Apple’s new trillion-dollar magic number is $207.05

“Holding your breath for Apple Inc. to break $1 trillion?” Sarah Ponczek reports for Bloomberg. “There’s a new magic number to fixate on. And it’s less than 3 percent away.”

“As of Wednesday, the price that would crown the iPhone maker the first U.S. company to surpass the milestone is $207.0425 a share,” Ponczek reports. “Anything above that — most likely, a trade at $207.05 — and the wait is over.”

Ponczek reports, “The new number came by way of Apple’s quarterly 10Q filing, published Wednesday and listing 4,829,926,000 shares as of July 20.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We might put in an order for a share or two at $207.05 just to be part of the milestone.

Oh, what Steve hath wrought!

Apple updates share count as it closes in on $1 trillion valuation – August 1, 2018


  1. Yep, I called it earlier in the day about the outstanding share count drop. So, that new count will certainly make it a bit more difficult for Apple to reach that magical $1T mark, but it hardly makes much of a difference. Although I was doubtful Apple would reach the $1T mark before Amazon, I’ve changed my mind. If Apple can’t move $7 higher before Amazon moves $1,000 higher, well, then I guess the entire stock market is really messed up.

    It’s just that in the next few months, there probably won’t be much happening to move Apple stock higher whereas everything happening in the world on a daily basis moves Amazon higher.

    1. Yes, it does appear that Jeff Bezos is a brilliant strategist and his vision and execution will continue to elevate his e-commerce businesses to stratospheric heights. Wall Street has always had a soft spot for sustainable expansion. They can see it in Amazon, and continue to reward them with high marks, but manufacturers like Apple are more problematic. The ongoing question is, how long can Apple continue to innovate before the phenomenon of commoditisation sets in, a condition that makes all manufacturers equally capable, differentiated mainly by price cuts? This has long since happened with soap and kitchen appliances. The situation differs slightly with premium brands, those that economists have identified as reputational, that is, products that are owned for the social status they confer. This is why Apple and Tiffany command comparable retail space exclusivity. The confounding thing is, Apple manages to maintain both growth and premier status. It seems a puzzle – unless you focus on their own market guidance, which seems uncannily accurate, and their unique cachet, which seems sexy to every emerging generation.

      1. Commoditisation HAS set in. There’s not a single market Apple is operating in that doesn’t have a below $100 competitor. Apple has historically focused on “people with money buying our stuff” instead of “EVERYONE buying our stuff”, though. And, in order to stay profitable, they don’t have to have the largest marketshare of all, they just have to have a significant share of those with the funds to purchase their products.

        As long as they refuse pushes to enter the low cost arena, they will remain relatively immune.

  2. Who cares… Want to hit the trillion dollar number quicker, then update the entire mac line with some 2018 specs.

    Little Timmy is an idiot just riding Steve Jobs coat tails.

  3. AAPL value has quadrupled under Tim Cook. Spare me the saw of everything being planned by Steve Jobs. Steve did plan things out and Tim executed those things. The winning and complaining and dissing of Cook is total BS. Steve Jobs’ biggest and most successful post mortem plan was selecting his successor!

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