Apple’s App Store turns ten years old

Apple’s App Store turns ten years old on July 10th.

“Steve wasn’t a fan of the idea of an app store,” Om Malik blogs eponymously. “An enthusiast community saw an opportunity, released a cracked iOS and an app store for independent apps. Very few developers were on board for the web apps, that Apple was pushing.”

“App store’s tenth anniversary is a timely reminder that enthusiasts — derisively labeled fanboys — help turn companies into cultural movements,” Malik writes. “Twitter, as it does a bearhug on its ecosystem, shouldn’t forget that a large part of its success comes from those same enthusiasts.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Here’s a great example of Steve Jobs’ capacity to change his mind for the betterment of all.

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  1. Umm…read the full post? The two short paragraphs you included in your post – were the full post?

    I mean – I get that DED over at appleinsider needs an editor already but that was it? The 10th anno of the one of the components of the biggest things in economic history gets a post shorter than what I have written so far?

    WOW. I’m not coming to MDN anymore. I’m gunna head over to appleinsider and read real articles.


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  2. I love the App Store. As soon as Apple announced it and the $250 million funding they got from a finance company for app developers I knew it would be huge. An amount of money that big was a lot of faith in mobile apps.

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