Siri on HomePod can actually do quite a lot

From getting the latest news to checking the weather, Siri on HomePod can help you get answers to everyday questions.

Plan ahead

Siri on HomePod can help you check the weather, find places to go, and check traffic so you can get to where you’re going on time.

• Check the weather

Want to know if you should wear a coat or bring an umbrella? Just ask Siri. Say “Hey Siri,” then say something like:
– “What’s the temperature outside?”
– “Do I need an umbrella today?”
– “How’s the weather tomorrow?”

• Find places

Want to try a new restaurant? Or want to know what time the grocery store closes? Just ask Siri. Say “Hey Siri,” then you can ask things like:
– “Where’s a great place to eat Mexican food?”
– “What time does the Apple Store close?”
– “Where’s the closest gas station?”

• Check traffic

Whether you’re on your way to work or just want to know how long it takes to get somewhere, Siri can help. Say “Hey Siri,” then say something like:
– “What’s the traffic like getting to work?”
– “How long does it take to drive to San Antonio?”

Stay up to date

Catch up on current events, sports, stocks, and more with Siri.

• Get the latest news

You can get news briefs from the top news sources in the world. Say “Hey Siri,” then say something like:
– “What’s the news today?”
– “Give me the latest sports news.”
Want to switch to a different news source? Say something like, “Hey Siri, switch to NPR instead.”

• Catch up on sports

Want to know who won between the Cavs and the Warriors? Or when the Panthers play next? Siri knows. Say “Hey Siri,” then you can say things like:
– “What teams are playing in the World Cup?”
– “Did the Spurs win last night?”
– “How many completions did Joe Montana have?”

• Check stocks

Stay up to date on the stock market, prices, news, and more with Siri. Say “Hey Siri,” then say something like:
– “How’s the stock market doing today?”
– “What’s the market capitalization of Apple?”
– “Where’s the NASDAQ today?”
– “Compare AAPL and the NASDAQ.”

More ways to use Siri on HomePod

Siri on HomePod is great at answering questions about the things you want to know and do in your home. Here’s what you can do.

• Cook with Siri

Need a little help in the kitchen? Siri can help you measure ingredients, set a timer, and even help you count calories. Say “Hey Siri,” then you can say things like:
– “How many cups are in a quart?”
– “Set a timer for 45 minutes.”
– “Pause the timer.”
– “How much time is left on the timer?”
– “How many calories are in an ounce of cheddar cheese?”

• Be on time

Need to wake up early to catch a flight? Or want to check the time in another city? Siri can help. Say “Hey Siri,” then say something like:
– “What time is it in Salzburg?”
– “When is daylight saving time?”
– “Wake me up tomorrow at 6:00 a.m.”
– “Change my 6:00 a.m alarm to 6:30 a.m.”
When the alarm goes off, you can say “Hey Siri, snooze” or “Hey Siri, stop.”

• Ask Siri to translate

You can ask Siri in English how to say something in Mandarin, Spanish, French, German, or Italian. Say “Hey Siri,” then you can ask things like:
– “How do you say ‘nice to meet you’ in Mandarin?”
– “How do you say ‘thank you’ in Italian?”
– “How do you say ‘Good Morning’ in German?”

• Get answers

From math to pop culture, Siri knows a little bit about everything. Say “Hey Siri,” then you can ask Siri things like:
– “Who sings this song?”
– “What’s a 15% tip on $85?”
– “How high is El Capitan?”
– “What movie won Best Picture last year?”

Of course, Siri can also play music from your library and help you discover new music on your HomePod. Siri can also help you catch up with your podcasts and find new ones.

To play music or podcasts on your HomePod, say “Hey Siri,” then tell Siri what you want to hear. HomePod automatically uses the same Apple ID that you’re signed into on the iOS device that you used to set it up. After you set it up, you don’t need your device to be present to use Siri to play music or podcasts.


        1. I understand, Me.

          Folks, he/she is clearly referring to talk radio. With the shit speaker in the Echo actual music is kind of off the table. The answer is yes you can listen to hundreds of talk radio station on HomePod. Airplay supports more that just music.

          1. I’m not referring to talk radio. Rather, I listen to two different community radio stations that play a mix of eclectic, commercial-free music. They are awesome. It’s really easy to play them through the Echo (Alexa, play 88.1). Would love to be able to do likewise on the HomePod!

  1. HomePod working great for me here. I was worried about “Hey Siri” confusion with other iOS devices, but HomePod takes charge and cancels the others out. The microphone is amazing, it almost picks up a whisper over the music playing. It listens to my wife too, and BELIEVE ME, that’s important..:o)

    1. Absolutely staggering the difference in microphone implementation between HomePod and everyone else. I have the Echo, some dots, the Tap and Google home all competing for airtime. I dropped HomePod in the middle of all that and wow. HomePod’s ability to pick up commands is other-worldly. With everyone else there’s lots of shouting. With HomePod it’s normal conversational tone at any volume from the next room over and you’re good. I’m also watching my 4K appletv through HomePod and Darth Vader never sounded so good! (Retiring the Bose acoustimass 5.1 system for HomePod. Just incredible this piece of hardware.

