Apple changes official corporate address from One Infinite Loop to One Apple Park Way

“Apple this week changed its official corporate address to One Apple Park Way, continuing the lengthy process of moving an entire workforce from One Infinite Loop to the new Apple Park campus built down the road,” AppleInsider reports.

“Among the first documents to bear Apple’s new One Apple Park Way address were forms filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. On Tuesday, Apple filed seven Form 4 Statement of Changes in Beneficial Ownership articles notifying the SEC of restricted stock units granted to its board members, each of which listed Apple Park as the reporting person’s address,” AppleInsider reports. “Previously, all Apple SEC filings cited One Infinite Loop as a point of contact.”

“On Friday, 9to5Mac also noted the change in email footers included with correspondence sent out to customers,” AppleInsider reports. “AppleInsider has confirmed the shift in a promotional mailer sent to Apple Music subscribers.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple is in the process of moving from One Infinite Loop into One Infinite Loop.

Apple Park with overlay of the U.S. Pentagon
Apple Park with overlay of the U.S. Pentagon

Apple gets City of Cupertino’s permission to occupy portions of Apple Park – January 26, 2018


  1. Unable to login.

    Whilst the new Apple spaceship is the same width as the Pentagon, the actual office area is smaller.
    Apple are in dire need of office space so they won’t be giving up the old campus.

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      1. I think you may need to try being creative yourself in order to understand.

        But yes, Apple has made plenty of Apple Blunders®™ over the past couple years. Anything that gets them back on track and back to creativity is fine with me. Don’t knock a stroll in the park for brainstorming.

  2. I’m not particularly a fan of mostly glass structures but it does look rather nice. I’d feel a lot more secure in a structure like the Pentagon. I’d also think a building like the Pentagon would be much more efficient when working with other departments but that’s just my old-style thinking and not just using computers to contact other departments. As a was mentioned there does seem to be a lot of wasted space but maybe that’s OK as long as the design actually is efficient. All I require is a small and quiet cubicle to get my work done and I don’t require outdoor scenery to distract me while I’m working.

    This building was Steve Jobs dream and I can’t fault him for it. I sure wouldn’t mind strolling around that expansive park area during lunch time or even to relax a bit after work. I suppose there will be a lot of critics hating on this building but everyone has their own preference. I think a bit too much money was spent on this headquarters but then again, I know absolutely nothing about construction costs. I like the idea of all those solar panels being able to power everything so I figure that must be rather expensive to do. I suppose Apple needs to have an attractive corporate headquarters to fit the Apple brand. I hope the employees enjoy working there and it helps them to be productive.

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  3. The new campus is replete with warning signs and auditory alarms that glass doors and windows abound. This is to assist in protecting Apple staff and visitors too preoccupied with their mobile devices and devoid of any situational awareness.

  4. Apple fanboys are so insecure and devoid of any intelligence, thoughtfulness, and rationality that they can’t debate me directly; but can only pirate my moniker.

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