Your iPhone 8 or iPhone X battery could wear out in 18 months – or not

“If you’ve recently bought a new iPhone, then you might be looking on at the whole iPhone throttling debacle that Apple has found itself embroiled in and think that you’ve dodged a bullet,” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes reports for ZDNet. “But the battery inside your new iPhone 8 or iPhone X might be worn out in under a couple of years.”

“In my opinion, two of the best features of the iPhone X and iPhone 8 are fast charging and wireless charging. They’ve essentially eliminated the low-grade anxiety that I’d feel when my battery was getting below 50 percent during the day,” Kingsley-Hughes reports. “But the ability to easily recharge the iPhone masks a nagging feeling I’ve had about Apple’s latest crop of iPhones — that the battery life is far from good.”

“So the other day, on a whim, I decided to check out how many recharge cycles my iPhone had been through in the less than four months I’ve had it and I was horrified to discover that I was already at 82, and that this had increased to 91 by the point I’d owned it four months,” Kingsley-Hughes reports. “If I’ve gone through 91 recharge cycles in four months, that means that I could easily hit the 455 recharge cycles after about 20 months of ownership, and since that’s not allowing for any battery wear, I’m realistically expecting that the battery inside my iPhone to hit the 500 cycles mark in about 18 months.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Get yourself an Apple Watch. You’ll use your iPhone far less and have plenty of battery life and then some left over each day.

Beyond that, if you’re not an annual iPhone upgrader, you might want to plan for a battery replacement (or, again, apply that cost toward an Apple Watch).

BTW, our iPhone X units, activated on Day One, average 55 battery cycles today (according to coconutBattery, which Kingsley-Hughes also used to measure his iPhone battery) – that’s after over 8 months of daily use – so Kingsley-Hughes is either in dire need of (1) an Apple Watch and/or (2) help in dealing with his iPhone addiction.


  1. 91 charge cycles in four months (~120 days)? That is nothing. Double that rate would not be unusual for many people.

    Adrian Kingsley-Hughes is an idiot. You battery is not “worn out” after 500 charge cycles. Granted, it is no longer new. However, according to Apple’s website:

    “A normal battery is designed to retain up to 80% of its original capacity at 500 complete charge cycles when operating under normal conditions.”

    That is 80%, not worn out.

    I have iOS devices that have been used a lot for four or five years, and they are still running pretty well after much greater than 500 charge cycles…probably two to three times that or more.

    A typical car battery lasts about 3.5 to 4 years and costs about $150 to replace. We all just accept that as part of life. But Apple products are somehow supposed to be exempt from aging and physics and chemistry?

    Perhaps some of you are too young to remember rechargeable products that came before the iPhone. Their batteries sucked far worse, and you were lucky to get 300 charge cycles out of the batteries before they crapped out. Apple has made great strides in advancing battery performance and energy management, and all they get is grief about it. Throttle-gate was a lawyer-hyped BS opportunity to extract money from Apple.

  2. “Get yourself an Apple Watch. You’ll use your iPhone far less and have plenty of battery life and then some left over each day”

    Get back to me when I can browse websites comfortably on the Apple Watch.

    Notifications on Watch are nice, but they were near the bottom of the list of things using power on my iPhone before I got my Watch.

    1. You may not be able browse on Applewatch. Who would want to anyways its totaly impractical.
      But in slmost every other area it drastically reduces iphone use.

      Love my Apple watch… its my favorite Apple product now… and it definitly is a very very strong anchor keeping me in Apple ecosys .

    1. Typed by someone who obviously does not have an Apple Watch.

      After wearing an Appel Watch, my iPhone battery went from 10% or worse left each night to over 30%. The AW offloads a measurably amount of iPhone use.

  3. Get an Apple watch to replace what I use my iPhone for ? What an out of touch statement.That’s nonsense. No thanks. Things that burn through my phone battery the most during a day can’t be done on a watch.

  4. I’m at 179 cycle count. Not sure why anyone would care about this number. All batteries eventually wear out. No big deal. And kudos to Apple for throttling old batteries. Too bad car batteries don’t do the same and then you’ve never be stranded 🙂

  5. This is typical Kingsley click bait.

    When I know I’m not going to be close to an AC outlet for more than a couple hours I carry a small battery extender. My iPhone operates off of that extender until A/ it goes dead (in which case my iPhone operates off the internal battery) or, B/ I no longer need it.

    I also have a 20,000ma extender and a 40,000ma extender. I can go about a month between recharges if I have to.

    Using battery extenders reduces the number of recharge cycles on your iPhone (when you leave the extender always plugged into your device).

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