Apple CEO Tim Cook condemns ‘inhumane’ U.S. detention of children

“Apple chief executive Tim Cook has criticised the Trump administration for the detention of children separated from their parents at the border between US and Mexico, calling it ‘inhumane’ and ‘heartbreaking,'” Ciara O’Brien writes for The Irish Times. “Almost 2,000 children were separated from their parents at the border between mid-April and the end of May, with US president Donald Trump defending the controversial policy.”

“Speaking in Dublin on Tuesday, Mr Cook described the situation as ‘inhumane’ and said Apple would be working with people in the US government to try to be a ‘constructive voice’ on the issue,” O’Brien writes. “‘I’m personally a big believer in the way to be a good citizen is to participate, is to try to advocate your point of view, not to just sit on the sideline and yell or complain,’ he said.”

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“Harvard Law graduate Ben Shapiro says outrage over conditions on the U.S. southern border is orchestrated so Democrats can play ‘political football’ with children,” Douglas Ernst reports for The Washington Times. “‘According to the media, all Trump has to do is wave his magic wand, and all will be well,’ Mr. Shapiro wrote. ‘This is a lie. More specifically, it’s several lies.'”

“Mr. Shapiro noted that the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in response to a 1997 federal agreement in a case called Flores [see: Reno v. Flores] ‘that the government either had to release whole families [of illegal immigrants in custody], or that the government had to separate parents from children,'” Ernst reports. “‘The legislature can fix that law at any time,’ Mr. Shapiro said. ‘The facilities he’s using are the same facilities Obama used. Pretending that this is Japanese internment (as Laura Bush suggested) or the Holocaust (as General Michael Hayden suggested) is ridiculous. This policy ought to be fixed. But lying about it isn’t designed to fix it. It’s designed to prevent a fix by allowing Democrats to play political football with children, believing they’re winning a victory by holding Trump’s feet to the fire with pictures of crying children.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully a sane and workable border policy comes to the U.S. ASAP.


  1. So let me get this straight….in order to divert attention from how badly the FBI/DOJ and Mueller investigations are going, the Democrats along with the Fake Media (same thing but I digress…) coordinate with immigration activist to condemn, complain and criticize about a program that was put into place by Obama?

    And right on schedule Little Timmy jumps on the sinking train to do what? What is his solution? Ship them to China to build Apple products I guess.

    Who is fooled at all by this media fuckery? I know of no one that likes the idea of kids being separated from their families, but it happens everyday in America to children of criminals (women and minorities affected hardest…) so why is this any different?

    And why did the Democrats set this system up?? (Kidding, we ALL know why)

      1. the current law was passed in 1996 under Clinton. Obama enforced the same law and bragged about how kids in detention centers kept illegal immigration down. Of course they are consummate liars and frauds. They love breaking up families with abortion and with illegal prosecutions of Scooter Libby and Tom Delay. Lots of families broken up by Democrats. But they are all legal US families.

        1. Oh my god none of that is accurate. There isn’t a law that states this anywhere in US code. I will wait while you cite the specific statute, here I’ll even give you the the link:

          Cite the exact statute that states this. No other answer will be acceptable. Cite the statute.

          1. … if these people are seeking asylum from the Central American countries they are fleeing from, why not stay in Mexico? That government doesn’t seem to care since they don’t stop them coming in, and they don’t have to worry about the problems they should have stayed to fix themselves in their own country. NO NEED TO COME TO THE U.S.

            1. strawman with no clothes. Asylum does happen to be the vehicle often used to enter. Claiming asylum isn’t an auto-ticket for entry and when it’s often falsely claimed, don’t you think it’s wise, prudent, and necessary for the health of the country to rigorously determine it’s veracity? Or, should we just go ahead and consider the border just a inhumane obstacle and later do some backtracking with regret like some of the EU’rs?

              I have no more patience for these ridiculous, deliberately misinformed, asinine, and bullshit arguments. Hence the all caps. Cite the fucking laws you disingenuous jerk offs, and take your hatred for immigrants elsewhere. This country was built by immigration, and by immigrants like my family. Now, kindly go screw yourselves.

      1. I might have known that “First 2014, Then 2016” would be in favor of torturing children for ransom.
        The country doesn’t want that wall, or to spend the money it would cost to build that government boondoggle.

        1. How about parents who put their children in imminent danger by hauling them through multiple countries illegally? You liberal morons see through your crocodile tears and talk out your asses.

          1. Parents that drag themselves “through multiple countries” to get here most likely do so to save their lives, or their children. You don’t have the capability to understand what others are going through. Or, don’t give a damn about anyone but yourself.
            We are not succeeding in keeping “bad people” out because you are already here.

