Apple’s strategy of releasing 3 new iPhones is paying off

“Apple Inc. took a chance by releasing three different iPhones in its most recent cycle, but that gamble is paying off, according to a survey by 451 Research,” Tony Owusu reports for TheStreet. “451 Research has polled consumer purchase intent for every iPhone model ever released and the firm recorded its strongest ever December reading during its most recent survey between December 14 and January 22.”

“Nearly 13% of the 3,568 people surveyed said that they will purchase a smartphone in the next 90 days, the survey’s highest December reading in three years,” Owusu reports. “Additionally, respondents also favored purchasing iPhones at a 58% rate, the highest reading for the iPhone in the survey’s history. ”

When Apple reports earnings after the closing bell tomorrow, “analysts are expecting the company to report revenue of $87.38 billion, which would be the most revenue Apple has ever reported in a quarter,” Owusu reports.

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MacDailyNews Take: Strongest ever December. YKBAID.

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  1. The iPhone SE at $350 had a lot to do with it. Apple has paid far too much attention and resources to the iPhone. Currently if has a full lineup. It needs to concentrate on the Mac line.

    1. The problem is not that they paid too much attention to the iPhone. the problem is that they paid too little attention to the Mac. A company with Apple’s resources (both human and financial) should be able to walk and chew gum at the same time, and do both brilliantly.

      1. “The problem is not that they paid too much attention to the iPhone. the problem is that they paid too little attention to the Mac.”

        The iPhone received the lions share of attention and resources. That’s why today we have 5 iPhone models to choose from. Not to mention the iWatch, an expensive un-neccassary companion to the iPhone.

        Apple had been ignoring the Intel Mac Pro before it was discontinued. It took a year off with no new Mac Pro. Came back with the trash/beer-can Mac Pro that even Apple said was a joke. Now we’re waiting for the new Mac Pro. Meanwhile they released an over the top expensive iMac Pro that is during for a tiny niche market.

  2. The indomitable iPhone 8 Plus, the most powerful and professional large screen smartphone on the market today, has solidified Apple’s reputation as the undisputed leader of mobile telephony hardware.

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