TomTom raises full-year outlook, sees no damage from U.S. tariffs

“Dutch digital mapping company TomTom on Tuesday raised its full-year outlook as upbeat sales of software and services to carmakers in the second quarter helped offset the falling popularity of GPS devices,” Toby Sterling reports for Reuters. “Its shares, which had suffered from a report that customer Apple may be lessening its reliance on TomTom’s maps, rose 5 percent to 7.69 euros.”

“Chief Executive Harold Goddijn said robust demand from automaker customers, rather than new customer wins, were behind the outlook upgrade,” Sterling reports. “He said he did not expect U.S. tariffs on China, where TomTom outsources the manufacture of its hardware, to impact earnings.”

“Navigation devices are “apparently on the list of products that incur a tariff when going to the U.S.,” Goddijn said,” Sterling reports. “However, the bulk of TomTom’s sales are outside the United States and Goddijn said he did not expect a ‘material effect.’ He said, ‘It is a very low number and very low potential increase in our cost.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Good for TomTom and especially for those who got into TomTom at the ned of June.

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  1. Does TomTom have any desire to penetrate the Very Important Indian Market. It is a big country with big population and therefore a big market opportunities. On top of that the Indians are very tech savvy, which is why they rely on Android and do not have their own phone software and their hardware is not Samsung good

  2. Watch for this as a trend: companies located outside the US deciding to deemphasize the American market and focus their attention elsewhere because of the uncertainties concerning the flow of goods, labor, and capital across the US border. Where is David Ricardo when we need him?

    1. Don’t limit it to just companies, I think entire countries are waking up and realize that your country is now one of the worst deals ever. They’ll be looking to finding trading partners they can trust.

      1. “waking up and realize that your country is now one of the worst deals ever.“

        I’m wide awake and realize your personal HATE for the USA NEVER STOPS. You are blind, a one-trick pony and certainly NOT objective…


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