        2. in exchange for a complete hyperbolic propaganda swing (…and a miss). “Torturing children for a ransom?” Please, you must feel a little dirty for submitting that as truth? Shower time for you.

      2. Re First whatever:
        Democrats ≠ Liberals or Progressives
        Liberals ≠ Democrats or Progressives
        Progressives ≠ Democrats or Liberals
        We have done this before, apparently you forgot or simply cannot be bothered with facts.

        The Progressive movement started in the Republican Party.

        Fighting Bob La Follette was a Republican Progressive, for example.
        NYC Mayor John V Lindsay was a Republican Liberal.

        Second, calling millions of people you do not know and have not met simple minded is an ad hominem attack.

        As to Obamacare being a Democratic solution- it was birthed at the Heritage Foundation as a response to HillaryCare back when Bill Clinton was President. It was part of the 1996 Republican Presidential Platform.

        So- the next time you want to gas off about politics, at least get your facts straight. Saying stupid things that simply are not true does not help your argument and makes you look reckless, a bald faced liar or stupid.

        You make the call.

        I am an Independent Progressive and am neither Liberal or a Democrat. I voted for Ronald Reagan in 1980 and 1984, FYI.

        1. “As to Obamacare being a Democratic solution- it was birthed at the Heritage Foundation as a response to HillaryCare back when Bill Clinton was President. It was part of the 1996 Republican Presidential Platform.”

          OK, who sponsored the bill and name the President that signed it ..,

          1. It was in the 1996 Republican Platform when Senator Robert Dole was the nominee. Later it was used as the model for Romneycare in Massachusetts while Mitt- the 2012 Republican Nominee for President- was Governor.

            The Democrats in Congress used it as the model hoping to get some bipartisan support. As the Republicans stonewalled it the plan was passed through Budget Reconciliation and signed by President Obama.

            I did not and do not favor the ACA, but the system that existed prior to it was a dumpster fire and needed to be fixed. The sad part of the whole thing is that the Democrats invited the Republicans to mark up a bipartisan bill in the open, but John Boehner and Mitch McConnell decided to go for scorched earth and fight anything that was proposed.

            Do not think this fight has been resolved.

        2. as you oft are when you get around to placing your D, R, I or Prog stake in the ground. It’s clear, you are as close to a statist as any on the board. Bernie is your man and he’d love to put up the red flag TODAY, if he could. Free edu, health care, tax the f’g rich pigs, and universal basic income are all godly things to Bernie. So, please leave the disingenuous and claim the statist definition…assuming the once proclaimed communist is still your man. It would be disingenuous DG, to go to your usual…”he’s a democratic socialist.” His bones and history are much redder.

      3. Since you like blaming everything on Democrats. This came from a group of Republican Senators.

        1. So the people responsible to change the law write a letter asking for the current law not to be enforced?

          I don’t care what party they are, that’s lazy and stupid.
          Build the dam wall and change the law, remove all the incentives and use commons sense.

          (OK I went too far on that last request) 🙂

    1. Most excellent post, double-dat!

      We all know the president’s detractors are misinformed and totally unfair their nose rings pulled by the fake media and despicable Democrats.

      That said, I have two questions for Clueless Cook injecting liberal politics into Apple’s business model:

      (1). Why did you NOT speak out publicly when Obama passed and enforced this policy?

      (2). Why are you speaking out NOW?!? …

      1. Hummmmm….
        If things are exactly as they say they are, you and Firsty, then why aren’t you praising Obama…?

        Geo, you’re a good guy, a guy willing to seek the truth. Don’t be a Firsty. Hate the Dems, to me they are the lesser evil, but Trump, no way.

        1. Thanks for pep talk, AC. You and l are alike in our search for the truth and WE don’t suffer fools lightly. We simply disagree on policy from time to time and that’s healthy. Seriously, I do not hate the Democrats and i’ll venture a guess Firsty does not either. Just a more direct and factual style of posts. It’s all good … 👍🏻

    2. So let me get this straight . . . Donald Trump wakes up every morning and says to himself, “I can’t believe people like TowerTone believe every lie I tell them. My core will believe anything I say!”

            1. Sounds like the drive-by insult style of village idiot banned Citizen X. He hit me about three posts with the same stupidity and personal attacks of HATE for being a supporter of the president.

              What you rightly pointed out is he made accusations that are ALL totally FALSE. “Just the Insults” is the correct screen name since no facts exist. Talk about pathetic …

    3. Maybe because I don’t recall Republicans encouraging kids to cross the border illegally creating a need for their parents to follow.

