Apple CEO Cook talks leadership, social issues at ‘CEO Initiative’ series

“Apple CEO Tim Cook is unafraid to speak his mind on issues ranging from data privacy and immigration to human rights and the environment,” Jonathan Vanian reports for Fortune. “Cook said on Monday at the 2018 Fortune CEO Initiative conference in San Francisco that the tech giant is willing to take stances on sensitive political and business topics, as long as they are relevant to the company’s core beliefs and ideals.”

“That’s partly why Cook recently publicly rebuked President Donald Trump’s controversial immigration policy that led to children being detained and separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border,” Vanian reports. “Like many tech companies, Cook said that Apple has benefited over the years from thousands of immigrants with H-1B visas who came to work at the company.”

“Cook also doubled down on Apple’s approach to digital privacy, which stands in contrast to some of its big tech competitors like Facebook and Google, whose ad businesses depend on collecting information about users,” Vanian reports. “He said that Apple didn’t start preaching digital privacy because of intense media scrutiny in recent months, but has instead put the issue front and center for some time. ‘We felt strongly about privacy when no one cared,’ Cooks said. ‘This wasn’t something we woke up and said, ‘The media is focused on privacy, let’s do that.””

“Though Apple has many opinions on hot topics, Cook said that the company focuses on policy issues rather than supporting any particular political party or candidate,” Vanian reports. “‘Apple does not give one dollar to any political campaign,’ said Cook. He’s especially critical of political action committees (PACs) that combine campaign contributions from numerous entities.”

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  1. Ah, more of Cook’s sanctimonious blather about the huge value that illegal aliens bring to our country. Actually, they bring HUGE CRIME RATES*, but I digress.

    Since well before the election, I’ve been explaining Mr. Trump’s position and why the likes of Tim Cook supported his crooked, perennial failure of an opponent:

    For Silicon Valley and Apple’s Tim Cook, it’s all about H-1B visas and cheap labor.

    American companies and their shareholders, in general, want skilled labor as CHEAPLY as possible. That’s a main reason why Tim Cook, Apple and other tech firms backed the loser Clinton – they wanted unlimited H-1Bs to continue, so they can pay Ajeet from India half what they’d have to pay Tom from Tulsa who can’t find a job after graduating from college and has to live in his parents basement because Apple got Ajeet from India to do it on the CHEAP.

    H1-B visas for skilled workers DO NOT EQUAL uneducated illegal aliens streaming across the southern border intent on cashing in on American taxpayer’s largesse while setting up shop in the domestic drug trade and/or other crimes (gangs, rape, robbery, etc.).

    President Trump is for upholding the laws already on the books designed to protect our borders and our nation’s sovereignty.

    * In U.S. federal crime convictions, non-citizens were responsible for 22% of all murder, 18% of fraud, 33% of money laundering, 29% of drug trafficking, and 72% of all drug possession convictions. Source: U.S. DOJ, December 21, 2017

        1. Ooooh , more cherry-picked “facts” presented incompletely and out of context by one of the least trustworthy data sources of any television talking head.

          Well, that was predictable. Firsty couldn’t possibly cite non-partisan statistics from the original source.

          Note: AMNESTY IS NOT ILLEGAL. You don’t want to believe that the drug wars are alive and well in most of central America and Mexico, but they are and good people are leaving because of it. To deny reasonable protection for innocent refugees is the most unChristian thing you can do. But all this has nothing to do with Apple, so MDN, how about cleaning up your blogs of this needless partisan tripe?

          1. Empty headed leftist losers like you are the reason America has been invaded and colonized by people who hate this country, want nothing to do with its language, culture or history, just it’s money. Amnesty is TREASON and any politician who votes for it deserves punishment. Leftist losers deserve to be shamed for eternity for the EVIL they support.

          2. Not conflate H1-visas with the current matter at the border…unless of course he’s employing people with fraudulent visas. In that case there’s a relationship of “illegal.”
            Also, how about NOT conflating “Amnesty” with “Illegal”? There’s always going to be some naive in the crowd that will do so, but by in large, few are saying such. Let go of the strawman and say “no” to the irrational conflation.
            Yes, of course there’s shite happening in Central American and some are fleeing because of it. Should we accept all of such people in the world experiencing hardship? Would a “good Christian” let anyone into their family situation and put other family members, or the structure of the family at risk?