      1. The liberal.. dogmatic fanatical attitude and down voting is … reminds me of radicalized religious f-heads!

        Now back to rational world.
        All below is imo..

        Wonderful product.. Sweet and charming !

        Lovely and fun… I’m keeping it.. in hopes for the following:

        Not loud enough .. would love to have the option foe 2 speakers to be coupled in stereo in rooms as desired!
        (stereo coupling per each zone! )

        I would love to have siri ‘equalizer bias’ requests ..
        More bass, Or more highs ..more mids etc…Not full control but bias.
        I feel i like more bass in some songs!
        The standard settings are good..
        but I want some control on sound bias .

        Siri is beyond what i expected. The mic and input at full volume are phenomenal…

        Yet !
        Siri has to grow beyond teens!!!!!!!!!!!!
        But to be fair it is more than it has ever been before!
        It dose way more than whats listed.

        At last, Crucial to me ..BIG TIME:
        Multi user support through voice recognition!

        I enjoy this speaker.. so does my wife… … yet i feel I need 2 paired on stereo to have the full volume and impact..and eq bias ..

        At the end its the First version and its lovely..

        Hope all above fundamentals get resolved and applied to make it even better!
        Ara G
        Glad wirh my purchase.. yet looking forward to more control and refinement!

        1. You have posted so much crap over the years that it is no wonder that people down vote your posts on principle. You are not well-liked by most people on this forum and you routinely post drivel.

          What is humorous is that you care about down votes – so juvenile. You have mentioned that so many times…is it any wonder that people tweak you by down voting your posts? There are many reasons that people down vote a post – often is is the content or the lack thereof. But it can also be because of the tone or the source. In your case, it is usually a mixture of reasons.

          1. Im not well liked by the cowerdly( like u.. hiding behind anonymity) ….and dogmatic libs…. and thats is perfectly fine for me..
            And the pattern/timing/ rhythm of voting shows the complete picture .. a picture of manipulation out of spite and political dogma!…
            nothing else…..

            But you are entitled to your opinion never the less… as uninformed and spiteful as it may be.
            Nevertheless Interestingly it seems u have been wasting a lot of time throughout years to read my crap.. ..
            Ill take that .. 😉

            Pointing out the libs bigoted behavior and vote manipulation is hardly a juvinail thing to do….. its exposing them for what they are. And they dont like it.

            At the end you would be better off focusing on youself rather than talk on everyones behalf.

            Ahhh u libs.. have become so nauseating!

  2. We got a space gray HomePod. We originally bought it for our AppleTv in the bedroom because it’s a small screen and the sound is horrible. It makes watching anything on that TV a major event now, quality sound is so important to cinema! It was ridiculously easy to set up. Even better it listens to my wife also; it was actually a bone of contention until she tried it and it worked fine. The best part is we bought it for the AppleTV but we’ve had music cranked up on it continuously for hours!

    The sound quality is amazingly crisp and the bass is perfect, not over done and not muddy. There is actually half decent separation and imaging is decent but pretty localized. I’d be really interested to see what happens when you have two Homepods. From what I understand it shifts part of channels to one speaker or the other to get true separation. I haven’t heard any distortion and it is LOUD when you crank it up.

    Surprisingly, Siri works very naturally. It’s not this shocking performance but rather a very natural and well integrated application of voice. Siri can easily understand softly spoken commands over the loudest music. Volume control works flawlessly and it really feels like you are asking someone to turn it up or down. We also switched back and forth between the AppleTV and playing music with no trouble. We did have to invoke the sound source by holding down the pause button on the AppleTV remote but it was a simple 2 step process.

    The only problem we have is now we want to get one for the living room! When Airplay2 is worked out we’ll bring the bedroom speaker out when we have parties so we can broadcast music all over the house. Thanks for a great product Apple!

  3. Right so it can do rather a lot according to that plus has superior comprehension over Alexa and hear-ability over loud music over all in most tests I have read. Has limitations yes and new capabilities and services need to be added with Apple getting off its ass, but sounds like it does most of what most people need and yes ideally needs some expansion including things like multiple timers which most people won’t need or only need very occasionally. But considering the class leading found quality it already seems a very good package particularly in hardware.

  4. Got mine delivered yesterday from pre-order. Others have mentioned some things I have also noticed. Namely, Siri sounds SOOO natural. Also, I do a lot of FaceTime Audio calls and the audio coming out of the speaker sounds like the other party is right there in the room with you. I can say, “Hey Siri” in a normal volume level from an adjacent room with music playing fairly loud and she picks up on it without fail. Crazy.

    Some complain about lack of true stereo sound even with a pair of Homepods but unless you are sitting in the correct listening position, you don’t get the full benefit of stereo sound anyway. This thing just sounds good no matter where you are in relation to it. I’m just saying, that for casual listening enjoyment, stereo isn’t really necessary. I’m happy with it and look forward to the additional capabilities of Airplay2 later this year.

  5. I love my HomePod. I turned off Alexa and never plugged it back in.

    It has answered everything I have thrown at it, and the audio quality is incredible.

    I want to buy one for my parents, and two more for my house.

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