Apple quietly explores Northern Virginia for 20,000-employee campus

“Apple has quietly explored the idea of opening a campus for 20,000 employees in Northern Virginia, further advancing the possibility that the Washington area could evolve into an East Coast outpost for Silicon Valley,” Jonathan O’Connell reports for The Washington Post. “Apple’s consideration of the region comes eight months after Amazon selected three local jurisdictions there as part of its high-profile search for a North American headquarters outside of Seattle.”

“Economic development officials under Virginia Governor Ralph Northam (D) proposed several sites for the project after Apple representatives said the company was seeking 4 million square feet of office space to accommodate 20,000 jobs, according to officials and real estate executives familiar with the discussions,” O’Connell reports. “That amount of space is nearly two-thirds the size of the Pentagon and about half what Amazon is seeking for its second headquarters, potentially setting up a competition between the two tech giants for locations where they can attract top workers.”

“The sites proposed by Northam’s staff for Apple include office buildings and development sites in Crystal City, privately owned Loudoun County land near the Center for Innovative Technology and the Scotts Run development in Tysons,” O’Connell reports. “One official said that multiple sites in Alexandria had been proposed as well, including property along the Eisenhower Avenue corridor. Three of those locations, Crystal City, Eisenhower Avenue and the Loudoun land, are part of sites Northam also pitched to Amazon. Both companies plan to select their sites this year.”

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MacDailyNews Take: An economic boom looms for Northern Virginia!

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  1. I know the D.C. area pretty well, having grown up in Virginia with family and friends living near the DC Metro area in both Virginia and Maryland, and having visited D.C. many times for business and as a tourist.

    If Apple is serious about being eco-friendly, then it needs to site its facility near a current or future Metro (subway) stop. Because driving in the northern Virginia/D.C. Metro area is about as good for the environment as driving on the LA parking lot known as the 405, the 110, etc. Furthermore, it should include in its development plans a residential building for at least some of those 20,000 employees. Because rent in the D.C. area is already very high and climbing.

  2. A premiere region for retired spies: NSA, CIA, NRO, FBI. It’s also the capital for military and spy contractors. It’s the corruption capital of the world.

    1. Retired? The CIA is located there and many active duty from all those agencies live there. The metro D.C. area swamp is the “corruption capital” and not confined to Northern Virginia …

  3. Crystal City is best choice for Metro access adjacent to Reagan National airport and very close to the D.C. Mall.

    Loudoun County is beautifully bucolic, less expensive and congested area, but no Metro close by.

    Whatever Apple decides, all will work well …

    1. Totally agree. Of the site options for Apple to pick from for a bunch of tech support type roles, Crystal City is the standout location. Close in, metro accessible, not requiring a lovely campus, plenty of living and food options already in place nearby.

      Loudoun is further out and will never be connected to the city via transport other than roads which are extraordinarily overcrowded already. There’s a site mentioned close to Tysons that would be good for a campus, but doesn’t seem like that’s needed for the types of positions that Apple plans to bring to the area. It’s also right off 495 which is permanently clogged.

        1. around northern Virginia as they quietly look for land for a new campus. Area residents interviewed after the sighting were unsure of the reason for such discretion.

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