iOS 12 is making my iPhone SE feel like new again

“Though I love the four-inch form factor, I’ve always been a bit disappointed in how Apple treats the SE,” Lory Gil writes for iMore. “It lacks the flagship advanced technology that we love in even the bottom tier (‘bottom tier’ being above the SE) iPhone. Its guts and hardware are years old, technologically. Even when it was only a year old, I had already noticed a slowdown in performance.”

“Even though I’ve moved onto the iPhone X, I still keep my SE around because I love the size. This year, I decided to turn it into a beta testing device and installed the public beta of iOS 12,” Gil writes. “The performance improvement was immediately noticeable.”

“Having switched to the iPhone X, the SE really felt like a dinosaur before. I didn’t even like using it very much because everything took so much time to load,” Gil writes. “With iOS 12, it feels like the SE is brand new, with a brand new processor chip and extra RAM, even though it’s the same exact iPhone I got three years ago.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Kudos to the Apple iOS team for really focusing on making iOS 12 fly even on older iPhones!

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  1. Normally i dont upgrade but given the reviews i am getting about iOS12, i will change my mind. Nothing wrong with the ios 10.3.2 i have atm. look forward to seeing this ios 12 being released

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