DaVinci Resolve: OpenCL versus Apple’s Metal

“So when you are doing GPU centric functions in DaVinci Resolve (such as Noise Reduction), should you choose OpenCL or Metal for GPU Processing Mode?” Rob Art Morgan asks for Bare Feats.

“Using the Candle project, we measured how fast it could playback the 117 frame video clip while rendering three overlays of noise reduction on the fly. GPU Processing mode was set to either OpenCL or Metal,” Morgan reports. “In each case, noise reduction was rendered faster using OpenCL versus Metal. We saw the same thing when running NVIDIA CUDA capable GPUs in the 2010 Mac Pro… Notice CUDA GPU processing mode beats both OpenCL and Metal.”

“The story doesn’t end herel,” Morgan reports. “We plan to re-test using the final release of macOS 10.14 Mojave (and point releases thereafter) and final release of DaVinci Resolve 15 (and point releases thereafter).”

Check out all of the benchmark results in the full article here.

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  1. metal sucks. but apple just cant admit to themselves that directx/cuda/vulkan are superior. mac pro better have the option for a 1080ti in sli, or heavy workers will keep their newly purchased windows powerhouses.

    1. I see a max exodus of pros to powerful Windows workstations once the 2019 Mac Pro is dismayingly shown and the doofus misguided Emperor once again has no clothes. Sorry Apple but less is not more in a pro workstation, nor is denying us GPU, etc. choices for the apps we prefer to use.

  2. I was thinking my video card should be Metal friendly but now I’m not so sure it matters. Metal should have shown obvious performance improvements from day one, and possibly had incremental improvements over time.

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