iPhone SE 2 could pack iPhone X features into compact form factor

“If you love the design of the iPhone X, but yearn for the smaller form factor of the 2012-era iPhone 5s, you could well find yourself in luck this year,” Luke Dormehl reports for Cult of Mac. “According to a new report, Apple’s next-gen iPhone SE is set to be the same size as its predecessor, but boast the same edge-to-edge display and “notch” of the iPhone X.”

“This would mean that it would have more screen real estate than the original iPhone SE, although the body would stay the same size,” Dormehl reports. “The rumor is in no way a cast iron cert, but it’s based on a CAD drawing from case maker Olixar, which has previously provided accurate reports for a number of handsets (including the iPhone 7 and iPhone X) prior to launch.”

Dormehl reports, “The new iPhone SE successor will also reportedly include Face ID and a glass back which will be used for wireless charging.”

Olixar's render of new iPhone SE with its screen protector
Olixar’s render of new iPhone SE with its screen protector

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MacDailyNews Take: The iPhone X display is itself a bit too small, but we doubt those who love smaller iPhones would eschew this supercharged new SE if it were to come to pass.

Case maker Olixar expects iPhone SE 2 to have a iPhone X-like notch – May 10, 2018


  1. If the SE2 rumour is true, then i will buy one in a heart beat. However i still want the head phone jack and the on/off/sleep button on the top right just like my current SE

  2. I wish they wouldn’t get our hopes up. This is where Kuo was so useful, knocking these rumors down so hopes don’t escalate.

    This would be my new phone if it truly came to pass.

  3. Its like the designers don’t use the phone in day to day situations. Bigger, not smaller, Thicker, longer battery life, not shorter and thinner,
    even the Iphone X screen is too small, but that was planned obsolescence, Im wiling to bet.
    What’s the first thing most people do when they get the phone, put a case on it, they dont care about thin.. But Apple knows best.

  4. I hope it’s true. I would buy 2 of them instantly. Otherwise I’ll stick with the iPhone SE I bought two years ago until it just stops working. The new jumbo iPhones are too big for me to hold with one hand.

    1. Indeed, i hated the size of my 6s that i had from new for few months. I missed the size of the 4s. So when the SE came out, i upgraded right away without losing anything. I love my 64GB SE i have now and will continue to use it until i can. Unless the SE2 is as good as the render in this report

  5. I would buy one immediately – Love the iPhone X feature set but miss my old SE form factor really bad – if the SE2 has a full screen display, wireless charging & a closer to current internals (processor/camera, etc.) id gladly pay $100 to $150 over the current SE price – wouldn’t think twice!

  6. Another example of the corollary to Betteridge’s Law.

    It is amazing how much disdain MDN levels against analysts, but they turn around and post endless flows of complete speculative BS clickbait triple from these analysts and bloggers.

    To make it even more unpalatable, MDN chooses to display the clickbait “this could happen” articles underneath layers of Google advertising, a company which MDN also claims to hate.

    The hypocrisy is too much.

  7. Bring back the fingerprint logon. I don’t like ‘faceID’: if you’re out doing winter sports, having to take off your helmet just to unlock would be a pain in the ass.

    Or better yet, get fingerprint recognition through the screen.

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