Next Android version’s flagrant iPhone X imitation shows how little Google is innovating

“Android P is still in super-duper developer-only beta mode, but you only need to look at an iPhone X to see what your Pixel phone will look like once the new models land later this summer,” Michael Simon writes for PCWorld. “Okay, I kid, but there’s no denying that Google has taken at least some inspiration from Apple’s thousand-dollar flagship phone. First there’s the support for ‘cutout’ displays, better known as The Notch.”

“That was to be expected,” Simon writes. “But a new rumor takes the iPhone X influence even further. In a since-edited screenshot in blog post about DNS security improvements in Android P, Google posted an image of what seems to be a navigation bar rather than a button at the bottom of a Pixel screen, with a back arrow next to an elongated strip similar to Apple’s home indicator.”

“Stephen Hall at 9to5Google confirms that Google is indeed developing a new iPhone X-style gesture-based navigation bar design complete with a new pill-shaped button and refined layout that dumps the long-standing square ‘recents’ button for a swipe-up gesture,” Simon writes. “I never had an problem with Android’s navigation, but after using the iPhone X, it’s clear that there’s a better way. Apple’s gesture-based navigation is simple, intuitive, and delightful, and it makes Android phones seem stale by comparison. Implementing a similar method with the Pixel 3 will make certainly Google’s phone easier to navigate and feel more modern, but I can’t help but wonder why Google is implement this change now rather than a year ago when the Pixel launched. And the only answer I can come up with is that Google has simply lost the ability to innovate.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s no surprise to see Google following Apple’s prodigious lead. Android has been a knock off since day One.

Here’s what Google’s Android looked like before and after Apple’s iPhone:

Google Android before and after Apple iPhone

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  1. There is absolutely nothing that Google or any of its knockoff artist hardware makers can concoct that will match the powerhouse iPhone X Plus.

    Of course Jony Ive is already working on iPhones that make this year’s new models feel ancient by comparison, which is why the competition can’t keep up.

    1. Remember Eric the Mole?

      The guy was on Apple’s BoD before the iPhone was announced who was the big cheese at Google.

      He was probably the biggest theif of trade secret info out of Apple for Google’s benefit.

      Stealing and copying are the cheap way to produce products.

  2. If you would like to witness total dysfunction, look no further than Google’s smart phone strategy – it’s strategy in general.

    The company desperate to move beyond being nearly 100% dependent on web advertising choose the druken approach of throwing mud on all the wall in every sector to see if anything would stick.

    The result is Android itself is all over the place. Fragmented to a massive degree, by this article alone, you see a very, very, very, common thread, which is:

    Android users look at their phone as something stuck in absolute time. Buy it and that’s what you get. Because, that IS exactly what you get and it’ll likely never change.

    Never mind the MASSIVE invasion of privacy people willingly inject into their lives with Android, the HW and SW are just frozen.

    Meanwhile, iPhones go from generation to generation within families, sold online for solid pricing, and are used for years an years and years, with continual iOS upgrades bringing new functionality to the table.

    My one (okay, I have a few) quibble with this article? Simon seems to brag about Android being button-less long before iPhones. Ha! The one’s that did also didn’t have secure, reliable Touch ID in them either. And when they did get it, it was some stupid button on the back of the shell. Please…

  3. Google could care less about phones…They OWN the internet…and home automation…and internet data…Apple is LOSING the battle that really counts…& I totally blame Apple’s Chief GayBlade in chief!

    1. So, Ken W Gay, how much c*q do you suck on a regular basis to be so homofuqwit?

      It’s people like you that fuqq up the Internet for everyone else.

      Please go FUQQ yourself, homophobiq fuqqwit

  4. This Week’s Android Security FAIL:

    Sophisticated APT surveillance malware comes to Google Play
    Attackers pushing mobile surveillance-ware are stepping up their game.

    Hackers pushing nation-state-style surveillance malware recently scored a major coup by getting three advanced malicious applications hosted in Google’s official Play marketplace, researchers said. Google removed the apps after receiving notification of their presence.

    The mAPTs, short for mobile advanced persistent threats, likely came from two separate groups that both target people in the Middle East, Michael Flossman, head of threat intelligence at mobile security company Lookout, told Ars. The three apps combined received about 650 to 1,250 downloads, according to Google Play figures. All three of them gave attackers considerable control over infected phones.

  5. This looks to me more like an attempt by the author at sarcasm of the many articles written up about how Apple is no longer innovative.

    Android has never been about Google innovating alone. Rather it is about Google providing a platform where OEMs can also participate to innovate. Samsung’s devices have pushed a flood of ideas and technologies many that have not ‘stuck’ but those that have proven useful over time have been ‘integrated’ into Google Android for other OEMs to have access to.

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