How to enable ‘Save As’ on your Mac

“A few years back, Apple started hiding the Save As option from the File menu in all Mac applications, a move likely aimed at simplifying things for casual users,” Sébastien Page writes for iDownloadBlog.

“If that works great for the majority of people, power users like you and me prefer the flexibility and granularity of the Save As command,” Page writes. “In this post I will show you three ways to use the Save As command on your Mac.”

Page writes, “We will look at two different keyboard shortcuts, and we’ll also set up a permanent solution to bring back the Save As option in the File menu of all applications running on your Mac.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We reenabled “Save As” permanently on all of our Macs so long ago, we forgot it was still an issue!

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  1. One of the most misguided omissions of functionality by Apple that was unfathomably stupid. I have reinstated this on all my Macs. You can unintentionally write over original images in Preview unless you duplicate the file first for example which is an extra unnecessary and potential confusing step – unless you have Save As….

    Just the most moronic decision to ever change this. This functionality was wisely left in Photoshop and for a good reason.

    The point is MDN we shouldn’t HAVE to reinstate vital functionality that had already existed if peeps at Apple knew what they were doing or had talked to their customers.

    1. I remember when Apple went off in this particular oblique direction. I’ve tried to adjust to the new way of performing the same thing and found the new way is actually NOT useful to any casual user. It’s MORE DIFFICULT.

      Once Apple pulled this manoeuvre, I knew someone their was off their head or off their meds. I wrote them to put it back. I was ignored. This was when I got the inkling that my work in the AppleSeed beta program was a waste of my time. Shame on Apple, again. Apple Bungle®™

        1. In the AppleSeed beta program we have this app called Feedback Assistant that’s stuffed into the System/Library/Core Services/Applications/ folder. [Feedback Assistant has its own nightmare-of-bugs stories to tell, which I’ll skip.] When/if it works, it allows a highly detailed documentations of problems in software, including the ability to document what one finds to be a poor implementation and a preferred replacement, such as with the Save As nonsense.

          For less masochistic humans, you want to send feedback via the Product Feedback page at Apple:

          A third method of course is to write directly to any one person at Apple, if you can figure out their email address. Prime example: Write to Tim Cook. But have a professional level complaint to make if you’re going to aim for the top.

        2. I would suggest writing to Tim Cook. His email address can be found on the web. Surprisingly, he actually answers a few emails.

          I have had the most success with short, well reasoned, catchy phrases that clearly explain the issues involved.

  2. Just go to Save with option key and you get Save As

    Invaluable to me.

    Rename sort of works some times when it chooses. Or not. Maybe.

    “what is this interface thing that people are complaining about?’ Who knows, the door knobs feel neat, you don’t trip over the door sills and the glass is perfectly clear, whats your problem?

  3. “A few years back, Apple started hiding the Save As option from the File menu in all Mac applications, a move likely aimed at simplifying things for casual users,”
    They dumbed down the UI.

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