Apple is rumored to be eying Condé Nast acquisition

“A fresh round of rumors about Condé Nast was ignited over the weekend — this time by a report that Apple could be eyeing all or part of the glitzy publisher of Vogue, Vanity Fair and the New Yorker,” Keith J. Kelly reports for The New York Post.

The Guardian cited no sources and reported it only as a rumor, although one that has gained more currency in recent months. Condé Nast, for its part, was quick to shoot it down Monday. ‘We are not for sale,’ said Conde Nast CEO Bob Sauerberg,” Kelly reports. “Still, it is a rumor that has been hard to shake. ‘With budgets reduced, especially for print, Condé Nast is in a very vulnerable position,’ said industry consultant Steve Blacker, noting that rivals Meredith and Hearst are now both bigger. A sale price could be anywhere from $1 billion to $2 billion if a bidding war erupts, according to Blacker.”

“Gene Munster, a co-founder at Loup Ventures, said that Apple could be interested because hardware sales tied to the iPhone have slowed and weighed on its stock price,” Kelly reports. “‘We bet that content is not just going to be video and music, it is going to include written content,’ said Munster. ‘Apple tipped their hand with their recent acquisition of Texture. They would not have done that if they were not interested in print.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Everything’s for sale at the right price.

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    1. As Apple retools video ads that rely (merely) on visual “snaz” and deploy emojis as rich content vehicles, Apple seeks to bolster superficiality with print “content” creator Conde Naste. Thinking different as Think Different noteables…ahh, no. Another form of Apple “thinness” that doesn’t get addressed, but is “progressing”.

    1. Yep. The tell that it’s fake news is the “bidding war” comment. Apple isn’t going to buy anything in a bidding war. It will be, “here is the price” if you don’t like it, we walk away. Not to mention it would be incredibly stupid for Apple to buy that grave yard of forgotten media assets.

  1. Why waste your money on Nest, Ring or any other hardware company that might compliment HomeKit. Yea buy a magazine…accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!!

  2. Hell, why not? Apple’s got a ton of $$$ to piss through–Conde’s just as good as any other doomed boondoggle waste of money to throw in the dumper. Go Tim!

  3. Some of you seem willing to project your angst about Apple products onto any rumor that comes along.

    It all ends up fitting into the “Why is Apple doing XXXXX when it should be releasing a new Mac Pro/Mac mini/iMac/etc., or fixing the problems with macOS/iOS/keyboard/battery/etc.”

    They are just rumor cooked up by people with blogs to fill and predictions to post. Most get paid for quantity, not quality.

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