Apple will not livestream its March 27th education event

“Apple’s education event next week is a break in tradition in more ways than one,” Nicole Lee reports for Engadget.

“Not only will it take place in Chicago instead of the company’s usual homestead in Northern California, it will also not be livestreamed,” Lee reports. “Instead, the video will only be available on the site after it’s over.”

Lee reports, “It’s unclear just what Apple hopes to show off at this mysterious ‘field trip,’ though signs seem to indicate that it plans to unveil computing devices aimed at students.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We plan on covering the event with live notes and, early next week, we’ll have that link along with links to various live coverage sources for the event!

Interns: TTK. Prost, everybody!

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  1. Nothing new to be shown.
    A strip down iPad, big deal.

    if Apple wants to impress, buy AT&T. Build out a wireless network and allow all comers.

    A smaller iPad, a bigger iPad, a more color rich iPad, an iPad with a losable, stupid looking way to charge pen, hey big deal.

    How about a mac mini with an i7 eight core, with dedicated graphics, and not those wimpy mobile version of the i7 either. Hey and bring it in for 600.00 dollars. Now you have my full attention and three immediate sells. Note the chip will be slower than expected cause of intel security fix.

    1. Been saying to buy att or the like for years. You want service and recurring bills.
      Education and Macs seem a nobrainer.

      Until those kids go to work and have to use windows. You know. Because enterprise isn’t a market for Apple for some reason. So stupid

  2. This is an EDUCATIONAL EVENT. None of which would be shown at an event like this (even though it IS needed!)

    Maybe they are holding their cards until this year’s WWDC (hey, one can hope).

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