Apple considered removing the Lightning Connector on iPhone X

“As a side note in his report about technical challenges facing the AirPower, expected to be released by September, well-connected reporter Mark Gurman also noted that Apple considered removing wired charging from the iPhone X,” Joe Rossignol reports for MacRumors.

“From his Bloomberg News story: ‘During the development of the iPhone X, Apple weighed removing the wired charging system entirely. That wasn’t feasible at the time because wireless charging was still slower than traditional methods. Including a wireless charger with new iPhones would also significantly raise the price of the phones,'” Rossignol reports. “Just to be absolutely clear, Gurman confirmed to me that this would have included removing the Lightning connector from the device. In fact, his report notes that Apple designers eventually hope to ‘”remove most of the external ports and buttons on the iPhone,’ although this is likely multiple years away. ”

Rossignol reports, “At this point, it appears like the Lightning connector on iPhones should live on for at least a few years.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The only thing we use that port for is charging anyway. Everything else we need is wireless at this point (including charging, but we’ve waited this long for Apple’s AirPower that we might as well keep waiting until September). So, axe it whenever you like, Apple!

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    1. I think Mark Gurman meant what he said “removing charging” i.e. the lightning port wouldn’t charge anymore, which WOULD reduce internal complexity a bit.

      Then, “Gurman confirmed to me that this would have included removing the Lightning connector from the device” actually means “I pestered Gurman repeatedly about the lightning port, and Gurman finally said ‘Sure, why not.’”

    1. Oh, I don’t know. Apple has put too much focus on “style” and not enough on “substance” in recent years *cough* Mac Pro *cough*.
      I don’t doubt that there’s a significant faction in the phone development team that wants to eliminate any port or button, regardless if wireless charging is as fast as corded, or software-driven changes such volume up or down are as fast or convenient as a simple button.

    1. I just want them to make is square again so it’s easier to hold. They market it for photo and video but the rounded edges make it too easy to slip out of your hands.

  1. So Apple is going to remove another port, gee, what a surprise. Then they will eliminate the need to include a charging cable with the phone purchase. Then they will sell you a charging pad at Apple tax prices with cheap cables. I count three ways to make more money while offering LESS. I can hardly wait …

    1. “Apple is going to remove another port”
      Uhm, no. They “considered” it. Gee, what a surprise that GoeB was confused by simple english.

      “I count three ways to make more money while offering LESS.”
      If Apple were thinking of doing this, it would never be about making “more money”, because then the obvious thing would be to kill the peripheral market, and only allow you to buy their own cables. They don’t. You can buy anyone else’s cable or dongle.

      There are practical reasons for removing ports; one, it’s more waterproof; and two, it’s more secure, no physical port for GrayKey to exploit; and three, it increases the strength of the case to have fewer holes in the sides.

      1. “Uhm, no. They “considered” it. Gee, what a surprise that GoeB was confused by simple english.”

        Not yet and you better be right.

        I was being facetious, NOT “confused” — LOL! You are certainly confused.

        And no, it’s all about providing LESS and making MORE. The NEW Apple under pipeline, time and time again …

            1. No, KenC, with GoeBore it is the dumb leading the dumberer.

              That’s why by the B in GoeB stands for Bolshevik, or rather Bullshttvik. Maybe it stands for Botvinnik, but at least he had a brain, the B in GoeB stands for brainless.

    1. Or…don’t worry about it at all. Radio Frequency radiation is non-ionizing, meaning it cannot change the electrons of a even a single atom. That’s why you can stand next to a 100,000 watt radio tower and not suffer any damage. #science #learnsomethingreal

    1. Funny, I have a 8000mAh Qi power bank, from NoCable. It’s no different than the power banks you normally use, but it also has Qi capability. I got it from an Indiegogo campaign, about $30.

  2. Of course they considered it, they have tons of choices that they consider each and every time a new phone is being developed. Removing the port, would improve water-tightness, and eliminate the opportunity for a GrayKey device. And, until Qi chargers are ubiquitous, then slow 1 or 1.5amp charging is just too slow.

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