Why Apple needs (but hates) to sue leakers

“While Apple hates when people spill its secrets, it also hates having to go to court against leakers,” Ina Fried writes for Axios. “That’s because the legal process often forces the company to talk about things it would otherwise never reveal.”

“In the latest case, Apple would appear to have had little choice. Criminal charges were brought Tuesday by the U.S. government against former Apple autonomous vehicle system engineer Xiaolang Zhang,” Fried writes. “Zhang is accused of trade secret theft for downloading thousands of Apple documents and stealing a server before taking a job with Xiaopeng Motors, a Chinese company pursuing autonomous vehicle efforts.”

“In going to the cops, Apple now has to deal with revelations about a project that Apple has said precious little about,” Fried writes. “In past court cases, such as the Samsung lawsuit, the public learned how Apple designs its products around a kitchen table, and got a peek at various iPhone and iPad prototypes, among other revelations.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully, Apple will be able to preserve as much confidentail information as possible during the legal process.

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