How to check for – and remove – the Mac malware mshelper

“If your Mac seems to be running at high fan rates or you’re seeing reduced battery-life for no apparent reason, you may want to check for some Mac malware that seems to be going around,” Ben Lovejoy writes for 9to5Mac.

“A couple of support threads have described people finding a process called mshelper using a lot of CPU usage,” Lovejoy writes. “From the little that’s known about it so far, it seems this is either adware or a cryptocurrency miner.”

“Despite the heading in the Reddit thread, there’s no evidence that it’s a virus,” Lovejoy writes, “so the most likely explanation for its spread is a sketchy download which installs it alongside some other app.”

How to check for – and remove – the Mac malware mshelper here.

MacDailyNews Take: Let us know if you find it on your Mac(s)!


  1. Given the name of this adware is MShelper, i wonder if this is a Micro$hit pest adware or the virus maker having a sense of humor at Micro$hits expense. I am very certain my Macbook does not have this as its running smoothly but a check will be prudent, and if i do find it i will delete the 2 files

    1. Most likely the source is not Microsoft. Quite a lot of Mac users have Microsoft software on their computers, so something named “mshelper” looks like it belongs there.

      I doubt anyone is going to write malware and name the process “haha-gotcha.”

  2. Whats with the “Virus” infecting Mac Daily News? Every time I go in this site with Java enabled I get a steady stream of downloads and a warning that my Mac is infected. I have to kill Safari reopen it and turn off Java before I come back.

  3. This is odd reporting, particularly for this day and age. Not knowing where this apparent Trojan horse comes from or what it does is irresponsible and unprofessional. The anti-malware community has enough problems adhering to scientific methods without foisting abstract articles about mystery malware to rile up the masses.

    IOW: Have fun digging into your Library folder. But A LOT more needs to be known about this mystery malware before triggering a worry stampede. If this thing is legit, let’s get some real data about the thing reported to the public. What a mess this would have been if “mshelper” had been a legitimate set of application files.

    ‘No Billy. That’s not a “wolf”. It’s the neighbor’s dog.’

    1. Thank you to my long time colleague Thomas Reed @Malwarebytes for beginning to clear the fog and wrong information about this malware!

      We now know what it does. It’s cryptocurrency mining software. The previous instructions for removing it were incomplete and did not remove the core malware. In the future, I hope 9to5 Mac consult with computer security professionals before they post incomplete information. Thankfully, 9to5 Mac has amended their original post and provided the actually useful information provided at the Malwarebytes blog. I have not posted the link to the article because WordPress is in a mood and won’t let me. (0_o)

      The blog article by Thomas Reed at the Malwarebytes is entitled “New Mac cryptominer uses XMRig”. Do a web search with that title and you’ll find it.

      What you must remove are the following files, then restart your Mac:

      ~/Library/Application Support/pplauncher/pplauncher


      The further three installed malware files can be removed after your restart. They’re inert without the above two executables.

      Meanwhile, we still don’t know the infection vector. Check back next week.

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