We’re about to find out the strength of Apple’s iPhone X’s staying power

“The iPhone X was Apple’s most popular smartphone last quarter, but as the newness wears off, are people still excited about buying a $1,000 phone?” Mike Murphy wonders for Quartz.

“Apple will report its fiscal third-quarter earnings on July 31. It’s traditionally the slowest quarter for the consumer-tech giant, but investors tend to watch closely for any indication about the coming two quarters, when Apple tends to release its latest smartphones (this traditionally happens in September, near the end of the company’s fiscal fourth quarter) and begins the busy holiday quarter,” Murphy writes. “But even a slow quarter for Apple is nothing to sneeze at… Analysts surveyed by Thomson Reuters expect Apple to have generated $52.3 billion in this year’s third quarter, up about 15% over last year.”

“After the release of the $1,000 iPhone X in September, the average price of an iPhone skyrocketed. Apple said on its last earnings call that the iPhone X was its best-selling individual model every week of the quarter,” Murphy writes. “Look to see whether Apple has managed to maintain that momentum with the costly phone, or whether cheaper models, such as the $700 iPhone 8 it announced at the same time as the X, have started to cut into the X’s popularity.”

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MacDailyNews Take: There are some very good and illuminating charts in the full article – check it out!

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  1. Not interested in facial recognition

    Want a home button

    Want two slots – one to charge and one to listen while charging. Not interested in having to carry around adapters and extra plugs to do the basics

    Apple – the only company that can design a rechargeable mouse that could not be used while recharging.

    1. sounds like apple is not for you…… why do you need 2 slots when wireless headphones are the new norm. i dont see you complaining about the inability to play your old cds on the phone. Also you can charge the phones wirelessly now so you dont need 2 slots ever or adapters for that matter.

      use an iphone X for more than 5 minutes you will never want a home button again compared to the intuitiveness of the swipe gestures when i go back and use a home button i get very frustrated.

      the mouse lasts for weeks if you are so concerned plus it in 1x a week when you are done using it for the day and you will not have this problem

      sounds like you like to complain to complain so please go get a nice mid level samsung phone, some 1.99 ear buds and your mouse which takes AA batteries and have a nice day.

      1. Wireless headphones are not a “norm”. The best performance is never achieved with a wireless solution. Wireless is being pushed by Apple as the more profitable solution for them, but it lags in performance.

        The home button is faster than Faceid for many uses, including Apple Pay.

        CDs are noticeably superior in sound quality to any music Apple has ever sold. When ripped to iTunes, one used to be able to play CD quality music seamlessly and easily on iPods and iPhones. Now — likely by intentional choice — the kludged Music app on iOS makes personal music playback less intuitive and convenient than ever. Cook doesn’t care about quality or user experience, he cares about selling music rentals.

        Perhaps you’re just willing to accept poor Apple quality because … FANBOY.

        Finally: be careful what you wish for. Apple’s one-size-fits-all half assed solutions are no longer aimed at high end performance, they are more than ever wrapping mediocre consumer products in a shiny fashion wrapper and demanding very high prices – sometimes even with the insulting Pro label, which Apple hasn’t delivered since the Mac Server was axed.

        Apple can, and does, lose a lot of customers if they continue to marginalize the usefulness of devices. Pros are migrating away from Apple as their old Macs die. Audiophiles are still royally pissed that Apple killed useful stuff like wired connections and leading products like the iPod classic. The iPhone is a horrid excuse for a music player in comparison. Guess what: formerly happy Apple customers are starting to go elsewhere for their next music players. Apple is also losing formerly happy Airport customers, Display customers, Mac customers, etc when the competition offers better value and convenience and/or performance.

        In the short term, the iPhone app store has more than made up for the other lost businesses. In the long term, …. do you actually think that withering away to be just an app reseller with Samsung-screened iOS gadgets is a winning strategy? Apple’s managers are creating a one legged stool. Good luck when Apple really screws up something on its last remaining core business. Or if Samsung decides to hike the price on OLED displays. Or if a natural disaster hits Foxconn. Or if iCloud security is breached. Timmy has no backup plan and no diversification in product in his clogged pipeline, that much is obvious.

        Proof positive that Apple doesn’t give a shit anymore: an uninterrupted string of Pipeline Cook product releases that are late, do not perform as advertised, with missing features, all costing more than the direct competition. Apple is cashing in on its name, it isn’t making the class leading stuff it used to when it was an underdog.

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