The Obamas sign deal to produce shows for Netflix after flirting with Apple

“Former President Barack Obama formally announced on Monday a multiyear production deal with Netflix in which he and the former first lady, Michelle Obama, will produce television shows and films for the streaming service,” Michael D. Shear reports for The New York Times. “The couple has created ‘Higher Ground Productions,’ a company to produce content for Netflix, the streaming service announced.”

“The former president has told associates that he does not intend to use the new platform to wage a public campaign against his successor in the Oval Office, or to fight against conservative voices that populate media outlets like Fox News,” Shear reports. “Instead, a release from Netflix said the Obamas will produce ‘scripted series, unscripted series, docu-series, documentaries and features’ that highlight issues and themes the president pursued during his eight years in office.”

“Word of negotiations between Mr. Obama and Netflix was first reported in The New York Times in March,” Shear reports. “Netflix did not disclose financial details of the arrangement, though similar deals between streaming services and high-profile celebrities have been worth many tens of millions of dollars over several years.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: “Apple was rumored to be interested in working with the duo had the Netflix deal fallen through,” Juli Clover reports for MacRumors. “While Apple did not secure a deal with the Obamas, the company has more than a dozen original television shows in the works at the current time. Most of the shows are dramas, with one real estate-related docu-series in the works. Apple does not have any politically-oriented shows planned, and is said to be aiming to keep its content family friendly.”


    1. Why is that sherm? If you don’t like the product they produce you don’t hav to consume it, do you? This IS America or did you forget that? Free markets bruh. You do know what those are, don’t you? Or are they only free when you like what is being sold?

  1. I cannot imagine what programs Professor Obama would produce for Netflix. Not being a Troll- my politics are well known here and I did not vote for Obama either time as he is far too Centrist for my preference.

    He is about as exciting to hear speak as Ben Stein.

    1. “he is far too Centrist”

      Is that like getting a shirt in an Extra Medium?

      While I am a fan of Obama and did vote for him twice, I’m not sure how well he can carry a show either. It can’t be a lot of him standing and talking endlessly.

  2. MacRumors’ headline is laughably biased:

    “Apple Loses Out as Netflix Inks Content Deal With Former President Obama”

    Apple lost nothing. Apple won. They didn’t blow $15 million or so on crap nobody* will watch. Netflix lost.

    *Not even Oprah

    1. If we have learned nothing in the last 10 years, we have learned that the left is loyal, no matter what heinous and disgusting things you may have done, and conservatives will stab you in the back the second it looks like a vote might be lost.

      We will be stuck with hearing from and about Obamas and Clintons ad nauseam into the future.

      I guess Netflix felt there just wasn’t enough pro-left crap on television already.

      Did you see CBS got a shovel and went out and dug up “Murphy Brown” and stuck her in front of the camera again? Painful to watch,

  3. Kewl! NetFlix just jumped on the slush fund wagon!!

    Now the Obamas can use that money to circle those wagons and wrong all the rights coming out about them in the next 6-8 weeks.

    As they say in the Westerns “Wagon’s ho!!”

    1. I could be surprised, but I would be surprised if any real evidence emerges of Mr. Obama directing the Justice Department to investigate a political opponent. Not even Richard Nixon ever dared to do anything so blatantly un-American. No President has.

      Until last Sunday.

  4. Netflix I expect as they make their revenue from media…But Apple? The company has changed since Steve Jobs (may he rest in peace) left. He could have cared less of reality shows, and focused on being an innovator and keep his successful formula of making great products.

  5. Feel free to add to the possible Netflix Obama TV shows lineup:

    He’s gonna be a busy boy!

    Holder’s Heroes
    Better Call Saul Alinsky
    Saving Private Servers
    Breaking Bad Press
    Game of Pen and Phones
    So You Think You Can Keep Your Doctor
    IRS Criminal Minds
    Saved by the Bill (Clinton)
    How I Met Your Mullah
    It’s Always Sunny in Guantanamo Bay
    How I Droned Your Mother
    The UHHHHH Team
    The Blunder Years
    Honey, I Shrunk the Middle Class
    The Big Bong Theory
    American Idle
    Last Yemeni Standing
    The Amazing Race Card
    Suddenly Susan Rice
    Alinsky in the Family
    Whose Red Line is it Anyway
    Game of Drones
    Extreme Makeover: Libya Edition
    Gangs of D.C.
    Fear The Walking Dead Voters
    House Of Race Cards
    The Voting Dead
    SNL: Saturday Night Liberal
    The Too Little Too Late Show
    American Horror Story (no change needed)
    The Beverly Shill-billies
    The Six O’Clock Snooze
    Chicago Hoke

    Remember when our hero Barrack Obama said this: “At Some Point You’ve Made Enough Money…” Except For Me, obviously.

  6. Obama is the Obummer. He is the swamp that should be drained

    Trump will find Obama treasonously used FBI investigation against him to cover up Hillary’s Russian collusion.

    Fsck Obama, he should rot in jail as a treasonous scum bag of anti-Americanisms

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