      I don’t recall the Republicans encouraging more kids brought here by DACA.

      I don’t recall Republicans expanding free health care for illegals.

      It’s not the specifics of the law the Democrats used, it was the overt signals and then pushing the Border Patrol to not intercede.

      But most of all I don’t recall anyone giving two shits until the Democrats needed to open another Fake Front against Trump after the disgraceful actions of the FBI and DOJ were finally verified.

      Maybe you remember different….or maybe you never knew.

  2. People of the free and civilized world, relax and enjoy it. Here is a case where folks from Apple’s home country are blaming other folks from Apple’s home country for as Tim Cook puts it the “inhumane” detention of children (away from their parents).

    It’s a relief to see them blaming themselves and not some other nation for this “inhumane” situation. I know for a while some of us were worried that they would point the blame and their missiles at some outside nation.

    We can rest easy.

  3. I want to take a moment to address the current illegal immigration crisis on the Southern Border…it has been going on for many, many decades… – President Donald J. Trump, June 19, 2017

    1. “Republicans have the presidency, the House, the Senate, and the majority on the Supreme Court… but let’s talk about Democrats. The morons will swallow it.”

  4. The real issue is that the Administration decided to try to address a real problem which was ignored by previous Administrations, and got some unexpected – and unpopular – results.

    Previous Administrations used the “catch-and-release” policy. Even though entering the USA not at a port of entry is a crime (8 USC § 1325(a)), there is nothing which REQUIRES that someone be prosecuted if they violate this subsection, as subsection (b) of the same section provides for civil penalties.

    So INS/ICE would catch these illegal entrants, bring them before a judge, who would schedule the civil case hearing, and release the entrants with an admonishment to return on the hearing date.

    80% OF THEM NEVER DID. Obviously, the “catch and release” policy’s practical effect was to have open borders, since none of these people who ignored the court are ever really held to account.

    Thus, Trump brought an end to the “catch and release” policy, and now opts to charge the illegal entrants with the misdemeanor under subsection (a). The problem with that is that you can’t “catch and release” someone charged with a crime, nor – due to experience – can you really release them on their own recognizance. You have to hold them for trial, and that means putting them in jail. Like anyone else anywhere in the USA who is sent to jail for whatever reason, they can’t take their kids there; even if facilities were there for kids, court decisions prohibit it.

    So – is there a law which REQUIRES that children be separated from their parents in this case? Yes, but ONLY if they opt to charge the parent with the crime – and it is a crime – of entering the USA illegally which, be it noted, was their decision, and it’s obviously an illegal act.

    Couldn’t they just go back to “catch and release?” Yes, but ONLY if we want to return to the situation of open borders for all practical purposes, and I don’t know anyone who does.

    Are the facilities the kids are held in really bad? For the first few days, the ICE facilities in which they are held are pretty bad, generally not much better if at all than jail; once the children are transferred to HHS, the facilities are like boarding schools, at or above the standards of places you’d probably send your own kids to.

    I don’t know the full answer; I don’t like children being separated from parents, but – living as I do less than 10 miles from the Mexican border – I have ZERO tolerance for illegal entry into the USA.

    1. In your world, Moses and his followers should have been shot the moment they set foot on the other side of the Red f’in’ Sea.

      If every stupid law was followed to the precise idiocy in which it was written, every car owner in the world would be locked up for some moving violation. There would be no new car sales, only “illegal drivers”.

      Any fool can make a stupid law. Any stupid executive can pretend to be so robotic that they can’t prioritize real issues over putting insane resources behind stupid useless laws that do nothing to make the world a better place. I would rather pay higher taxes and protect every refugees in the world than to pretend that aid to others is going to make us unsafe.

      Trump and his dittoheads are going to rot in hell. It is amazing to believe that any christian voted for the reality tv idiot.

      1. I’m sure that the Hittites, and the other former inhabitants of the Promised Land, did not take kindly to Israel’s invasion of their land; unfortunately for them, God said differently. If you have evidence of a parallel situation here, kindly provide it.

        You might also try reading what you’re allegedly responding to rather than simply indulging in verbal diarrhea. Note that I wrote, “there is nothing which REQUIRES that someone be prosecuted if they violate this subsection,” meaning that prosecutorial discretion is in play to the limits that the Administration (which is in charge of law enforcement) permits. If you’ve ever been given a warning instead of a ticket, you’ve been the beneficiary of this legal situation.

        Every choice, including the choice to limit prosecutorial discretion, has a consequence – and, in this case, one of the BAD consequences for the children of these illegal entrants is that they get separated from their parents for times ranging from a few hours to several weeks.

