How to make typing in macOS like iOS

“Apple has always offered assistance to iPhone and iPad users typing on their devices using the onscreen keyboard, automatically fixing some common mistakes and providing spelling and next word suggestions,” Malcolm Owen writes for AppleInsider. “Some of these features are also available to use in macOS.”

“The typing assistance features in iOS are handy for those wanting to write at speed, especially if you consider that typing on a flat display simply isn’t as fast as a proper keyboard,” Owen writes. “While some of the functions are used practically in all text-editing applications, such as the ubiquitous spelling autocorrection, a few of these handy features in iOS just don’t get used as much on macOS.”

Owen writes, “This guide will explain how to use a few of these features: Auto-capitalization, period insertion, and predictive word suggestions. ”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: A good guide. There are many things you can do to customize your Mac’s keyboard input to work best for you.


  1. …automatically fixing some common mistakes

    More often, breaking intended words and spelling with ungrammatical nonsense that requires thorough review before saving or posting. So much for Apple’s “intelligent/smart” spell checker. I’d rather have my method of spell checking on Mac moved to iOS. It’s the still brilliant program Spell Catcher. It’s the prime reason I’d regret going all 64-bit on Mac. It’s developer died in 2012 and no one has yet picked up the code to upgrade it to 64-bit. It’s (<- the stupid iOS spell checker shoved in that apostrophe) sales page is inert. And yet, it’s the only spell checker I’d ever want. Thank Evan Michael Gross! Rest In Peace!

    Hey Rainmaker! Make Spell Catcher open source!

  2. No toy touchscreen beats fast typing like a physical keyboard.

    You are more productive with a physical keyboard and mouse than touchscreen toy nonsense. (I get it for an iPhone but not for a computer)

    And nothing beats a computer os like OSX. iOS is NOT a computer OS and SHOULD NOT be used by Apple, ever, to replace OSX. iOS is a stripped down simple version os designed for old people or people who aren’t technical.

  3. @TKD: Yet, I detect all kinds of signals that Apple is working on unifying keyboard input with iOS behavior. E.g., when working in BBEdit of XCode, since Sierra, erratic scrolling happens on non-operations (haven’t yet figured out what exactly, but possibly: releasing the magic mouse, grabbing the magic mouse, using arrow keys to move the insertion point,…), it often takes one click too many to receive focus when trying to reposition the cursor. Search strings don’t seem to register until they’re typed afresh.

  4. Spell check is nearly unusable for me on both iOS and Mac OS. It’s especially prone to substituting absurd word choices for proper names. I use some foreign words, which are treated the same [ios just changed “same” to “American”—go figure]. My biggest complaint is that I’m not offered a chance to refuse the change. I’m often several words along before I see a change. I have to proof every post, email, and text.

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