Future iPhones could use Samsung’s industry-first LPDDR5 DRAM

“Samsung today announced it has completed functional testing and validation of the industry’s first 10-nanometer class 8-gigabit LPDDR5 DRAM,” Joe Rossignol reports for MacRumors.

“Samsung says the prototype chip boasts a data rate of up to 6.4 Gbps, which is 1.5 times as fast as the LPDDR4X DRAM used in the iPhone X and other flagship smartphones,” Rossignol reports. “The chip also features an all-new sleep mode and other features that reduce power consumption by up to 30 percent.”

“This development could result in future iPhones having even faster, yet even more efficient, memory,” Rossignol reports. “That would translate to maximized performance and extended battery life, which is good news all around.”

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MacDailyNews Take: With the history of LPDDR4 as our guide, LPDDR5 DRAM could take quite some time to arrive in products.


    1. Has there been any iPhone that didn’t rely on Samsung components? Of course Apple is going to use the innovations of its frenemy. The fanboy clubs won’t know the difference.

      1. Thanks to iFixit:

        iPhone X: 3GB of LPDDR4 RAM, manufactured by Samsung
        iPhone 8: 3GB of LPDDR4 RAM, manufactured by Samsung
        iPhone 7: 2GB of LPDDR4 RAM, manufactured by Samsung
        iPhone 6: 1GB of LPDDR3 RAM, manufactured by Hynix or Elpida
        iPhone 5: 1GB of LPDDR2 RAM, manufactured by Samsung

        So I stand corrected. Apple only uses multiple sources for its RAM when it has big orders to fill. Otherwise, they just call up their old buddies at Samsung. Interesting how the supply chain genius works…..

        1. For you MAGA folks, it is worth noting that Samsung Austin Semiconductor LLC has invested about $16 billion in its Central Texas facilities and supports about 11,000 salaries totaling almost $500 million annually. So a lot of Samsung’s earnings go back into the US economy, even before we look at the companies they patronize or supply. I’m not apologizing for their predatory policies, just noting that many Americans have shared in their profits.

      2. How curious! Apple buys components from the company that can satisfy their quality and quantity requirements, rather than from a company that can’t. If Tim Cook was half the man of Steve Jobs, he could pull them out of his whatever.

  1. “With the history of LPDDR4 as our guide, LPDDR5 DRAM could take quite some time to arrive in products.”

    The delay of LPDDR4 arriving in Apple products was for laptops only. The issue was Intel processors.

    iPhone processors are developed by Apple. Current A-Series processors are LPDDR4 compatible. I have no doubt Apple will be able to include LPDDR5 compatibility in future A-Series processors (A-13?)

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