        I’m glad you would not mind higher taxes to let your ideas on how to handle the situation become reality. If you wish, of course, you can unilaterally DONATE to the government for this purpose, thus preserving the freedom of your neighbors who might disagree with your overly-generous-with-OUR-money attitude. Once you’ve donated significantly to this cause, I’d be interested in what you have to say. And not before.

        Christianity in action is people coming to ports of entry, applying for asylum, and being legally admitted to the country while that application is processed. It is NOT simply opening our borders (for all practical purposes) so that those who come here illegally can be, as so many are, taken advantage of without recourse to our legal system.

        Those who really, honestly need the help should get it. But when 80% of the “catch and release” illegal entrants don’t return for their court date, it’s no longer a question of “Christianity” – it’s a question of how much longer we’re going to put up with being played.

        Remember, sometimes asking “What would Jesus do?” involves whips and the overturning of tables.

        1. “We encounter Jesus in those who are poor, rejected, or refugees. Do not let fear get in the way of welcoming our neighbour in need. #WithRefugees

          – Pope Francis

        1. Speaking of distraction…

          That may be true, but this really isn’t part of the discussion. How the children at the border are treated IS an issue that should be addressed.

          Perhaps the liberals who cry that the children should be treated better will consider the treatment of the over 60 million children murdered before birth in this country since 1973, and understand that they have no credibility whatsoever on the issue of “care for children.”

          But I’m being foolish, and expecting consistency from liberals. What WAS I thinking.

    2. One thing. The statute you cite refers to a misdemeanor with the same enforcement as a traffic ticket. It’s not a jailable offense or felony. Also, SEEKING ASYLUM ISNT A CRIME TO BEGIN WITH… honest to god we need better civics education in this country, Jesus Christ.

      1. Really?

        “…shall, for the first commission of any such offense, be fined under title 18 or imprisoned not more than 6 months, or both…”

        Sounds like a little more serious than a traffic ticket to me. But hey, I’ve only got 45 YEARS of public safety experience, so what do I know?

        1. Yeah if you ignore what that clause refers to, and the initial hearing phase which you clearly have. That clause refers to someone who has illegally entered th country, and deliberately ignored any legal process to attain citizenship. And again, asylum seekers are not breaking any laws in any way to begin with. ASYLUM IS LEGAL. Show me where the law states that asylum is illegal? ASYLUM IS NOT ILLEGAL.

          1. Nothing in that section refers to a hearing, nor are we talking about applications for asylum when referring to this statute.

            And someone who illegally enters the country, rather than going to clearly-marked ports of entry which would take their application for asylum, seems to be to be trying to AVOID applying for asylum – possibly because they’re not sure they deserve it? I don’t know. What I _DO_ know is that those who apply for asylum, and are accepted for it, are not charged for illegal entry, or the charges are dropped, even if they entered not at a port of entry.

            But when they enter illegally, and are arrested for it, there will be a time during which they are treated as accused criminals, and children can’t accompany adults charged with a crime – not at the border, and not anywhere else in the USA.

            Yes, asylum is legal. But you don’t get to redefine what it is, nor how you get it, nor the consequences for not following its rules.

            1. And that’s exactly what the the DOJ and DHS have done: redefine it to exclude “spousal abuse, domestic abuse, gang violence, and economic hardship” … the law doesn’t do that. That’s the policy decision of this administration, full stop, April 6th 2018 to be exact.

            2. “And AGAIN, there is no law on the books that says you separate families. There just isn’t.”

              So what would YOU do? send the children to jails with the parents? Try using your brain once in awhile.

  5. Thank you MDN for implying that today’s “solution” is insane and unworkable.

    We are a far better country than what President Bone Spur presents to the world.

  6. Amazingly, now, in the US, criminals convicted of crimes are not allowed to take their kids into their prison cells so the families can remain united. Stunning.

    1. Big fuck. “Chatter.” Shove your fucking “chatter” where the sun don’t shine.

      Don’t break the law if you don’t want your family broken up. Follow the rules for lawful immigration or stay the fuck away.

  7. I knew this was going to happen when Steve Jobs gave Tim the job – his passion is not Steve’s passion and many of the products wouldn’t be up to Steve’s standards if he was still alive. Fix the software issues and get more products out there and – you don’t have time for this social crap.

    1. Corporate America does not exist to Champion social issues build products or provide a service and shut up.
      Each employee within a company as they see fit can become a champion of social issues which ever way they choose to go. I have no interest in hearing Tim Cook preaches BS about what he thinks he should do so in private on his own time

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