Secret iPhone tips and tricks you may not know about

“Apple’s iPhones are pretty complex gadgets – filled with hidden tips and tricks you may not know about,” Jeff Parsons writes for The Mirror. “Whether you’ve got the cutting-edge iPhone X or one of the earlier models, you can still make your day-to-day usage much easier with some of these feautres.”

“If the ‘Screenshots’ album in your Photos app is constantly filled with thousands of WhatsApp conversations, memes and funny Instagram photos to send to your mates, you might be excited to know that iOS 11 has a new, snazzier feature,” Parsons writes. “The new software will allow you to do screen recordings – so if you want to show your mum how to change her Facebook settings you can just record a little video and send it to her.”

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“Scanning QR codes on an iPhone or iPad has traditionally required you to download an often poorly-made third-party app,” Parsons writes. “But with iOS 11, there’s a QR code scanner built right into the native Camera app – so all you have to do is open the Camera app, point the iOS device at a QR code, and tap on the drop-down notification to act upon it.”

More tips in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We do love screen recording on iPhone and iPad (especially on iPhone X as swiping is easier and quicker than using the Home button). Screen recording really helps to explain things for friends and families so much easier.

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