Apple T2 chip blamed for 2018 MacBook Pro and iMac Pro crashes

“Now that the 2018 MacBook Pro’s throttling issue has been addressed, Apple has another serious problem on its hands: crashes attributed to the company’s T2 processor and its ‘Bridge OS’ software,” Jeremy Horwitz writes for VentureBeat.

“As first noticed by Digital Trends, users in multiple Apple Discussions threads are reporting crashes that list an obscure macOS software component named Bridge OS, which is exclusive to Macs with Apple’s T-series processors,” Horwitz writes. “The crashes are manifesting as ‘kernel panics’ that happen anywhere from daily to weekly, causing Macs with T2 chips to shut down and restart.”

“The T2 was originally introduced on the iMac Pro before coming to the MacBook Pro in 2018, adding responsibilities for security and control of multiple Mac subsystems, including storage, audio, image processing, and overall system management. In the new MacBook Pro, it also enables ‘Hey Siri’ support, a feature that has been included in iOS devices since the 2014 iPhone 6,” Horwitz writes. “Apparently, the Bridge OS crashes cease when the T2 chip’s functionality is disabled, though Apple has offered a variety of other solutions while its engineers quietly updated the Bridge OS software… While users report that Apple has been aware of the issue for months, no complete fix has arrived as of yet. ”

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MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully, Apple figures out the issue and fixes it sooner than later, especially with the T2 now in the popular MacBook Pros, not just in niche iMac Pro units.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. There are few things I hate more when using my Mac’s than crashing… It is very, very, rare. But to re-introduce system crashing in 2018? Sorry, completely unacceptable.

    Apple, Microsoft, Google, etc… examples of far too many people with their hands in the cookie jar. Like massive slothy government, inefficient and hard to work with. So to have many tech companies become with their inconsistent, buggy software…

    If only there were 10 Bob Mansfields for Apple to release upon the company. The head could would be cut in half, the products would become even more solid, and released on time…

    1. The Mansfield comment strategy certainly would right the sloppy ship.

      Think about it. You can count on two hands in each product category the number of Macs, iPhones, watches, iPods and periferals like speakers and TV units Apple sells.

      Under pipeline, although I did not keep a close count it seems he killed off more products and software than he introduced.

      100,000 employees and the world’s finest office building with finely honed edges and the most cash in the bank riding the highest market cap in history.

      Compare that with Ford that needed a government bailout not so long ago. But the point is they mostly redesign their vehicles year after year and have to restock thousands of parts and keep them in stock by law for 20 years. Ford dealers are everywhere.

      Imagine that. You invest thousands and with a good maintenance record a Ford vehicle could last 20 years.

      How long does a Mac and iPhone last? Hardware certainly lasts close to the life of a vehicle. Today though, not so sure. But if the software is rendered obsolete after only a few years, unlike car parts, you are stuck in time. There should be a law to stop this.

      On one of my many home Macs I am running Snow Leopard on a 2011 Mini to take advantage of older software that has been discontinued. It started with no longer allowed to upgrade the OS. Fine, all the software works. This year slowly my browsers cannot connect to certain websites I use on my newer models. Out of date, security risks whatever. Well now I cannot update the browsers, STUCK in time.

      Snow Leopard was introduced in June 2009, nine years old and now obsolete less than that years ago. I get better performance and reliability from Ford than Apple.

      If Apple ever releases a self-driving car can you imagine the VOLUME of concerns?

      Will the software work right out of the lot bug free. Can it be hacked and disabled while I am driving 65 mph on the interstate. Imagine the premium price will be astronomical. Will they stock replacement parts for 20 years. Will they support software upgrades for 20 years. If it breaks down do I have to have it towed to an Apple only repair shop hundreds of miles away and lose use of the car, more expense and days of downtime. Will Apple make a self-driving truck, nope. Think I’ll pass.

      I have lost faith in present day Apple and it’s leadership, sad …

    1. Kidding? Not a chance. Just another one of Pipeline’s many botched product launches. Pipeline cuts any corner he can to boost profit. QC? Slashed. Pipeline doesnt care. He can’t. He’s not interested in quality. Only in ridiculous profits.

      Pipeline is driving Apple into the ground, right in front of our very eyes.

  2. Was kinda wondering about this. Now you have RAM, motherboard, video…all sources of rare but difficult to troubleshoot problems. In the past, you had kernel went to the RAM. Now we have a custom chip doing a lot of lifting and another source of future firmware update potential weirdness. They should of had this worked out.

  3. I have had my iMac pro since it was released, and I use it for intensive work related tasks (3D rendering, software compiling, etc)

    I have never seen a kernel panic (or any other crash) on my machine. Take it for what it’s worth.

  4. When it rains, it pours. Apple doesn’t need this sort of publicity. Hopefully, this T2/Bridge OS problem will be worked out quickly with another Apple software update. I understand things can go wrong and can only hope Apple resolves these problems quickly. Apple product problems are keeping many Youtubers in business.

  5. Ten comments of which 9 have unique authors. Of that 9 eight are critical of Apple’s QC. I’ll wager none of the critics actually have the new MacBook Pro, but here they are complaining about quality standards they haven’t experienced.


    1. If Lexus advertises its new car gets 30 mpg and has CarPlay, then the car reviews report that it really only gets 22 mpg and CarPlay implementation is a buggy mess, are you going to rush to the Lexus dealer to buy a new car?

      You don’t have to own it to know it’s not worth the money.

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