Yes, you can pull the power cable out of a HomePod — but should you?

“Apple’s HomePod is, like many of its more recent products, almost impossible to take apart without power tools or executive knowhow,” Serenity Caldwell writes for iMore. “But there is one moving piece.”

“The new-and-improved fabric power cable may not have the same connector as its Apple TV or iMac brethren, but it is removable — though it requires a hefty yank to make that happen (and an equally hefty shove against a table to get it back in place),” Caldwell writes. “But unlike Apple’s other products, the HomePod’s removable cable isn’t something you should consider doing regularly.”

Caldwell writes, “Apple doesn’t want its own in-store employees to fix HomePod cables (instead opting to send all HomePod repairs straight to centralized depots), [so] you might want to think twice about removing yours.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Only for very tight installations (where the wall plug end won’t fit through a hole, for example) is the only reason we could imagine for a user wanting to unplug the HomePod’s power cord.


  1. although I will follow the advice to not unplug the cable on the HomePod, early on, I was considering having an extra cable so that I could more easily move it from room to room. Not a good idea, I guess.

  2. I’ve been thinking about this a lot. Got 2 HomePod and would have liked to have fed it through the hole in the back of my bookcase that my removable Bose SoundTouch 10 power lead went through. I did put my HomePod in the same place as the Bose, but with the power cord visible.

    However, after reading up on how HomePod works, I’ve placed it on the top of another bookcase and… wow. It just sounds so damn good. Easily the best purchase I’ve made in a while and I’m glad I waited for the release of this speaker.

    It’s essentially an awesome speaker with an iPhone 6S bolted on top, in the future I can see an App Store opening up for HomePod; BBC Music, Pandora, Weather, Spotify etc. The Apps could be purchased via your iPhone then downloaded by the HomePod(s) you own.

    “Hey Siri, play my Spotify Deep House playlist for an hour, then fade to a really chilled out Apple Music playlist. Fade out at 4am. Then, at 7am play Radio 4, turning off when I leave for work.”

  3. For all the would-be HomePod owners living outside the USA, UK and Australia and thinking of buying one in the countries where HomePods are available, being able to remove the cable to replace it by a fitting one for their country is certainly a case where a user would want to unplug the US/UK/Kiwi cable that came with it too 🙂
    ( … provided these other cables are already sold by Apple, which I have not checked.)

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