else?

    Of course, the paranoid Right Wing crowd will eat this up as proof that “true conservatives” are repressed by a liberal media.

    If we’re only so…

    1. I really have no clue why anyone listens to him but I also know there are plenty of left-leaning shows that are just as annoying to me.

      What you are conflating as people on the right upset with Alex being silenced is more likely from the SELECTIVE silencing as done on Twitter and Facebook too.

      If you want to just say they are paranoid just because of Alex, you are missing the point.

      1. Dude, there is no left wing show that is the equivalent to this. And it’s not just “annoying”. He just makes shit up to incite hatred and violence towards people, he literally just makes shit up. The parents of one of the victims of sandy hook had to move 7 times because his fans harassed them at his direction. He called 6 year olds being murdered a “false flag” and “crisis actors”, he’s been sued in court and admitted he’s a “performance artist”… he’s 1000% full of shit and has used his platform to call for the death of people he doesn’t like.
        If you’re stupid enough to believe anything he says, then that’s on you, but limiting the damage this persons can do is paramount. There’s a lot of stupid people (and based on this forum, two who are particularly susceptible to total nonsense), and they need to be protected form themselves.
        Again, his free speech isn’t being violated (the first amendment protects against government censorship), he still has his website WHICH NOBODY IS TRYING TO KILL… if you really want to listen to his completely made up bullshit, then you can go to his website and pay his subscription fee so he can sell his fake boner pills…

        1. I didn’t say equivalent I said annoying.
          He is an air-bag idiot and does not represent Conservatives so I don’t really care if he is aired or not. Matter of fact I linked to him on another thread harassing someone to show he is almost as bad as Antifa (same tactics, much smaller following)

          However, Keith Olbermann (among others) made up shit and gave his nightly hate show that was never more than half-truths aimed at the dimwitted. I’m not comparing him to Alex, but at what point is hate speech defined?

          Also I have no grudge against a company for banning whoever they want, just be honest about it and let everyone know, “we are a left leaning company and don’t allow other views or if we do we limit them”.

          You straw man argument towards me might have made you feel better but it was aimed at the wrong person.

          1. Hate speech is defined by calling 6 years olds “actors” and their parents “terrorists” and inciting your followers to harass them. Hate speech is defined by calling for the murder of the special counsel, hate speech is defined by saying “Hillary Clinton is an actual demon, go after her”, hate speech is defined by saying “there’s an international pedphoke ring run out of a pizza restaurant in Washington DC that John podesta runs” which leads to a listener going into the restaurant with a fucking shot gun trying to kill people…
            what exactly did Keith okbermann ever say that was remotely equivalent to that? And what did he make up? Seriously I’m asking, because I’ve never been a KO fan even when he was on ESPN.
            There is NOTHING close to this, and no respectable conservative should want anything to do with this guy; he just flat out makes everything up, every day, and incites his listeners to be afraid of his bs. They’re stupid, yes, but remove the incitement? Lessen the problem.
            Pulling his content has nothing to do with right or left, it has to do with right and wrong… he’s wrong, he’s full of shit and has caused immense psychological damage to a lot of people; and if the police hadn’t have showed up? A lot of physical damage when that guy showed up to MURDER people at a pizza restaurant…
            I’m sorry, I understand your point, but it’s off base. And making a false equivalence between this compeltely fraudekn asshole and anyone else in the media (even Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin) is wrong and irresponsible. If I had my druthers I’d ban him completely, but it’s not me.
            I apologize if you’ve borne the brunt of this frustration, and generally you’re reasonable, so I am sorry for the harsh tone.
            But there is absolutely no equivalence to this person in the rest of the media apparatus.

            1. “Hate speech is defined by calling 6 years olds “actors” and their parents “terrorists” and inciting your followers to harass them.”

              no it isn’t, but that is a very good example.

              Like I said, I have no qualms with him being barred.
              But there is plenty more to go around and hopefully this will wake up some of the other extremist.

      2. It can be- for a season- entertaining to listen to such stuff, but it does get tiresome.

        The problem is that there are many who are not well educated or informed who lap it up as if it were the gospel.

  11. Interesting how people who champion capitalist private corporations as the ultimate in our country’s greatness suddenly become all socialist when that corporation exercises their private rights and tosses a foul garbage spewer off their private property. Just was a store owner would be in their rights to throw someone out of their store.

    Dear conservatives, in case you forgot, YouTube, Apple and Facebook are all private corporations that have the right to control their property. Property rights, remember that? Stand your ground? We are on their property when we ask to be let in, that’s the user agreement. They can throw us out if they want. If MDN wants to toss me off or censor this post, I’ll be upset but it’s his house, I am a guest as you are.

    The FCC was controlling internet carriers to prevent them from censoring content until Trump came into power. If Net Neutrality really gets revoked then you’ll see much more of this, in the name of corporate rights. Oh but you thought this would only censor the “liberal” media not your favorite paranoid, sociopathic alt-righter. Good luck with that.

    Let Alex “Swamp Gas” Jones hire lawyers and see how far he gets.

    1. No you won’t.
      NN never had enough time or teeth to change anything.

      Lightweight response following your post that ignored the complaints about selective deletions.


  12. He can make his own website and broadcast from it. These companies are not under the law required to give him anything. Hey, he can come to Chicago, make a picket, walk down the street, and block traffic just like everyone else. Granted, I am recalling the Blues Brothers.

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