How to set up your MacBook from scratch

“Can you remember the last time you wiped your MacBook and reinstalled everything?” David Murphy writes for LifeHacker. “I’d guess somewhere around “never,” but there are plenty of reasons you might want to Exterminatus your system, ranging from the serious (a major error with macOS) to the so-so (your system feels sluggish after all the crap you’ve put on it over the last three years).”

“Whether you’re reinstalling from scratch or setting up a brand-new MacBook, there’s a lot to think about during your first few hours with your new (or refreshed) system,” Murphy writes. “Just so you don’t miss any important steps — or quirky little settings that you never knew existed — here’s our guide to everything you need to know about setting up a new MacBook.”

“You also can restore your Mac using an old Time Machine backup. I generally find it best to start fresh: Don’t transfer any information from anything else,” Murphy writes. “Go clean.”

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MacDailyNews Take: With our older Macs, we do clean installs, on average, with every other macOS release and certainly for each new Mac. The very best performing Mac is a clean one!

How to perform a clean install of macOS High Sierra – March 6, 2018


  1. If I were to do this now it would be back to Sierra or even El Capitan.I haven’t been able to install OS updates for High Sierra for 6 months, “some updates did not install”. Still at 10.13.1

    1. Pulling a rabbit out of an old hat but you may want to try the Combo installer for 10.13.4 (site strips the links so just search for it, it’s on Apple’s site)

  2. Can you remember the last time you wiped your MacBook and reinstalled everything?

    Yes, and I didn’t enjoy it. But I can testify that even SSDs get corrupt and can mess up the OS. The nightmare of a clean install can be worth the drudgery. Good on anyone who braves the tedium and gets it done.

    Just be sure you have a reliable FULL, COMPLETE, ENTIRE backup before you start. Backing up, as usual, is The First Rule Of Computing. It’s guaranteed to save your butt.

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