Apple to deprecate raft of essential services in macOS Server this spring

“Apple is deprecating a significant portion of essential network services included in macOS Server this year, as outlined in a published support statement titled ‘Prepare for changes to macOS Server,'” Tim Hardwick reports for MacRumors.

macOS Server is changing to focus more on management of computers, devices, and storage on your network. As a result, some changes are coming in how Server works. A number of services will be deprecated, and will be hidden on new installations of an update to macOS Server coming in spring 2018. — Apple Inc.

“The note goes on to list a series of deprecated services that will be removed in a future release of macOS Server,” Hardwick reports, “including calendar and contact support, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), Domain Name Services (DNS), mail, instant messages, virtual private networking (VPN), NetInstall, Web server, and the Wiki.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Its amazing macOS Server lasted this long.

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  1. As a small business person, who has been loyal to Apple with our first computer being the Mac Classic II, and being 99% Apple computers since then, and loyal through the darkest days, I feel like Apple cares less and less about small businesses.

    We are now looking at hack’intosh boxes and a windows file/print server. Time Machine Server is something we need to look into replacing with something else too. There use to be an “ecosystem” of Apple’s that was handy for businesses. But now the Apple ecosystem is mainly for individuals/families.

    I remember having an xserve and amazing that thing was engineered. Snow Leopard Server was the pinnacle of Mac OS Server software.

    I find my loyalty and belief in Apple for our small business fading. In my personal life, I love the Apple ecosystem.

    But Apple no longer makes it’s money from small business. It’s main focus is on disposable electronic devices. They seemed to have ignored the eduction market too. Our schools locally have are switching from MacBooks to Chromebooks.

  2. Thanks for keeping the same headline MDN, deprecate is a great alternative.

    It’s too bad Mac Server is going that way, I guess there was just not that many using it, unfortunately.

    1. IMHO the entire “Server” should be a default, available part of MacOS for one and all, just as Apple had planned at one point. Allow developers to write drop in services that are controlled and observed under one as-simple-as possible interface, with a handy CLI one button away for more obscure aspects of any service.

      I think the breaking out of “server” versions of an OS is just an artifact of the earlier days of our ongoing Dark Age Of Computing, prolonged as usual by the behavior Of Microsoft. They sell “Server” Windows versions. Therefore, the archaic concept lives on. I suppose there is other blame to go around as well, such as the general entrenched tech ignorance of the Enterprise, incoherent bad attitude toward Apple in the Enterprise, Apple’s limp tenacity toward the Enterprise and the general lack of interest in developing Enterprise software for Mac.

      A fallen soufflé. 😟

  3. Maybe just me but I’ve never heard “deprecating” used that way. I’m sure they are using it as a euphemism for “eliminating or neutering features” but I’m not completely sure. Where is William F Buckley when you need him!

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