Apple Watch saves a mother and her baby after a car crash

“Beyond its health and fitness tracking capabilities, one simple, yet life-changing, feature of the Apple Watch is the ability to send and receive texts and calls from your wrist, even when your iPhone is nowhere to be found,” Kylie Gilbert reports for Shape. “But as one woman’s story proves, the ability to connect to your phone through your watch also serves a much more important — and potentially lifesaving — function.”

“Kacie Anderson, a 24-year-old from Hannover, PA, used the watch’s SOS feature to call for an ambulance after suffering injuries from a car accident late last year. As Anderson recently shared in a letter to Apple, she was stopped at a red light with her 9-month-old baby when her car was struck by a drunk driver,” Gilbert reports. “She wasn’t able to reach her phone after the collision—but she was able to use her watch to get help.”

“‘My eyes were wide open but all I saw was black,’ Anderson shares exclusively with Shape. ‘My hands flew around to feel for my phone and then I realized I had my watch on and commanded it to call 911,'” Gilbert reports. “The SOS feature was highlighted in the company’s ‘Dear Apple’ commercial, where real users—including one man who also used the watch to call 911 when he was trapped after a car accident—shared how the watch improved their lives.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Two more saved!

On that note: Interns, fire that thing up and here’s to Apple Watch!

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      1. Trolling aside, there are countries like Russia where cars can only be sold with certified “black box” devices installed, which are connected to a global navigation satellite system (GloNaSS, a Russian alternative to GPS) that would automatically inform the police and medics in case of an accident.

        Such solutions would be a better universal alternative for the whole globe rather than dependence on people’s own awakeness after car crashes and on the availability of devices like Apple Watch on their hands.

        However, these solutions can not replace Apple Watch in all other situations where its safety and health features can help. So it totally makes sense to buy Watch for this sake alone anyway.

  1. This poor woman will likely be suffering for years and Apple Watch will do nothing to relieve her pain. Nothing is mentioned about the history of the drunk driver and what measures were taken to prevent another event.

    1. Are you OK, Fred? If I (and I’m sure a host of others) were you, I would run–not walk–to my nearest psychotherapist and book at least a year of intensive sessions. You might want to begin therein with the Theories of Correlation and Causality. Clearly, your understand of these concepts is severely lacking.

      1. You obviously fail to see the importance of keeping drunk drivers off the road. Most sane people would agree that preventing injuries from drunk driving is more important than reporting the after effects.

        1. And the Apple Watch’s responsibilities/involvement in your pursuit of “preventing injuries from drunk driving” are . . . ? Man (I assume), but it is more than a little difficult to follow your position here.

        2. So, just to be sure I understand your point on this [and having read your comments on this site after the Parkland FL school shooting]–drunk drivers are dangerous and bad and government has a right and responsibility to regulate that, but assault rifles for 19-year-olds, well, we don’t want to limit in ANY way ANY access to THAT action. OK, got it; no logical or moral inconsistencies here at all.

          1. Many people knew that Cruz was a nut case and informed law enforcement, but we all know what happened. In fact, the vast majority of gun owners are honest, decent, and law abiding citizens.

            Since you admit that drunk driving is unacceptable we could repeat prohibition.

            Or we could eliminate private ownership of motor vehicles as there is no constitutional right to own one.

      1. Only an idiot as yourself would fail to see the big picture.

        Only an idiot as yourself would accept a biased and incomplete story with a false and misleading title as the gospel truth.

        Fanboys like yourself are not as smart and perceptive as you think you are. You live vicariously through Apple proving what weak and undisciplined persons you are.

    1. Absolutely you shouldn’t own a firearm. Anyone with as little sense and moral fiber as yourself shouldn’t be trusted with anything more dangerous than wet dish rag.

  2. The third leading cause of death in US is medical error. Over 250,000 people per year. Apple wants to get involved in social justice and medicine? Well, here you go Apple. Apple could do so much in helping diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring. I fully expect Apple to reduce this number by half in 2019. Wouldn’t you agree? I mean your physician is more likely to kill you than a mentally disturbed 19 year old whose brain is a toxic soup of multiple medications.

    1. Those medical complications are so complex that statistics aren’t even relatable. To elderly patients with multiple health issues, it’s often impossible to avoid side effects, there are no good choices left. At end of life, there are so many factors in play, the person who dies at a hospital as often as not is just asking to die with dignity.

      Data cherry pickers like you will ascribe all mistakes or deaths to pad your biased point of view. That’s why you chise the “whatabout” argument when you lost the plot on the main debate topic. we aren’t discussing the complicated issues of the for-profit medical industry that we have allowed. No, the issue is PREVENTABLE INNOCENT MURDERS PERPETRATED BY DERANGED PEOPLE WHO HAVE EASY ACCESS TO WEAPONS DESIGNED ONLY TO DO ONE THING, TO KILL THE MAXIMUM NUMBER OF PEOPLE IN THE FASTEST TIME. your meaningless statement to distract the issue is noted. Now go away. Nobody is taking your hunting and target guns like Wacko Wayne LaPierre tells you. Intelligent people with work to enact meaningful laws to prevent tragedies that all normal people agree can and must be resolved.

      1. Owned firearms for over forty years. Haven’t killed any people with my firearms, but you appear exceeding deranged. Please, for the love of humanity, don’t purchase a firearm yourself. You seem to be channeling Nikolas Cruz.

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