Case maker Olixar expects iPhone SE 2 to have a iPhone X-like notch

“Apple’s second-generation iPhone SE could feature an iPhone X-esque design with a notch, if a sketchy rumor is to be believed, but Face ID is unlikely,” Joe Rossignol reports for MacRumors.

“MacRumors has obtained renders and alleged dimensions of the new iPhone SE from case maker Olixar, via online accessories store Mobile Fun, that suggest the device’s notch will be approximately half as wide as the one on the iPhone X, almost certainly making it too slim to house facial recognition sensors,” Rossignol reports. “It’s hard to imagine that Apple would include Face ID on the iPhone SE in the first place, without significantly raising the price.”

“Olixar’s renders, which we’re told were “obtained from a reliable source” in China, also suggest the new iPhone SE will feature an iPhone X-esque display that stretches nearly edge to edge, surrounded by an aluminum shell with flat sides and chamfered edges, akin to the current model and iPhone 5s,” Rossignol reports. “With an alleged length of 4.7 inches and width of 2.1 inches, the new iPhone SE would be slightly smaller than the current model…”

Olixar's render of new iPhone SE with its screen protector
Olixar’s render of new iPhone SE with its screen protector

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple might do such a thing if they (mistakenly) believe the notch is worthwhile for branding/marketing, however, as we explained long ago, the notch would be and has been knocked off by the fragmandroid brigade post haste making it less than unique, thereby worthless for branding/marketing, and more of just an annoying black flap that covers content and forces developers to design around it.


  1. If real and if as rendered.. it will be the bomb..

    It will sell Tons!

    6.1 and SE-x. 😉
    Plus the rest..
    300m units? anyone?

    ( jokes aside i realy think that will be an awesome name…. ‘hey everyone i just got my iPhone SE-x’ 😄😄😎)

    1. or rather dollar gain at the expense of function. I’m speaking of the much missed “turn-off” on the top right. Make absolute sense when phone is in your pocket, or perhaps a purse (not a user). It also mitigates the double pinch of current design when volume and turn-off happen simultaneously.
      Poor revision, but obviously cheaper and easier manufacturing?

    1. That was what I was wondering I love my SE just fits so easily in your pocket even with case and the slightly expanded screen would make it pretty much the perfect phone for me. My only real gripe is the fact that Touch ID is far less reliable than I anticipated and I find myself having to type the passcode more often than not even though I have re initiated the recognition process using my thumb more in line to the way I have been using it. Hopefully that will improve.

      1. Try 63 I am. Want to tell me what age has to do with it? Has more to do with easily fitting a phone in a pocket. Not everyone wears cargo pants or carries a purse.

  2. If it does have a display like that with face id and a glass back for wireless charging my iPhone X is going to be for sell in an instant – love the features of the X but not the size – miss the size of my former SE – they will sell 2 boatloads of these if they are priced anywhere near the current SE’s (I’d gladly pay $499/549) for an SE2 like this all day long!

  3. The notch is virtually invisible to me, what is noticeable is Face ID’s lag and failure rate. Even with “Require Attention for Face ID” turned off, I still have to enter my passcode several times per day when wearing sunglasses. The X has to be within a limited range of angles to unlock. Thank goodness I have a vertical charger, Face ID won’t work when it’s laying flat on your desk unless you’re hovering over it.

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