Apple’s next-gen iPad and Apple Watch models will be totally gorgeous

“Apple products look and feel great, even if we’re not always perfectly happy with the company’s design choices. The iPhone X Is a perfect example. It looks and feels terrific, and the experience is excellent,” Chris Smith writes for BGR. “But it has a notch and a camera bump on the back. These are compromises Apple needs to make for the time being.”

“But what’s great about the iPhone X is that it’s the herald of a new design era at Apple. The iPhone X is the first Apple device to have almost eliminated the bezels, and a revealing research note just told us it won’t be the last,” Smith writes. “The iPad and Apple Watch are about to receive massive makeovers, and it all has to do with eliminating those bezels.”

“Well-known Apple insider Ming-Chi Kuo returned with a new note earlier this week, addressing Apple’s hardware lineup for the remainder of the year. The analyst says that, among other things, Apple will launch an 11-inch iPad, a size we haven’t seen before,” Smith writes. “The Apple Watch 4 will still come in two sizes, like every series that preceded it, but the displays will be even bigger.”

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MacDailyNews Take: A larger display for Apple Watch in the same physical size is just what the (eye) doctor ordered!

We can’t wait to upgrade to Apple Watch Series 4 and new iPad Pro units sans antiquated Home buttons!

Ming-Chi Kuo details future iPhones; expects lower-priced MacBook Air, TrueDepth iPads, new Apple Watches this year – June 26, 2018


  1. the great new design era where your product (iX) looks just like every other phone; this company is devoid or new ideas, and remarkably, new design

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