  2. immigrants with H-1B visas were children taken from their parents, or that thousands of such have worked at Apple?
    Maybe reading with active deductive reasoning isn’t proper?

  3. “Like many tech companies, Cook said that Apple has benefited over the years from thousands of” loyal customers who bought and used the best computers available – Macs.

    “Cook also doubled down on Apple’s approach to” avoiding any development of desktop Macs, “which stands in contrast to” their approach to fashion and social justice.

    “Cook said that the company focuses on policy issues rather than” Mac Pros and Minis.

    Hey maybe I should start of blog! I could even do it with an iPad. =:-)

    1. Listening to that band would require listening with a new version of Ear Pods with total sound isolation. If not, please have a shot of hemlock on the table.

  4. My less then a year old 15″ MacBook Pro with touch bar, that is not a primary computer so it doesn’t get as much “air time”, out of the blue, the screen has started flickering. I would have expected better from this overpriced machine from Apple or maybe this is the new Apple norm where the “Leadership” at the top of Apple is more concerned with America’s Social Issues not conforming to a certain way of thinking over insuring better quality control over the products they sell! Tim, do I have to start yelling in your face the next time you dine out? Because I will.

  5. I wonder, did he speak out about Black on Black crime in Chicago (and elsewhere)?

    The substandard wages paid to illegals as a result of not being citizens?

    Obama’s FBI/DOJ corruption?

    The use of the IRS to target Conservatives?

    The stagnation to our economy caused by ObamaCare?

    The attempted rigging of elections by Democrats?

    The call from Maxine Waters and others to persecute anyone that thinks different from them?

    Are these not social issues?
    I guess not if you prefer to ignore them because they don’t fit your agenda.

    It’s amazing to me that a company who considers itself ‘progressive’ believes it’s bottom line more important than the rule of law.

    1. None of your hot button issues have anything to do with being progressive, and definitely nothing to do with Apple. Why are you here?

      Democrat does not equal progressive.
      Obama’s DOJ may have used methods and priorities that you personally don’t like, but it was not corrupt, obviously, as no charges have been brought against it.
      Arguably Comey did more than any other individual to ensure Hillary was not elected. Obama handed Trump the longest continuous economic growth run in recent history, still you whine about the previous administration.
      Conservatives are not under attack.
      Republicans have been PROVEN to have done more gerrymandering and election rigging than Dems, which is precisely why the Rethugs swept the federal government. Amazing how your party can win the rigged game and you still claim to have been wronged.
      Black on black crime — which obviously does not affect you — has much more to do with ingrained poverty, discrimination, and horrible education, reinforced for generations and gone uncorrected by the cultural leadership of the black community but also badly screwed up by legal bias literally written into law from America’s inception and actively enforced to the present day.
      Waters isn’t worth talking about. She’s just as silly a populist as the equally flaky idiots on all extremes, including those republicans who blame global warming on the Rothschilds and so forth.

      I guess you have your agenda. None of your list ranks anywhere near the biggest issues America presently faces. America is in rapid health decline, its infrastructure in poor repair, its education systems unprepared and underfunded to compete globally; government debt at all levels is horrid and getting worse, and the current administration is spending more effort isolating and alienating itself from the rest of the world than in coming up with actual solutions to any problems. The one legislative bill that did anything of note was a corporate giveaway for which US taxpayers will be paying for decades. The reckless deregulation and trade manipulation has resulted in rising inflation, and sets the stage for stagflation as US businesses struggle to figure out how to manage the increased costs that former modestly prices commodities now incur. America statistically ranks poorly in so many important measures, it’s shocking: compared to other first world nations, America is unhappy, obese, indebted, lonely, drug addicted, unable to form consensus on any issue, unable to comprehend facts and logic, and completely stagnant on average incomes. But as long as AAPL sets new stock price highs and the billionaire club makes the GDP statistic look all right, then you must be happy. Right? Oh that’s right. Trumpists are never happy. They are always looking for scapegoats for every little thing.

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