Apple expert reveals every product the company is planning for 2018

“Rumours have been circulating for ages now that Apple is preparing to unleash three new iPhone models later this year,” Jeff Parsons reports for The Mirror. “All of them will be variations on last year’s successful iPhone X.”

“Now that speculation has been fuelled by comments from a top industry analyst who specializes in monitoring the tech giant,” Parsons reports. “He reckons Apple will unleash SIX new gadgets before 2018 has finished.”

“As well as trio of new iPhones, Ming-Chi Kuo expects Apple to dish out a new Apple Watch, a new MacBook Air and a new iPad Pro model with the same all-screen design as the iPhone X with no home button,” Parsons reports. “Many Apple fans expected to see an upgraded MacBook Air at WWDC in the summer, but it looks like Apple is holding this back until the autumn as well.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Slowly, the anticipation for Apple’s autumn revelations builds!


  1. Ted will take center stage to announce a new rainbow glittery iPhone with a Gucci Stripe case in which the funds will be used to reduce climate change by engenerding transgender to hinder the fender or then render the sender to banks lender.

    1. Cook doesn’t do “new”. He’s an incremental slow follower, not a bold product leader.

      Timmy “supply chain genius” has spent the last 8 years sitting on his ass, stopping Mac progress so that he can extend production runs on old hardware. Apple went from first in line for the latest hardware to being up to 4 generations behind in chipsets. Apple used to offer real GPU options and support the latest open standards — now it’s clearly doing stuff like proprietary Metal like Microsoft has its Direct X — but in typical Cook fashion, he doesn’t want to work too hard on it, which is why Metal performs poorly compared to other graphics protocols.

      When you’re that far behind in performance and fanboys still buy the thin sealed fashion laptops, Timmy figures he can continue to piss on the desktop users with second rate hardware and zero upgradeability. The hubris is obvious. It’s hard to believe Apple thinks it can get away with a lineup that is so infrequently updated.

      1. I have been where i ususaly am…
        Thanks for the links..!
        But wish lists is not what im refering to..

        If u have been paying attention in the past few years you would know what im talking about .

  2. Social Justice trumps innovation at Apple, and Cook is turning Apple into Ballmer’s MS. And Cook can’t even produce a sweat like Monkey Boy did during that dance.

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