Why aren’t there any battery cases for Apple’s iPhone X?

“It’s been six months since the iPhone X went on sale,” Mike Murphy writes for Quartz. “But neither Apple nor any of its usual accessory partners have made battery cases for its latest smartphone—or for the iPhone 8, which was released seven months ago.”

“There is often a delay between the period when a new phone is released and the turnaround time it takes for manufacturers to get their hands on the device, design their accessories, and ship them. But it’s not usually the better part of a year,” Murphy writes. “There appears to be no logistical reason why there aren’t any battery cases for the iPhone X yet.”

“It’s possible that Apple is encouraging its partners to produce wireless chargers over battery packs, as a charging pad wouldn’t be able to charge wirelessly through a large external battery strapped to the phone,” Murphy writes. “Apple is also working on its own wireless charging pad that it announced in September. Perhaps the company is avoiding releasing a new battery case that might tempt customers away from its wireless charging ecosystem, which will likely cost over $100.”

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MacDailyNews Take: There are battery cases available for iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus, but they’re not from any major brands, so, if you go for one of those, caveat emptor.


  1. The iPhone 7 battery case works and fits the iPhone 8 perfectly, as do all existing third party iPhone 7 cases. Sometimes I wonder how these things get printed… also, iPhone X battery case may not be necessary since the 2+ hour increase is enough to compensate, but who knows. iPhone X does run a little hotter than iPhone 7&8 and maybe a battery case isn’t doable because of that. No idea really.

  2. I have been impressed with the battery life of the iPhone X. Typically at the end of the day there is still at least 50% left.
    You can still use external batteries to charge the phone if needed.
    Wireless charging is one of the best features of the new phone and makes it easy to charge at night without having to deal with cords etc.

  3. I bought a wallet style black leather case the day I picked up my X at the Apple store. Ordered the X on the first night it was for sale. Case was available 2-3 weeks later and works great and has prevented damage from 5 drops onto concrete. Just have to remember not to fold the left half completely over or it will cover the flashlight and camera lenses.

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