This iPhone X lens kit gets you even closer to a real camera

“Let’s face it, when you shell out upwards of $700 for a flagship phone, a huge chunk of that money is going towards its camera,” Sam Rutherford writes for Gizmodo. “Some people might say that’s nuts, but for others, who don’t don’t want the hassle or added expense of owning a real camera, it’s really not that ridiculous.”

“However, even for fancy handsets with double or even triple camera setups, phones still lack the flexibility of interchangeable lenses,” Rutherford writes. “That hasn’t stopped accessory makers from trying to address that shortcoming though and for years, Olloclip has been making solid add-on lenses for the iPhone.”

“But when Apple switched things up on the iPhone X with its vertically-arranged dual rear cameras, the company was in a bind. It’s previous lens clips just didn’t work anymore. So rather than trying to cobble something together, the company started all over again and designed an new clip from the ground up,” Rutherford writes. “The result is the new Connect X system, which is less like the reversible sleeve Olloclip made for previous iPhones, and more like an actual clip. ”

Read more, and see all of the photos, in the full review here.

MacDailyNews Take: For just $99, you can’t really go wrong.


  1. …the hassle or added expense of owning a real camera


    Here’s a choice. You can carry this thing around and clamp it onto your iPhone whenever you want to take a picture:

    OR you can get a small, real, better-than-iPhone camera to carry around with you. Click a button, the lens pops out, start shooting. The picture is better. It’s WiFi.

    1. I’ve felt that way for a long time, lugging my DSLR and heavy lenses around the world with me. I often took photos of the same thing with both my iPhone 6S Plus and my DSLR just to document location.
      When reviewing photos at home I often used the cell phone shots over the camera for our blog. Then I got the X and everything changed. I rarely use my DLSR anymore. The hassle just isn’t worth it.

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