How Queen Elizabeth uses her royal iPad

“As the maker of premium tech products, Apple attracts some pretty famous users,” Luke Dormehl reports for Cult of Mac. “One of them? Britain’s longest-reigning monarch in history, Queen Elizabeth II.”

“In a recent episode of the BBC show Countryfile, it was revealed how the Queen uses her royal iOS devices for carrying out an activity very close to her heart,” Dormehl reports. “The Queen — a seasoned equestrian — has her Apple devices linked up so that she can keep track of her horses even when she is off performing royal duties. In particular, she is interested in seeing the new foals born.”

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

“This isn’t the only thing the Queen has used an iPad for, however,” Dormehl reports. “She has also been known to tweet from her personal iPad. She’s been an Apple fan for quite some time, too. In 2005, she made headlines when she purchased her first iPod.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Her Majesty is pretty iPad savvy!

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    1. “gotta love her”….you “gotta” be joking…! she is a scrounger, who lives off of the people. you want to live like queen, fund it yourself… dignity and grace…. WFT !!

      1. WOW – got a bit of your stuff in a wad did you? Not much for royalty but I kinda like all the pomp and pageantry. A lot of tradition and historical meaning for England – Good for them.

        1. firstly… she is the queen of the United Kingdom, which is 4 countries… not england. Secondly, the pomp and pageantry.. cost the UK tax payer, aprox £50 million a year..probably nearer £100 million. if u like her that much you fund her ….

          1. Hugo – for goodness sake man take a Valium or what ever works for you. Are you a citizen of the “United Kingdom” or just some anal kinda curmudgeon? Damn man, get a life

          2. Good heavens hugo – look at the video and learn something. Very informative and a bit damaging to your position on the monarchy. I am amused at your animosity and vitriol over this issue. It is their system and it works for them. Who are we to say they should do otherwise

  1. I’m not a great fan of the Royal Family, but I do reckon that The Queen does her job incredibly well and is very positive for the UK.

    The problem comes with the lesser royals – the extended family. That’s where you find the real scroungers. I don’t have a problem with the UK tax payers funding the monarch, the monarch’s spouse, together with maybe the next five in line to the throne, but the others need to look after themselves independently. They’ve had an amazingly privileged start in life and should be able to make their own way in the world.

    My work has led me into contact with many of our Royal Family, some of them on multiple occasions or in fairly informal settings and my experience has been that the closer they are related to the Queen herself, the nicer they are, but the minor royals and their entourages are mostly pretty awful and contribute little towards our society.

    Apparently The Queen noticed the young Princes William and Harry using their iPads and asked them to demonstrate to her what iPads can do. She was reported to be very impressed and got one for herself.

  2. Britain is a sovereign nation. If they want royalty, it’s not for me to say. What they are not, is democratic. That is for me to say. Political authority as a birthright is NOT democratic.

    Screw all royalty, not as individuals, but as an institution. That is, until one can be elected Monarch.

    1. Not sure the King/Queen has all that much political authority. Appointing a Prime Minister is one power but I don’t think it goes much beyond that point.

      1. In the U.K., the monarch is supposed to be politically neutral and should not publicly express political opinions. However the Prime Minister meets with the monarch most weeks and to discuss current events. However such conversations are held in private and are expected to remain confidential.

  3. The Queen has been one of the most impressive world leaders IMO for her entire reign. She has influenced the Commonwealth in positive ways and has a level of respect that our 2 bit President is totally incapable of achieving.

    Let’s be honest – there are many Americans who either traveled to London for Prince Harry’s wedding, or watched it on TV. Yanks travel to the UK in droves (my daughter and her husband are there now on an anniversary trip) and HRH is one of the key factors.

    I sure wish we had someone of Elizabeth’s caliber in the White House instead of the barbarian we do have.

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