Apple’s next-gen 15-inch MacBook Pro could feature Intel’s new six-core i9 processor

“Intel on Tuesday unveiled its latest laptop processors based on the Coffee Lake platform, most notably bringing its high-performance Core i9 line to laptops for the first time in the same thermal profile that the existing 15-inch MacBook Pro design can accommodate —but the new chips still don’t support LPDDR4 RAM,” Roger Fingas reports for AppleInsider.

“The Core i9-8950HK is a six-core chip with a base clock speed of 2.9 gigahertz, and Turbo Boost speeds up to 4.8 gigahertz on a single core, Intel said,” Fingas reports. “It nevertheless has the same 45-watt thermal design power as the quad-core, 2.8-gigahertz Core i7 in the entry-level 15-inch MacBook Pro.”

“While likely vastly more powerful and expensive than the average person needs, Apple could theoretically adopt the chip as a customization option for Pro buyers who run extremely demanding apps such as Final Cut Pro X,” Fingas reports. “The processors do not support LPDDR4 memory, sticking with the same LPDDR3 as found in the 2016 and 2017 MacBook Pro limiting RAM to 16GB. As a result, should Apple choose to bring 32GB of RAM to any new MacBook Pro, it would have to use DDR4 RAM, and implement a controller for it with both having large impacts on battery life.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Meh. No wonder Apple is looking to break free of the largely static Intel.


  1. When Intel mention Moore’s Law, I was wondering if it is legit or not. When they came out with the i3,
    i5 and i7 they were fast at first. But when they came out with different names of class of Processors like Hasswell, Kant Lake are they legit? They basically stay at the same speeds with new cores. I don’t mean to be stupid but are we being taken? I don’t know. Could that reason that Apple is going to move away from Intel Chips to make their own in 2020? We knew it was coming also it will save Apple money but are those the only reasons?

  2. “MacDailyNews Take: Meh. No wonder Apple is looking to break free of the largely static Intel.”

    Intel makes CPU’s supporting LPDDR4 memory, just none that will fit inside the slim case of Apple’s MacBook Pro. If Apple wants change it needs to rethink its design form.

    1. “Intel makes CPU’s supporting LPDDR4, just none THAT ARE MOBILE PROCESSORS.”
      I fixed that for you. AND, the mobile version… of this i9 processor… which was JUST announced… also doesn’t support LPDDR4. Intel is realllly lagging here.

      So, no LPDDR4 enabled mobile processor from Intel for ANOTHER year.

    2. I think that’s the point Apple doesn’t want it’s design ethics dictated by a failing cpu from another company that in recent times makes Apples failings look like displays of genius.

  3. Here’s an idea: Apple should make their MacBook Pro SLIGHTLY thicker, a LITTLE heavier, with a LARGER battery capacity and use DDR4 SDRAM.

    It’s a PROFESSIONAL laptop! Squeeze the last ounce out of the MacBook and MacBook Air.

    And put some more I/O on it. Why design a thin laptop that requires a briefcase full of dongles?

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