Apple’s rumored March 2018 event: Analyst expectations – plus who’d like a 13-inch MacBook Air with Retina display for $899?

“Rumor has it Apple is planning an event for this spring, so it’s time to break down the iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, Mac, AirPods, and AirPower updates with industry analyst Ben Bajarin,” Rene Ritchie writes for iMore.

Some snippets:

Rene: The biggest rumor is iPad. There’s been a number of sources that’ve talked about new iPads. I was wondering about that specifically because Apple updated both the iPad Pro 12.9 inch and introduced a new iPad Pro 10.5 inch last year. They’re not on the A11 architecture. They don’t have features like Face ID. But it’s uncommon for Apple to rev an iPad nine months into the cycle as opposed to 12 or 18 months they’ve been doing lately.

Ben: I think the question is just when’s the right timing. They’re going to refresh them. They did just refresh them. But the buying cycles for this has shifted to the latter half of the year. I’m just not sure what you gain in a mid or earlier type of an event around iPads when the buying cycles I think are relatively clear for those products.

Rene: Last September, we also saw when Apple introduced the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X and they had inductive charging for the first time on Apple’s platform, they announced AirPower along with it, a device that would charge one or two iPhones, an Apple Watch, and AirPods if you got the new inductive charging case for AirPods… Now, there’s rumors that we’ll see it announced again at this event. Have you any sense of how well inductive charging is being used as a feature by iPhone owners and if there would be excitement for AirPower, especially because there’s rumors that it’ll be at a higher price point.

Ben: I think it’s certain that it’s going to expensive. It’s the one product that I’m really, really excited for. But I do think it’s going to be a premium for sure… When you look at something like AirPower, it’s designed for that cream of the crop of Apple’s customers that really clamor at those things. Then we see how it diffuses over time.

As for MacBook Air:

Ben: Honestly, there’s a slot that I think if Apple chose to could seriously rain on the PC OEMs’ parade if they brought updates to the MacBook Air with Retina for example. If all they did was update the Air with Retina and some modern specs and priced it around 899, they would take share like it’s no one’s business. It would really, really disrupt PC sales in a significant way.

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: A 13-inch MacBook Air with Retina display for $899 would kill!

Apple’s March 2018 special event rumors: iPads, a new iPhone SE, AirPower, and more – March 1, 2018


  1. MacBook (of any kind), Retina, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, a bit updated processor, all minimum, at ….. I don’t know, just not so close to the MacBook Pro in price like the current MacBook is. I’m in.

    1. B&H was selling the 2015 13″ Macbook Pro (Broadwell) with those exact specs for $1249 a few months ago, not sure if they still are. Whatever this new Macbook Air is I doubt they’ll make it anywhere near as attractive. It’ll probably be hobbled with 8GB or RAM or only USB-C ports. The base model will probably cost $899 while any substantial add-ons (if they include them) will push the price well over $1000, not including sales tax and AppleCare. I think we’ll sooner see a 13″ Macbook than an updated Air.

  2. Here’s a thought, a 17″ laptop. Because you might sell a bunch to creative and design people.

    Every week I have someone ask why Apple stopped making the 17″ laptop. Money left on the table.

    1. Once a week or I fire up my trusty 17” MBP bought in 2003. At the time it was the world’s largest laptop.

      Your post got me thinking and I don’t know the answer as to why it was thrown into the dustbin of Apple history.

      Yes, bring it back more powerful than ever …

  3. Its about time for apple to redo the macbook air.
    They used to sell the 11″ in the uk for £749 (and you could actually get it from John Lewis, Currys and the like for £699 both of who give an additional year warranty free). So the entry point of getting into a mac WAS pretty decent. When they dropped it the 11″ the entry point for a mac went up over 30% (more if you didnt buy from apple). At the same time they also bumped the price of the macbook and macbook pro. Making them pretty unattractive.

    Apple needs to sort out its pricing desperately.
    iPhone X at 1k – seriously does it have £300 quids extra stuff over an 8, is it worth just about double the price of a 7. No wonder people are baulking at upgrading.
    Homepod price is totally misjudged. £319 which doesn’t even work with spotify, deezer etc. You could buy multiple echo, google home or even a couple of sonos for that – all of which do more.

    Apple was never about being the most expensive – its was about the most usable experience and best products which sometimes cost a bit more because they were well thought out. Now it seems they just expect people to write blank cheques which doesn’t always match.

    Yeh they might get a short term bump in revenue but they’re gunna be heading for a fall if they arent careful.

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