Apple’s MacBook Air: Why won’t it die?

“As someone who has been a user of the MacBook Air since the very beginning, I want to take a moment to lament its passing,” Jason Snell writes for Macworld. “But I can’t, because how can I miss it if it won’t go away?”

“The MacBook Air, with its classic USB ports, previous-generation Apple keyboard, and big silver bezels around a non-Retina screen, is a time capsule of early 2010s Apple hardware design — and you can still buy one, brand new,” Snell writes. “Now comes this week’s report that Apple may be planning another update to the MacBook Air, and possibly a price drop as well.”

“What the heck is going on?” Snell writes. “It seems to be good enough for some people.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The MacBook Air is simply an excellent value.

As we wrote on Monday, “For us, when it comes to road Macs, size and weight are everything. If Apple brought back the 11-inch MBA with a Retina display, we’d be quite torn between that an the 12-inch MacBook. Alas, we doubt that would happen, so we’re likely to stick the with the MacBook even if a 13-inch MBA with a Retina display arrives. Still, we can’t wait to compare them to see for sure which one would be best-suited for our backpacks!”

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  1. I habe my 13“ MBA away to a good friend. The 12“ MacBook is so much better. Lighter, faster, much better display. And, yes, one USB port is enough. I doubted it before I bought. But later I realized: The world is mobile now. No need for more.

  2. Some computers are “blessed” like the MBA 11/13s and don’t seem to have systemic failures, some are cursed like the 2011-12 MBP 15 and 17s. My 2011 MBP 15 had 2 mobo replacements and I decided I wasn’t gonna wait for a third. My 2015 MBA 13 and its backup a 2013 MBA 11 have been completely adequate and the new stuff doesn’t change anything functionality wise.

  3. I mostly have my Air plugged into a 27″ display. I used it by itself recently and a 13″ display is as small as I’ll go in the future. Unfortunately the new Macbook Pro is overpriced for what I need it for (and the fact that it would be clamshelled most of the time would negate the display, Touch Bar, etc.). An upgraded Macbook Air with legacy ports would be awesome. I’m wondering if we’ll actually get one though, or more likely a 13″ Macbook with two USB-C ports.

  4. +old keyboard
    + multiple usb: as a med student some of my references come on their own usb drives and cannot be cloned or put in the cloud.
    + not having to buy dongles
    I apple cancels the MBA, I’ll buy another as a backup. I see plenty in class and lab.

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